All about profession industrial safety engineer

All about profession industrial safety engineer

It is difficult to find a person who would not hear about the profession “Engineer”. But few know that there is a narrower orientation – an industrial safety engineer. This specialization is very important in modern industrial production, and the normal functioning of enterprises depends on such an expert.


Specialization of industrial safety engineer in Russia obeys a strict professional standard. There are many more private specializations, for example, a specialist in the safety of plants under pressure and lifting equipment. In professional standard, it is definitely prescribed, to which industries include employee activities and what its generalized, private labor functions. The ECTC exhaustively describes the basic information that is necessary for safety engineer to successfully fulfill its duties.

The document introduces the concept of the first and second category as part of this specialization.


According to a typical job description, a leading industrial safety engineer must lead the maintenance of production order in the structural divisions of the organization. He is engaged in conducting comprehensive and targeted industrial safety checks. In accordance with the results of such checks Engineer is preparing a report for the management of the organization, where notes or full compliance with regulatory requirements, or a list of necessary measures. This specialist is developing plans to combat accidents and other incidents. In such plans it is indicated:

  • What are the measures of prevention+
  • What are the measures for timely detection+
  • What should be actions for prompt elimination of consequences+
  • How to minimize the harmful effects of various factors on people and property+
  • As in the shortest possible time to eliminate the consequences of the accident+
  • How will interaction with “external” emergency rescue formations and structures will be established.

But an industrial safety engineer is still necessarily monitors all new technologies and production facilities. He takes into account their specific risks – both individually and in conjunction with other installed equipment, with other technological processes. If suddenly some accident occurs or a smaller emergency, he takes an active part in the investigation. Following the investigations, prepares documents for eliminating causes and for special briefings. Wherever there are dangerous objects, the engineer conducts an examination of their state.

It is he who will have to make instructions and instructions for safety workers. It is he who will need to ensure that all tests of equipment and its current checks occur on schedule. And it is to the safety engineer addressed to put in a queue to write off a catastrophic hazardous technique. Another specialist checks whether licensed requirements are complied with. And also evaluates the professionalism of other employees from their position.

Knowledge and skills

An industrial safety engineer must know:

  • Basic laws of the country and region in their industry+
  • Departmental and interdepartmental, regional regulations+
  • Regulations and orders of the leadership+
  • Major threats on concrete production, methods of control over them+
  • Dangerous levels of various production factors+
  • Signs of wear and damage to equipment, breach of the technological process+
  • Basics of labor legislation+
  • Ecological, fire and sanitary safety requirements+
  • Emergency elimination measures+
  • First aid Measures+
  • Basics of office work+
  • The structure of its organization+
  • Probable claims from regulatory authorities and ways of objections to them.

It will be necessary to know:

  • Features of personal protective equipment+
  • The procedure for the use of personal protective equipment+
  • Internal operational installation algorithms+
  • Instructions for use and repair equipment+
  • Regulatory Terms of Equipment+
  • Characteristic signs of lesion by various harmful factors in production+
  • Probable natural threat in this area.


Get the profession of industrial safety engineer, of course, in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A good example will be the training programs of St. Petersburg University of Industrial Technologies and Design and MEI, respectively. But training in such a specialty leads in the regions of Russia. For example, in the Volgograd Technical University, in South Ural University, in UrFU, OMGTU. Another specialization can be found in:

  • Kuban State University+
  • Aviation Technical University Ufa+
  • State University Togliatti+
  • State University of Sevastopol+
  • Perm Research University+
  • Far Eastern University of Communication+
  • National Research Technology University of Kazan+
  • Novosibirsk Agrarian University+
  • Kuzbass Technical University+
  • Belgorod Technical University named after Shukhov.


Engineer for industrial safety can work at the enterprise of any form of property and profile. The exception is narrow specialists who specialize in a particular industry. Related specialization – fire safety engineer.

The minimum wage of such a specialist in Russia is now 28,000 rubles. The average level is 43 thousand rubles.

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