All about professions related to physics

All about professions related to physics

Some time ago it seemed that “business and jurisprudence is all”. But now it is clear that it is completely wrong – traditional specializations are no less relevant than work in the field of design, trade, journalism or politics. Therefore, thinking about the future career It is worth knowing everything about professions related to physics.


This science studies the most common, the most principal moments of the device of the world around us. And in a sense of the areas of activity that would not be concerned, just no. And yet allocate a certain circle of professions related to physics in the first place. First of all, these are all specializations in which you have to operate with complex technique. Even the repair of the water supply or construction of houses is unthinkable without deep physical knowledge.

Of course, in all such spheres very Important attentiveness and curiosity. These qualities are directly interrelated. Inattentive work with modern appliances does not just lower the overall effect – it turns out to be extremely dangerous.

Insufficiently curious to everything that happens, even in trifles, people are unlikely to correctly fulfill the task – especially where the most subtle physical effects and phenomena are used.

List of professions

For girls

Interesting professional areas associated with physics relate to them too, because Comprehension of the surrounding world and the application of the knowledge gained in no way can be considered a purely male prerogative. And yet the most common option of the “physical” profession for a girl is to teach at school, secondary special or even higher educational institution. This is very important and current activities, laying a foundation that will serve as the development of the same science in the future.

However, You can try yourself and in the direct creation of the future, that is, in research work. In the presence of talent and proper perseverance, you can associate your life even with quantum mechanics and other (especially complex) regions of the forefront of modern science. But those who want to show a humanistic attitude, makes sense to become medical physicists. Designing the equipment and its individual nodes, analysis of medical influences from various phenomena and nature processes is very important.

But physical training, like mathematical, is needed by those who are interested in computer science. Programming and virtual modeling of various technological processes, the work of equipment, construction technologies, facilities are unthinkable without a clear idea how it all works. But still with computers design:

  • Various types of transport+

  • Communication and Management Systems+

  • Emergency tools+

  • Alarm+

  • Ventilation contours+

  • Acustic systems.

Even the best programmers, not knowing the real world, are unlikely to competently create elements of computer games (smoke, flight of an abandoned object, changing the nature of sound in various situations, the consequences of contacting objects and so on). But physics is needed not one programmers, of course. Creators of computer equipment, individual chips and control devices also can not step without it.

This science is extremely important in the production, development of optical glasses, and when creating new building materials. Unfinitely engage in standardization and certification, do not own serious knowledge from the field of natural sciences.

For guys

Immediately it is worth a reservation that such a separation is largely conditionally. And with due diligence can be easily overcome. But it is still helpful to illuminate a list of more “male” in demand professions related to physics. First of all, this is the position of radiophysics. Such specialists study waves and oscillations of electromagnetic nature. They are actively attracted to work on radio equipment and other devices using electromagnetic signals.

This is about:

  • Essential broadcasting and television shows+

  • Cellular systems+

  • Special service radio transmitters+

  • Scanners and detectors+

  • Radio controlled devices+

  • radar+

  • Radio telescopes.

But describing different physical specialization, it is necessary to mention both the specialists in the field of thermal physics. They not only explore abstract heat phenomena – thermophysical approaches and methods are important:

  • When creating various internal and external combustion engines+

  • When calculating heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems+

  • For rational heat removal from various objects+

  • For the design of heat shields and thermal insulation.

A huge role in the modern world is played by a physicist with the addition of “Mechanic”. This professional helps develop new engines and vehicles. He solves the task how to reduce the resistance of the medium when driving and thereby save fuel or electricity. Many mechanics physicists work in large firms, in design and design organizations, sectoral research institutes. But specialists in the field of nuclear physics are promising.

Despite the mass radipot, a serious alternative to atomic technologies in a number of spheres.

And that’s why without work such professionals are unlikely to stay, Especially since they can also make up theoretical studies, creating more secure and efficient methods of applying intransmental energy. Or more powerful and efficient weapons – which also requires a scrupulous study of physical processes. But without physicists do not work out and when creating non-nuclear weapons.

The fall of the aviation bomb, the flight of the rocket or shell, shot from personal weapons, suppressing the opponent’s radiocommunication and overcoming the interference, improving protection on the battlefield and much more – these areas in which experts of natural sciences can easily “turn around”. However, in peaceful days, explosions and shots. Knowing physics professionals are needed to:

  • The hunting and sports weapon achieved its goal+

  • Blasting demolition of buildings occurred controlled+

  • Mineral mining went more efficient+

  • It was produced as an explosion welding, powdered compacting, the creation of new substances with controlled properties+

  • More efficient sapper equipment appeared+

  • Traces of weapons were identified, the parameters of explosive devices were determined and so on.

All of the above – hardly a twentieth of professions, where knowledge in the field of physics is widely applied.

Take, for example, Architects. Those can design a very beautiful residential building, a huge theater or stadium, bridges and whole urban areas. However, without taking into account the strength indicators and distribution of loads, the propagation of heat and air movement, the level of insolation, the acoustic properties of materials, their susceptibility to vibration all plans will remain on paper. Or mistakes will be very expensive, sometimes it will even provoke victims and destruction.

Cargo to the construction site, which the architect planned, deliver on trucks, trains and courts. But whatever type of transport is either used to make it, only those people who thoroughly know the physical laws in their field can directly manage transportation. Therefore, everyone should study them, everyone who strives to become drivers, machinists, captains, auto mechanics and ship mechanics. And for pilots and cosmonauts, for air traffic controllers is a subject of paramount importance. Physics, however, is connected closely and with geography, geology, ecology.

Movement of rivers and sea currents, lifting the mountains and properties of marshes, the formation and disappearance of glaciers, the change of relief shapes with time – all this can not be explained if you do not attract physical knowledge. Without them, it will not be possible:

  • determine the likely location of minerals+
  • Find underground waters+

  • Understand weather and climatic processes+

  • Explore high-quality caves and volcanoes, earthquakes and motion factors of various substances in the natural environment+

  • Explain the properties of soil horizons+

  • Create cards and location plans.

Physics should be taught by those who are passionate about the biology. Any living organism is unthinkable without external and internal movement, without thermal processes, without perception of light, acoustic signals and other sensations. Digestion and blood flow, functioning of cell walls and barriers for various substances, breathing and nerve impulses – all this is closely intertwined with physics. And still on living organisms, light and sound, heat and air flows are affected, many other environmental factors. Even photosynthesis is the most complicated physicochemical process, in the study and reproduction of which it will be time to say not yet one generation of specialists.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning:

  • Various membranes+

  • Molecular level of functioning of the body+

  • Use of physical methods in biological research+

  • Creation of all devices and devices (the same microscopes and optical glasses) based on the knowledge of the laws of non-living world.

The question of how physics is connected with social studies, it seems very strange at first. But in fact, it binds to society in its modern, past and future states. Very clear.

Enough to remember that The most important component of everyday life and the functioning of whole countries is the economic, producing sphere. And in it, in turn, not to go anywhere from physical laws. An integral part of social studies is anthropology, that is, the study of human development in natural and cultural media.

The one and the other, as already mentioned, cannot be described and consciously as follows without the idea of ​​physical laws. Futurologist predicting the likely achievements of humanity in the future, it is impossible to ignore the restrictions that nature imposes. It is impossible to do it and without the idea of ​​what the scientific and technical sphere has already reached and the specialists in it are working on the near future. But the spheres described, of course, is not limited to. So, the colossal role of physics plays in forensic practice.

Based on it:

  • study cold weapons, improvised guns of crimes and their traces+

  • We understand in the origin, sequence and limitations of various injuries in humans and animals+

  • Explore material evidence+

  • identify substances and materials, various objects, compare their probable parts+

  • Receive invisible inscriptions+

  • Restore the interrupted numbers+

  • Reconstruct the picture of the accident+

  • Find signs of fake documents, hidden traces+

  • Set the type of hacking guns+

  • Determine the characteristics of attackers on their trails and so on.

Of course, Almost only experts themselves should have about all this, but also investigators, operatives, prosecutors, lawyers, judges. It is important to understand what is realistic, and what to make a criminalist will not be able to correctly formulate the task. But going to completely different areas, we will inevitably detect physics again. Take at least the kitchen – home or professional, does not matter. It uses a large number of complex equipment and devices.

The cooking process itself, and even storage of finished dishes, raw materials and semi-finished products – at every step detect certain physical effects and patterns. Gas combustion, heating with electricity, cooling of products and dishes in refrigerators and freezers – Again from the physics area. Because it needs to designers plates, stoves, freezers. But not only designers, but still repairmen, installers. If you take absolutely any apparatus, which is produced, then it is checked and installed, first of all metrologists.

And so this specialists without knowing the objective patterns of the real world can not do. Metrologists determine accuracy:

  • Speedometers+

  • Eholeotov+

  • Tok meters+

  • ATMs and industrial sewing machines.

Also metrologists:

  • Tune the measuring equipment+

  • Determine its accuracy on established criteria after long-term operation+

  • make a conclusion about the possibility of using the technique in the future.

But also in such an advanced and more popular sphere, as drone management, do not do without physics again. And it is necessary not to just represent those or other regularities of flight. We will have to think spatially and take into account the mass of the parameters affecting the efficiency of the device. Older profession – Drill – Again, requires understanding how the drilling object is arranged (earthly layers) in all details. And – how does the equipment behave.


Many higher educational institutions are engaged in preparing at the specialties of the technical profile. But the best of the best teachers in our country are busy – predictable – at the Department of Moscow State University. There are most attractive branches:

  • Fundamental mathematics and mechanics+

  • Applied Mathematics and Physics+

  • Physics.

Accordingly, there must be done after grade 11. And mostly to those who decide to become scientists in the field of natural science. Very good physico-technical training lead in:

  • MSTU+

  • NSTU+

  • SPbSU+

  • MFTI+

  • Mythi+

  • Tomsk Polytechnic University+

  • Kazan Federal University+

  • ITMO+

  • University named after Gubkin+

  • Mai+

  • Misis+

  • Far Eastern University+

  • MEI+


  • Tusur+

  • Stankin+

  • Samara University named Queen.

When planning to take exams for physifak, you should consider the current requirements of each specific faculty. It is also worth considering that they change almost annually. So it is important to know the latest information and focus on the ratings of educational institutions.

Conclusion – thoughtful, responsible applicants are studying not only universities sites, but also analytical information of Rosobrnadzor.

Place of work

How it is not difficult to understand from previous information oriented people who can work on fairly highly paid positions. They are waiting in almost any industry. Engineering and technical experts are occupied mainly in industry and transport. But loving physics can also choose for themselves:

  • building+

  • Energy+

  • design+

  • Transport sphere+

  • Expert work+

  • Employment in the scientific and educational sphere+

  • Fuel and energy complex.

About vocational guidance Physics See in the video below.

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