All about the novice manicure master

All about the novice manicure master

Manicure Master is a very popular and demanded profession that many girls choose. Such a specialist works in the beauty industry, helping men and women to achieve perfect manicure. However, as in any other profession, the beginning of the employment path may have some difficulties. Will not exist to study them in advance.


Almost every woman enjoys the services of beauty salons. This is especially true for manicure and pedicure, which is quite difficult to do on their own at home. Every year the number of people willing to have beautiful and well-groomed hands are only growing, so masters do not have to sit without work. Specialists in the nail service are carried out daily to a variety of treatments: classic manicure, extension, gel varnish, drawings on nails. All this requires a creative approach and the permanent desire of self-development.

Description of the profession of a novice wizard on the nail service will not be full if you do not voice the advantages and disadvantages of work.


  • Establishment+
  • The ability to independently choose a place of work: you can get into the salon, work at home, open your office+
  • Fast learning+
  • Daily communication with people+
  • Convenient graph that the master is developing+
  • Realization of creative abilities.


  • income will depend only on the number of hours worked+
  • This profession implies a sedentary position, so back pain and neck may occur+
  • All consumables and tools Master buys himself+
  • Some substances with which they have to work can be harmful to health.


The novice manicure and pedicure master has the following professional duties:

  • Perform various types of manicure and pedicure+
  • Hand care, for which local massage, paraffin baths, creams, oils can be applied+
  • Leg care: Sparking, wrapping, cream+
  • Restoration of nails, applying special masks on the nail plate and cuticle+
  • Performing extension with different materials and subsequent correction+
  • Decorative painting, drawings, stickers, rhines at the request of the client.

In addition to the duties already described, the Master has others belonging to manicure or pedicure indirectly, but no less important:

  • Sterilization of tools after each client+
  • Contents of the workplace clean+
  • Use clean towels, cotton disks, napkins+
  • The presence of gloves during operation+
  • In some salons – availability of a sanitary book.

If the wizard opens his salon, it will also be required to provide high-quality ventilation of the room, delimitation of working zones, the presence of shell for washing hands, as well as combined lighting over each workplace.

Knowledge and skills

Both professional and novice specialists of the nail service must comply with a number of requirements. Consider the main knowledge and skills that must be seized for this profession:

  • Understanding the structure of the nail, knowledge of diseases of nail plates, including fungal+
  • Ability to make a simple massage of hands and stop brushes+
  • Extensive knowledge in the materials: varnishes of varnishes, gel varnishes, fixers, bases, means of increasing+
  • the ability to do any kind of manicure and pedicure, as well as buildup+
  • Knowledge of how to use the toolkit necessary for work: Films, ultraviolet lamp, nippers and more+
  • ability to provide first medical care.

If we talk about the qualities that the master must have, then the following should be noted:

  • Communicability (many procedures last an hour, or even more, and with constant silence, the client will begin to bored)+
  • Light and lively character, ability to adjust the client+
  • stress tolerance+
  • Delicacy (with whatever nails came to the client, do not make fun of it or focusing on the disadvantages)+
  • Streetness+
  • creative thinking+
  • Sincere interest in the profession and desire to comprehend all of its subtleties.


The main plus, which attracts girls so much in this profession, – This is the lack of need to receive higher education. To learn this specialty, it is enough to complete the courses that are currently a lot. The courses are trained the basics of the structure of nails, their treatment, the rules of how to make classic and hardware manicure and pedicure, the simplest types of painting on nails, work with materials and tools, features of funds from different firms. At the end of the training, a certificate is issued, which must be hidden in the Wizard office.

However, it is not necessary to think that at the end of the courses you will become a real specialist and master of your case. It is important to constantly increase your professional level by visiting additional seminars, webinars, mini-courses for a few days. This will allow you to have the most complete picture of the profession.

You will study all the subtleties of work, over time you can perform the most complex drawings, artistic modeling, will be aware of all current innovations.

Where to begin?

A beginner master without experience in this field at first, of course, it will be difficult. It’s one thing if you were invited to work in the salon, where there is always a clientele, and completely different if you decide to work at home or rent a room. To fill the hand and troubleshore customers, you can perform certain actions.

  • ads. Having written a beautiful and attractive text about your services, print ads and expose them in the area where you plan to work or hover a person to do it for you. Try to write correctly: briefly, without water, grammatical errors, be sure to specify the rates. You can also file an advertisement on the Internet boards of your city.
  • Work in social networks. Page on social networks is a great opportunity to make yourself worthy advertising. Starts everywhere where you think: for example, on Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram. You can find the pages of other craftsmen, see the style of their design, there is very really really found and subscribers. Try to make the information on all social pages the same.
  • Discounts. Since you are just starting your professional activities, you should not immediately request high prices. Invite customers a discount, for example, on the first visit. Or you can make a discount on a certain type of manicure, extension, correction. In the process of working with clients, do not forget to offer coffee or tea, water. Caring for the client – almost one hundred percent confidence that he will come to you again.
  • Free models. In the first weeks of work, you can file an announcement that you need model for manicure, pedicure or extension. Girls who want to try something new, always a lot, and because you with a huge share of probability get models for practice. If you do not want to work with models for free, make a big discount or ask half the price. In the case of a successful and beautiful manicure, the girls will definitely tell your friends about you, and by having come to you and receiving quality service, will launch a “sarafined radio”, thanks to which customers will already seek meeting themselves.
  • Draws among subscribers. This method will work even if you have almost no customers, but there is a page on social networks. Today, these draws hold a lot of bloggers, firms, ordinary people who want to sell their services. Offer subscribers a slight task, for example, put like, write a small comment and celebrate a friend. Explain that at the end will spend the draw. You can play free manicure, extension, discount. This is a great way to attract a large number of people, told them about their activities.

Do not forget also about the help of relatives and friends. Tell your loved ones and familiar about what you do, ask to find out if any of their surroundings do not need this. Invite such people a discount, and they will definitely return again.


          As a rule, the manicure master is a person who first works for himself. And therefore talking about any stable salary in the country is quite difficult. Especially since the cost of the services themselves will be different. However, the total price range among beginner specialists can still be considered. For example, the usual manicure without a coating will cost 300-500 rubles, but if you do the coating gel varnish, the cost will grow about halve. Modeling of the nail plate costs from 1500 rubles, correction – from 1000. Small amounts will be taken for removing the grooved plates, even if you do not plan to adjust them.

          It is also worth knowing that the art modeling on the nails, a complex pattern, sticking rhizes and pebbles will increase the cost of manicure in two, and even three times. Thus, Even at first, the work of the Master of Nail Service is unlikely to be assessed less than 30-40 thousand rubles. Rising professional level and prices will grow. It will be possible to earn 70 thousand and above.

          The only part of this money, and rather significant, will have to spend on materials and tools, as well as for rent, if necessary.

          7 reasons to become a manicure master in the video below.

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