All about profession Engineer relay protection and automation

All about profession Engineer relay protection and automation

Relay protection and automation engineer (RZa) is among the most sought-after modern professions and enjoys high demand in the labor market. Despite quite complicated training, more and more applicants of technical universities are chosen by this particular specialty.

Features of the profession

Thanks to the rapid transition of electrical systems on automatic control, the profession of engineer relay protection and automation is becoming increasingly relevant. The specialist of this profile is responsible for operation, maintenance and repair of the RZ, without which the functioning of modern electrical installations is quite difficult to present.

In addition, the main tasks of the engineer include installing a RZ to electrical equipment, air and cable power lines, as well as setting up and testing the installed complex.

Applicant for this position Must deal well in organizational and administrative, regulatory acts and methodological documents affecting the selection, installation, setting and testing of the RZ, as well as know the subtleties of the rules for the technical operation of power plants and power grids. Despite the technical focus of the specialty, the RZ engineer should be able to get well with people and possess the organizational abilities.

The pros of the profession can be attributed to good wages (from 45 thousand rubles), and to minuses – high responsibility and quite a large number of responsibilities.

Responsibilities of a specialist

According to the job instruction, a number of functional duties are entrusted to the RZ engineer, From the quality of the performance of which the efficiency of electrical systems and personnel safety.

  • Calculation of short circuit current and voltage values ​​(KZ) and definition based on the results obtained, the functioning algorithm and placement of the RZ systems followed by testing.
  • Accounting and analyzing the work of relay protection and automation, Checking their work for compliance with the requirement of regulatory documents with regular fixation of the results.
  • Participation in the preparation of technical specifications and source data during design Construction of power facilities, as well as in the case of their expansion and reconstruction.
  • Participation in the work of the Commission for the Investigation of the Causes of Emergency Situations and other technological disorders Functioning of electrical installations, as well as testing equipment of objects taking into account seasonality.
  • Preparation of annual reporting on the work of the RZ and logging.
  • Regular check of the skill level of service personnel (electricians, technicians, monterers and adjusters) and the adoption of measures to increase it.
  • Preparation of applications for the purchase of spare parts and consumables, Control over the timely replacement of parts with expiring service life.
  • Conduct planned tests RZ followed by analyzing the results obtained.
  • Tracking new products in the field of relay protection and automated system of dispatch control, their implementation on the energy factor.
  • In addition, the RZ engineer is obliged to haveClear ideas about the foundations of the economy and organization of production, management and labor in energy, to know articles of labor legislation and strictly follow the rules for labor protection.

In case of emergency situations that caused harm to the health of employees or damage to the material property of the power supply, the RZ engineer can be attracted to the administrative, disciplinary, material, and in more serious cases and to criminal liability.


Receive the profession of an engineer of the RZa in many universities of the technical orientation of either DUSES, but in the latter case it will be possible to calculate only. At the end of study in high school graduates can be accepted as an engineer without posting claims.

After 3 years, the specialist can claim the assignment of the III category, after another 3 years – the second, after another 3 years – the first.


Rhine engineers are necessarily entering the staff of power plants, substations and other energy facilities, and also are engaged in the maintenance of transmission transactions, underground cable communications and dispatching points of power supply and energy distribution organizations.

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