All about profession communication engineer

All about profession communication engineer

In the modern world, the technological process is developing rapidly, the need for new professions is growing. Therefore, there is an acute need for professionals who know their work. Such a profession as an engineer of communication is no longer connected with telephone cables and installation work. Her duties and tasks have changed very much since work is related to new technology and modern technologies. You should learn more about this interesting profession.


This profession originated at the end of the XIX century, when telephone stations appeared. The obligations of specialists included the provision and construction of new lines, the organization of trouble-free operation of equipment. Now this area of ​​service has a huge number of different specialties, one of the most important and necessary is a modern communication engineer.

This profession is quite a long time in the list of the most necessary and well-paid in the labor market.

The leading person skilled in the art should apply a large amount of knowledge in working with telecommunications and radio navigation, as well as radar. State Professor and the Handbook of the ECTC contain the characteristics of the employee’s qualifications, determine its labor functions, the necessary knowledge and skills. As the information systems are very often replenished by innovations, the specialist of this industry must constantly increase their knowledge.

What does it do?

Definition “Communication” is very multivalued, it covers a worldwide network, telephone and wireless communication, satellite antennas, IP telephony and local networks. The specialist should all this equipment maintain and provide its trouble-free operation, to mount linear cable structures and connections, connect and create local networks, install satellite antennas and carry out the Internet. The distribution of Internet systems, satellite television and mobile communications makes this profession very popular, because users often need wireless communications and the Internet, so they often contact the specialists of this profession.


All responsibilities of the representative of this specialty are established in the job description, with which the employee will be familiar with the work upon admission to work.

  • It should be controlled over all professional equipment, install cable hardware, connect the user stations, check and provide them with adjustment, supporting in working condition.
  • Develop annual repair and replacement of technical equipment elements. Take and consider complaints about the faults of the technical equipment assigned to it, take measures to eliminate breakdowns and analyze the causes of their occurrence.
  • Communication engineer directly participates in the implementation of new equipment, accounts for the necessary spare parts and consumables, participates in the development of planned activities to improve the operation of communication equipment and its effective use, to prevent cases of downtime. Conducts instructions on TB and production briefing of its subordinates, complies with the requirements of labor legislation.
  • Mandatory is to keep registering the health of equipment, as well as its damage and causes of their occurrence. Engineer develops and implements malfunctional prevention activities, is directly involved in the development of technical tasks and design of telecommunication facilities.

Very important features for specialists of this area are responsibility, attentiveness. After all, it is necessary to work not only with equipment, but also with people. The communication engineer should be stressful, should be able to find a common language with the team, transfer them their experience, be able to quickly respond and make decisions in critical situations.

Working in small organizations, the communication engineer must be a universal, as the staff of his department is very limited, and it will take the maximum knowledge of all the subtleties from connecting IP networks to decoding the drawings and schemes. It lies great responsibility, which is provided in the job description. He is responsible for non-compliance with the rules of the internal labor regulation.

He must not disclose information about the organization, do not use his official position as part of its competence and authority.


To qualify for good work in the field of telecommunications, it is necessary to get a higher education. For this, such specialties as “telecommunications and communication systems”, “Television, radio communication and broadcasting” will be suitable. Many institutions directly cooperate with companies that provide communication services. They send their best students to these enterprises for practice. Therefore, the most gifted students already on the III or IV course find a permanent job due to practical exercises.

Students are in-depth studying mathematical analysis, programming and other technical disciplines, a lot of time is paid to the study of communication theory. Employers willingly invite issues of faculties related to radio engineering and telecommunications.

In Russia, there are a large number of higher educational institutions in which you can get a higher education, to increase training or retraining.

For example, In the modern scientific and technological Academy, you can listen to retraining courses that last 3.5 months. University of Studies Higher School of Economics invites students to the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems. A lot of other universities in Russia are invited to teach young people both at day and correspondence department, where there is an opportunity to learn a budget basis. A specialist who ended up one of these universities should constantly be interested in innovations in the field of communication, communicate with more experienced colleagues and receive knowledge from them that can then apply in practice.


A specialist who has a higher education can count on a high salary work. Even without working experience, graduates can work fruitfully in telecommunication organizations, where they will be offered the work of the cellular operator. Today there are a lot of such companies, so young professionals do not have to look for a workplace. Newbies try to fulfill all the tasks of the employer. At first they will oversee experienced employees who help to gain experience and skills in this profession. To do this, it is necessary to show the initiative and strive for self-development. Only with the acquisition of special skills and employment experience can be claimed for more paid work, as well as career growth.

The communication engineer can work in various companies that specialize in the development of promising technologies.

They are usually looking for a specialist with experience from 3 years, which will be engaged in installing and launching telecommunication equipment, administering control systems, to test channels and measure them, make up all design documentation.

In large companies that specialize in providing Internet services to the population and enterprises, communication engineers are constantly required, which will be engaged in connecting television, phones and the Internet, to travel as part of a brigade to the subscriber, customize and connect network equipment, carry out installation work and installation of the Volt.

In different regions of the country, this profession is paid differently.

The level of payment depends on the population of the region and companies that are located in the area. The greater the city, the more people need representatives of this profession. For example, in Moscow the highest salary, as in St. Petersburg. Specialist with experience can receive from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles. per month. In St. Petersburg without work experience you can earn from 20,000 to 25,000 rubles. Depending on the scale of the company and the requests of the employer. On average, in Russia, you can find a job with a salary from 30 to 100 thousand. rubles.

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