All about profession Linear producer

All about profession Linear producer

The film crew includes a man with a mysterious position – a linear producer. This person has a number of professional duties. In addition, the linear producer must possess skills and experience that will allow clearly cope with the task.

Who is this and what does it do?

Linear producer Previously, the rest begins to work on any project being created. It can be called a key figure on the set, since it is engaged in not only the solution of everyday issues, but also manages the budget. If the general producer affects the creative side of the project being created, the linear of this part does not apply to. The work of directors and screenwriters occurs without his participation. The responsibility zone of the linear producer includes the following tasks:

  • hiring crew members+
  • Solving issues with suppliers that concern the supply of props required equipment+
  • Organization of transport and delivery of food to the shooting area.

The task of such a specialist to prove investors a real benefit from investments in a particular project. Getting investment is only the first stage. When the required budget for the project will be obtained, you must start following a step. The responsibility of the linear producer includes the preparation of the budget, its planning and management of them.

Most often, the linear producer is a freelance officer. It does not work constantly on the same place. His task is to solve questions in a specific project, and then go to the next.

Necessary skills

First of all, a specialist of this level must have the skills of budgeting and financial planning. This is a mandatory base. It is important for a person to have a diplomatic warehouse of character and be sociable, since in the process of work will have to first communicate with investors, and then with suppliers and other employees on the set.

The responsibility zone of such an employee does not include concern for the life and health of the participants in the shooting process. But at the same time, he must control the compliance with minimum regulatory requirements. If there is some incident with investors, financing and violation of agreements, then it is necessary to settle it with a linear producer.

The success of the entire project very often depends on the linear producer, and the success of the whole project.


To the position of linear producer can be appointed Higher education person. As a rule, a person with work experience at least 3 years old, which understands the internal device of the entire estimation process, will take a person responsible. For example, you can work as an assistant to producer for some time, and only then move up the career stairs.

Many begin their professional path from the usual recruitment manager, gradually moving forward and acquiring the necessary skills. For office it is quite suitable for the management of the manager. Specialists of this level prepare most of higher educational institutions.

Place of work

It should be understood that the linear producer – the profession is extremely responsible. The specialist should have experience and knowledge that no year is purchased when working on the set, as well as on television. This profession belongs to the category of popular, since in cinematography and on television there are many projects of various directions. So, a linear producer can work:

  • On the set of films and serials+
  • When creating documentary and entertainment television projects+
  • At recording studios.

If a person decided to become a linear producer, He needs to be prepared for a sufficiently high workload at work. Most likely, it will be an abnormal working day with frequent roads and business trips.

The applicant for such a position should not be afraid to work with money, to be polite, communicable, non-conflict and stress-resistant.

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