All about profession Designer technologist

All about profession Designer technologist

Designer-technologist is one of the most interesting professions today. It can be called unique, because it combines both humanitarian and technical. A person who chooses for himself such activities should be an artist, designer and technologist in one person.

In this article we will tell you all this profession, in which its features, what knowledge and skills should have a technologist and in which field of activity can apply their talents.


This profession is actually special. She, In contrast to many other specialties, multifaceted and diverse, has two directions:

  • Designer-technologist furniture production – Develops furniture design+
  • Designer-technologist sewing production – specializes in sewing and developing clothes, various knitwear.

Each direction requires certain skills and capabilities.

Choosing a specific specialization, you need to understand that you closer where you want to work and how to make money.


Designer-technologist, like any other employee, has its duties, from the right and timely implementation of which the personal success or success of the enterprise on which a specialist works. It is also literally responsible for the mood of the client after receiving the order, an increase in the client base and a career ladder promotion. Specialist in the field of sewing production models, designs, organizes the whole process of sewing the product.

It performs the following job:

  • creates sketches according to the wishes of the customer+
  • Selects the main tilt cloth and lining material+
  • Products technical pattern+
  • Designs the product on the mannequin+
  • prepares and organizes the entire technical process+
  • organizes work and manages it.

Designer-technologist working in the field of furniture manufacturing should be a creative personality with the technique of mind. The main task is to make furniture comfortable and comfortable, pick up the material so that everything is “in place” and perfectly suitable for the description and wishes of the client.

So, what exactly does a specialist?

Its responsibilities include:

  • Visualization of furniture taking into account the wishes of the customer+
  • Production of furniture drawings with all sizes+
  • Calculation of the amount of required material+
  • organization of production.

The designer works directly with the designer.

They are engaged in the process of producing both furniture and clothing.

Knowledge and skills

Designer-technologist work is quite responsible. It is very important that the work is performed correctly, competently and on time. It is hard to imagine the situation when the client made an order for tailoring clothes or to make furniture and did not get the desired. It is in order for this that this does not happen, the technologist must be a real professional.

A qualified specialist has such skills and knowledge:

  • knows how to work with special equipment and inventory+
  • knows all information about the material, whether it is a fabric or tree, its properties, technical parameters, characteristics+
  • knows how to read drawings and technical documentation.

Also do not forget that you need to have a special education. In addition to the above knowledge and skills, also It is necessary to possess such human qualities as self-confidence, attentiveness, cultivities, leadership, responsibility, sociability.


Before deciding that this profession is suitable for you, you need to think well and evaluate your capabilities, skills, preferences. A man who wants to get a profession of a technology designer must not only be able to draw beautifully and have a good imagination, but also thinking is logical, able to correctly calculate the amount of the desired material correctly. There are many higher educational institutions that offer learning this profession.

As we have already identified, the profession Designer-technologist has several directions – this design of furniture and tailoring, according to this and you need to choose a university.

If you are interested in furniture production, it means that you need to choose the specialty “Technology of woodworking production”, and only then the specialization of the “furniture design”. In the event that we are talking about sewing clothes, you need to choose an educational institution that specializes in sewing production.

Do not forget that at present there are many different courses for both beginners and advanced training. It is also an excellent opportunity to get both az profession and multiply existing knowledge and skills.

Place of work

Designer-technologist, if it is sensible, can easily find a job. Specialist in the field of sewing production can work in trendy houses, various studios or factory sewing, sewing workshop.

As for a specialist of furniture production, it is not limited to. Can be made to the furniture manufacturing factory, in a private company, which is engaged in the same, but under an individual order, or open your own business. The latter is the best solution.

Considering that this profession is inherent in creative personalities, the perfect option is to work for yourself.

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