All about profession painting powder painting

All about profession painting powder painting

Even the most “simple” spheres of activity can hire a lot of surprises. But carefully studied the available information, you can easily avoid all kinds of problems. Some will be interested to know everything about the profession of painting powder painting – what he does, where he learns, as well as how his workplace is organized.


The fact that the position is called paint painting paint painting is not a reason for complacent. Powdered dye is sometimes no less dangerous for health than its liquid analog, and it is even more difficult to avoid contact. Be sure to be defended by the ingress of coloring compositions.

Powder painting includes the use of an electrostatic effect, in which the dye is electrically charged, as a result of which is held on the surface.

This method of processing is used in the following areas:

  • Car service+
  • When painting sports equipment+
  • To give the desired color to aluminum profiles, metal sheets+
  • when painting ceramic materials.


Powder painting painting should know:

  • Labor protection rates+
  • Safety provisions+
  • Types, official and everyday names, features of the use of various painting compositions+
  • Rules for the formation of painting mixtures+
  • Paint powder applying technology+
  • Methodology for assessing the finished paintwork and quality of your own work+
  • Rules for determining the preservation of previous coatings+
  • Rules for the preparation of the surface to staining.

This specialist will independently settles all the mechanisms used and prepares them for use. He performs such work:

  • Powder paints on the most different surfaces+
  • Removes scale, rust, minor mechanical defects from treated surfaces+
  • Applies corrosion retarders in necessary cases+
  • Apply letters and more sophisticated stencils+
  • independently prepares simple stencils+
  • picks up a pattern+
  • grinding, grinding and spitting the surface+
  • Closes seams of plasterboard sheets+
  • takes measures against splashing paint outsiders and objects.


Different training centers for vocational guidelines are engaged in the preparation of painters of powder painting, for example, ELSTAR NPF, AMIKA Development and Training Center. A good alternative will be the licensed center for the preparation of “PromTehnika”. In the preparation process will be mastered by a number of skills and information:

  • in the field of metal science and materials+
  • in the field of chemical composition of colors+
  • In the field of drying paintwork+
  • concerning the preparation of building structures and vehicles to painting.

In addition to these educational institutions, Powder painting paintings are prepared:

  • In the school center SPECO+
  • In Fenix ​​MPC+
  • In the training center “Primatek” (one of the leading institutions of such a profile in Russia).

Place of work

Masters powder painting are subjected to a variety of harmful effects. They have to work at height, facing low or high temperatures. Often, jobs are not sufficiently lit, exposed to drafts. In industrial enterprises used polymerization furnaces. Some of them work on natural gas, while others use electricity. Industrial coloring chambers powder can be designed for air recovery or to clean filters. If the volume of painting is relatively small, tribostatic sprayers can be used.

Regardless of the equipment used, smoking, eat, take medicine and drink water in the workplace can not. Industrial powder painting is carried out only in rooms equipped with powerful exhaust ventilation.

Here are a few more points:

  • Paul must have a solid ground+
  • Fire fighting should correspond to GOST 12.3.005-75 and GOST 12.3.002-75+
  • All equipment must be performed protected from explosion and fire.

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