All about profession collector

All about profession collector

Surely, many when working with banks came across collectors. Some representatives of this profession are horrified, in other respect. And such a difference in relation to a specialist is related to the ignorance of the subtleties of his profession. Society is accustomed that collectors are people who knock out debts from people using a wide variety of impact measures.

This was practiced in the 90s, but in modern society, representatives of this profession are obliged to adhere to the legal framework. And it is very difficult, and not everyone can cope with his responsibility.

Official duties

The work of the collector involves constant communication with people within the framework of the Compliance. Representatives of this profession most often work in collector agencies. Such organizations have income in the form of a percentage of debts returned. The duties of collectors include the timely recovery of debt from the client, so that the arrears formed did not grow in geometric progression. If the cash return situation crossed the legitimate borders of the collector makes a request to law enforcement agencies, after which bailiffs are connected to the recovery of debt.

Today, collectors are regulated by regulatory acts and legal database. For example, in Russia, a specialist for the return of client’s debt is important to adhere to the Constitution and Declaration of Human Rights.

In the 90s, collectors were rushed into the houses, intimidated debtors, they applied injuries. Today, this profession is official, and therefore has a regulated list of official duties:

  • Finding a client and establish a dialogue with it by calling or messages+
  • Refinement of the workability of the debtor+
  • Clarification of the reasons affecting the occurrence of debt+
  • Search for solving problems by business negotiations+
  • Subsequent payment of customer debt+
  • When ignoring call calls, the collector must go to the address of the debtor+
  • Conducting professional documentation+
  • Customer support until a full repayment of its debt.

If the client does not communicate, the collector has the right to appeal to the trusted persons specified in the contract, the employer and to relatives of the debtor.

Professional quality

The collector is not a profession, but a calling. It is important to know how to communicate with the client, pick up the key to it, be able to enter his position and try to jointly find ways to solve arising debt. This is trained in special courses of psychology and pedagogy. Importational professional quality collectors – loyalty. The specialist should understand that the client, receiving money from the bank, instantly flows into the stressful state. He understands that the amount taken will have to return with a certain overpayment, and in no case cannot be delayed payments. And if suddenly the collector has to call the client, he must show loyalty and restraint. Thus, it will be possible to make a constructive dialogue.

Also, the collector is obliged to know the laws and, if necessary, be guided by judicial practice. Such subtleties will be shown to the client that a debt recovery specialist is a competent professional and will make every effort to make long loads. Collectors must be stress-resistant personalities ready for any difficulties. Customers – debtors may not be in the spirit or in principle have a complex character. And therefore negotiations can go to a dead end. There are no cases when the client behaves inadequately, in such a situation a collector should be able to stand up for itself, but exclusively within the law and ethics of communication.

The collector is important to be able to work on the computer. The entire base of the debtors is composed in electronic form, where the collector should make edits and information obtained during the negotiations. In addition, the collector must have such qualities as collected, responsibility and serious attitude to work. These characteristics allow you to properly organize the workflow, even being in another city.

Preferably, the collector has a higher education, for example, financier or banker. The basic skills of these professions will allow efficiently working as a collector and seek some success.

Who fits?

Not every person will work out to work collector. Most often, this position occupies psychologists, former law enforcement officers and lawyers. Specific requirements regarding the diploma employers do not prevent, but require higher education. The collector is a very specific profession that requires a person of perseverance and the desire to achieve the goal. Debt recovery specialist should have connections in a telephone company, drive friendship with bailiffs and tax services employees.

However, such acquaintances are not needed for large collector agencies. Such enterprises closely cooperate on an ongoing basis with government agencies. And it would be nice to support friendships with representatives of different state institutions. At any time they will be able to advise on any professional issue. Profession Collector Suitable for people with high levels of stress resistance and excellent memory. People accurate debts serving hundreds of people daily. Accordingly, when working with clients, they must memorize the incoming information, after which it will be made to the report.

Modest and sensitive people get the position of the collector will not succeedI. Many attracts decent salary and minimum employers’ requirements, but only serious, persistent, confident and psychologically savvy people will be able to take a seat in the collection agency.

How to become?

The collector is a common profession, but future collectors do not teach colleges, institutes and any other educational institutions. Often in collector agencies give preference to lawyers, economists, former law enforcement officers and psychologists with higher education. They take into their staff, conduct their training in special corporate courses and after successful passage allowed for work with clients. This is the most optimal option for receiving a manifold.

Understanding that In the labor market, the collector is gaining great demand, in Moscow created a special school “Training of debt collection”. In this institution, there are courses developed by highly qualified judicial bailiffs, where you can learn the necessary skills for the successful start of work. At the end of training, students receive testimonies that allow you to get into a specialized agency or bank.

But, Even having any document confirming the passage of special courses, it is not always possible to get a job from the first time. And for sure to get the position of the collector, you must use at the same time in several ways. The first implies an appeal to the employment agency. Second way – job search through social networks and forums. Third way – personal dating. However, the last way works very rarely.

Where to work?

The position of the collector is in demand in collector agencies, as well as in banks and microfinance organizations. Only in the last two recent collectors are called security officers. And if they cannot achieve from the client’s fulfillment of his obligations, the Bank resells the debt to the collector agency. Most often, this amount has at least five zeros, respectively, the more debt, the larger the profit of the agency.

To date, it is known that collectors are divided into 2 categories, black and white. White work exclusively within the law, black use different methods of debt knocking. However, law enforcement agencies are conducted with them a constant struggle, they have repeatedly saved debtors from the illegal effects of black collectors. As for the wage, in banks, representatives of this profession receive a stable salary not later registered in the payment term. Salary size ranges from 20-40 thousand. rub. Collectors in microfinance organizations and in collector companies also have a fixed salary, but at the same time receive a certain percentage of pricked amounts.

As for career growth, collectors cannot qualify for the conquest of high professional peaks. Maximum, which they can achieve, successfully worked in one place for several years, is the head of the Security Service Department.

However, by taking experience and learning the subtleties of the collector, you can open your own agency.

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