All about Mula Bandha technique

All about Mula Bandha technique

Problems with the urogenital system may occur suddenly both in men and women. Of course, you can go to the doctor and take advantage of medication therapy. However, in order to improve the result or get rid of the disease at all, you can still apply the technique called Mula Bandha. Before proceeding with actions, you need to familiarize yourself with the information below.

What it is?

If you are expressed by simple words, you can say so: Moula Bandha is a kind of exercise that lies in the suspension of the muscles of the pelvic bottom. Also called root or crotch castle. It enhances the vital energy moving from the navel area to the area located between the larynx and the heart. With this exercise, you can improve the muscle tone and destroy the blocks on the way from the energy stream.

The so-called root lock is performed as follows: straining the muscles of the crotch and relax. Women draw and compress the vagina, and men pull the testicles. These actions are a kind massage for the genitourinary system.

With regular use of this technique, the necessary energy will pass through the crotch in the tailbone, and then enter the spine.

Know: Spine is the main part of the body, which is considered a tree of life.

Moula Bandha directs sexual energy into the right channel, thereby circulation of this energy throughout the body and through all life channels. And how do we know, sexual energy affects all spheres of human life. If the energy level increases in the sex center, the total energy industry increases. A person becomes less vulnerable to third-party negative factors.

If there is a decrease in the tone, apathy comes. In this case, you can use Mula Bandha. Especially this exercise is useful to carry out people who do not have a sexual partner – it will help develop sexual energy that supports life forces.

Benefit and contraindications

Practice Mula Bandha is very useful. Adherents of techniques say that it serves almost panacea from all problems associated with health or bad mood. Therefore, we will start with the positive properties that inherent in this practice.

  • Without mule-bandhi it is impossible to fulfill most Asan Yoga. For example, to hold the body during the head on the head, the racks on the hands and T. D., You will need to additionally use this exercise. If you can’t strain and keep the pelvis, then you will not be able to keep your body in equilibrium.
  • The effect of the exercise is obvious if we talk about strengthening the muscles of the pelvic bottom. With age, such muscles lose elasticity. Therefore, the bodies in the art are also beginning to lose tone. And such a negative factor entails health problems.
  • In the human body there is a lane-corkscreen muscle (it is also called LK-muscle). With it, we can perform or restrain urination. Men’s erection is impossible without it. If you train this muscle with the help of mule-gangs, you will feel joyful and healthy.
  • If you are forced to experience sexual abstinence, then you should more often perform the above exercise. Otherwise, the problems in the sexual sphere are provided to you, since the overpressure of blood in the genitals leads to their inflammation. For example, men may arise prostatitis, and women will have problems with childbirth or various tumors will develop.
  • The technique makes it possible to close mental energy in consciousness and does not allow this energy to descend the lower and below. If this exercise is to be improved, its impact on the mental body will be very effective.
  • The fourth chapter of the “Hatha-Yoga Pradipics” text speaks about the following: With the help of Moula Bandhi, prana and aphanas, nada and bindu. This compound gives a person complete perfection in the performance of yoga. The term “prana” in this case acts as indicated specific body movements. They remove bad energy and energy flows from the body. If the balance is between prana and apolois, it comes to balance between energies.
  • If you regularly deal with Moula Bandy, you can hold your awareness of awareness throughout the day. Your mind will become flexible, you will learn how to make quick solutions.
  • Thanks to focusing in the class Moula Bangdha, it will be possible to defend oneself from unnecessary thoughts.

However, in all cases it is necessary to take into account the negative factors that may occur when performing Moula Bandhi. Consider them.

  • When hemorrhoids in the stage of exacerbation, you need to refrain from exercise.
  • In acute inflammation of the prostate, it is also necessary to abandon the practice.
  • Pregnancy is a contraindication for classes.
  • Moula-gang should be carefully done if you have high pressure or has a cold illness. The fact is that during practice the body is strained, and this voltage directly affects the general condition of the person. With a weakened immunite or at high pressure, the body may incorrectly react to your television. Then the health problems will arise.
  • If you suffer from dizziness, you should be careful when performing mule-gangs.

Technique implementation

Root lock in yoga able to awaken the energy kundalini. This will happen if you do everything right. When practicing yoga at the initial stage, you should cut the muscles in the place where Chakra Molandhara is located.

Thanks to this class, you will soon be able to accurately determine the location of the chakra on your body. And then, by the power of your thoughts during yoga, you can easily be able to concentrate energy at this point. Also you can adjust the incoming energy with your consciousness.

To properly implement the practice, you will need to use a set of exercises, which is divided into three parts. Consider this issue in more detail.

  • Usually all actions begin with Muladhara wise – This is the center of Badhi (root flux lock). When compression of Kanda, you activate Prana and displace its stream to your energy channels. To accomplish this condition, you need to squeeze the muscles in the crotch area well.
  • Next, proceed to the execution of Ashvini wise (the center that is in the rear, it is necessary to compress much). This center enhances energy streams. When performing this exercise, together with Vajroli-Wise, the energy concentration will occur in the cock. What is Vajroli-Mudra? This is an exercise that provides compression of muscles in the front wall of the press (abdominal).
  • Vajroli-Mudra is considered the most last part, Located in front. When using this exercise, you compress the sphincter of the genital organ and the blade, thereby lifting it up. Exercise such an exercise provides for the reduction of muscles at the bottom of the abdomen.

It should be known: the space having the shape of the egg is called kanda (there is a Nadi energy channels for the formation of energy channels). Kanda is inside above the crotch. When a person uses Mulahara Mudra with Vajaroli, as well as Ashvini-Mudra, he directly distributes energy over three canals.

When compressing Kanda Prana rises to the upper levels through 5 energy channels and is directly to Aham Grantha and Mahat Grantha. Muscle compression moves Prana. So it accumulates in the manipus and ensures the vital tone of the whole organism.

Know that when using the practice of Moula Bandha Prana rises from the lower layers in the upper. Thus, all chakras vibrate, and there is a change in all internal information for the better.

Positive energy that was transformed as a result of the above actions can be used when it will be very necessary for you.

However, this is not all. You can try to use the practice “Red – Moula Bandha, Blue – Ashvini-Mudra”.

  • To do this, sit on the rug in Padmasan’s post (you can use another, namely, in which you use the straight back).
  • Make a deep breath, delay your breath and send consciousness on Vajroli-Mudra. Exhale, and then burn the sphincter and lift it.
  • Next, it should be done again and use the Ashvini-Mudra (the abnurbing muscles compress and press the spine).
  • Follower squeeze the muscles strongly and imagine how energy is turned out up.
  • Finally, we complete the breath and go to the fulfillment of Jalandhara-Bandhi (the back of the throat up, while pressing the chin to the neck).
  • Restore breathing again.
  • Next, we strongly squeeze the crottest muscles and exhale.
  • We relax the neck, then we relax the body.

Newcomers should not overvolt and perform the above exercise more than 10 times. Only after numerous training sections can be gradually proceeding with an increase in the amount of exercises.

During the fulfillment of Mula Bandhi, several muscle groups are strained at once. It was then that the genital member in men is drawn up, and in women there are internal muscles of the vagina and the clitoris.


Exercise must be performed correctly. Errors may not just cancel the effect of practice, but also cause damage to physical and mental health. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the following truths.

  1. If you do not make a warm-up before the mula-gang, you can get a negative effect.
  2. Before practice can not be sought. People who perform practices with a crowded stomach risk earning indigestion. In addition, they will overload their body even more and harm him.
  3. If the practice is not done every day, but from the case of the case, you will not raise the desired result. Only everyday work on oneself allows muscles to strengthen the way. At the same time, the energy in all the necessary points is only increasing, and awareness appears from practice.
  4. The crotch muscles work simultaneously with other muscles of your body. When an inexperienced person strains the muscles in a sex point, from such actions all his body comes into tension. Need to learn how to separate these efforts and control them. Otherwise you will not succeed.
  5. Do not immediately try to perform all the actions as you need. To begin with, it is necessary to develop a simple ability to reduce and relax the muscles of the crotch at will. Also to breathe freely and do not coordinate breathing with muscle contraction.
  6. With the tension of the muscles and hold this muscular voltage in the crotch, you should not experience discomfort. So breathe always smoothly and slowly.
  7. Your breath and work of all muscles must coincide. Those practitioners who, when inhaling, do not have time to strain muscles, do not get the right effect. During the practice, focus on the central crotch. At the same time, pay attention to the sensations directly associated with Moula Bandha. If this is not done, then you will not be able to send the energy to the right channel.
  8. Do not hurry when performing the original version. In order to comprehend all the subtleties, it will take time. It is better to increase the duration of practice than not to get the desired result.
  9. Do not mock your breath. Only when you learn to combine it with the tension of the muscles, you can continue your development. Otherwise you will quickly get tired of incorrect actions and cool the practice.

In this video, you can visually familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of the Moula Bandha technique.

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