All about the profession Assistant Machinist

All about the profession Assistant Machinist

Work on the railway at all times was considered very prestigious. Railway workers have their own hospitals, sanatoriums, kindergartens, cultural houses, sports clubs and other social facilities, and therefore many young people would like to work in this industry of the national economy. Among the large number of railway specialties, many of them choose a profession Assistant Machinist.

Description of the profession

Assistant driver is called Specialist who is subordinate to the driver of a diesel locomotive or electric locomotive and performing auxiliary functions regarding locomotive maintenance. The history of the profession leaves its roots in the middle of the XIX century – the time of the emergence of steam locomotives, when several people were involved for their service: a driver and a pair of stamps.

With the advent of diesel locomotives, the brigade decreased to two people – a driver engaged in the locomotive control, and a diesel player controlling the operation of diesel installation. Modern locomotive brigades consist of a driver and his assistant capable of replacing their mentor at any time and take control of electric locomotive into their hands.

Thus, the driver’s assistant is not only a specialist who decisive technical issues of a locomotive, but also a full-fledged dummer of the driver.

The high demand for this specialty in specialized educational institutions is due to a number of indisputable advantages of this complex and responsible profession.

  1. Trains still remain the most massive and popular type of transport, And because the demand in the driver’s helpers is very high. The person who received this specialty is guaranteed to be employed anywhere in the country where there is a railway message, which makes a profession very popular among young people.
  2. The work of the driver’s assistant is considered quite highly paid, And even yesterday’s graduates of casuals can count on wages at 16-25 thousand rubles, depending on the place of residence, specifics of the work and the presence of the Northern coefficient.
  3. The existence of career growth also adds the popularity of profession. After several years of trouble-free work, the assistant can be sent by the enterprise to the courses of Machinists of electric locomotives, at the end of which he receives evidence of the established sample and can start working on a new, more responsible and highly paid specialty. Moreover, the assistant driver can be accepted into the locomotive depot for the post of Master or the head of the site.
  4. Medical Prereign Control and Annual Passage of Medical Commission allow you to follow your health and do not miss the beginning of a serious disease. Especially since the dispensarization, surveys and treatment of railway workers are carried out absolutely free and in well-equipped medical facilities belonging to the Ministry of Railways.

However, despite the obvious advantages of this profession, there are still shortcomings. These include heavy working conditions, which is due to work in a closed space with a constant effect of noise, vibration, powerful electromagnetic field and road dust. You can not forget about the risk of accidents and disasters, which, although extremely rare, but still occur on railway transport, as well as a sense of increased responsibility for the life of people, which sometimes leads to a constant feeling of anxiety and nervous tension.

In addition, work suggests Replacement schedule with regular trips at night and, as a result, frequent and long lack of a home, which can negatively affect the family relations.

Therefore, when choosing this specialty, it is necessary to carefully weigh all “for” and “against”, given not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the profession.


Circle of specialist duties Regulated by the job description and assumes both intellectual and physical activity. The following are the main responsibilities of a member of a locomotive brigade serving cargo and passenger compounds, since the Metro train and train trains are more often serviced by one experienced driver without the presence of assistant.

Before the trip

Assistant Machinist owed to inspect Elektrovoza (locomotive) before traveling and evaluate its technical condition. First of all, the specialist must carefully Get acquainted with the entries of the onboard magazine, Where are the shortcomings in the operation of the locomotive and check whether they are eliminated. Special attention is required to be given to wheel pairs, checking them on the absence of chips, sliders, pointed robes and ridge ridge, as well as springs and springs. You should pay attention to the status of a boxing unit: check the tightness of the bolts, to make sure that the lubricant from under the cover does not flow and, if necessary, produce lubrication of the beam jaws.

Assistant is obliged to check brake equipment, Feebility of control and measuring equipment, sound signals and lighting, as well as the presence of fire inventory. In addition, the specialist should Ensure in the presence of lubricating and versatile materials, as well as the necessary repair tools. When identifying the locomotive or the absence of the desired inventory, the assistant is obliged to immediately report this to the machine and make the appropriate entry in the logbook.

Moreover, the assistant is obliged to check the correctness of the clutch of locomotive with cars and the quality of communication with the dispatching point and the machines of other train brigades.

During a trip

During the movement of the electric locomotive (locomotive), the driver’s assistant must clearly and quickly perform instructions of the driver, and periodically repeat the speed allowed in this area, the readings of the semaphore signals, the position of the controller and the air pressure in the brakes. In addition, the assistant must Remind the driver about the approximation to the installed samples of autotorcosov, and with a sudden loss of working capacity by the driver – take control of the train on yourself.

In such situations, a specialist is obliged Immediately report on the approaching dispatcher and duty at the station and take all measures on the safe delivery of the composition to the station, fulfilling the established negotiation regulations. Also, a specialist is obliged to monitor the work of sound and light signals, to provide a stable radio communication with a dispatching point and carefully monitor changes in the readings of instruments and sensors, reporting them by the machine. The assistant responsibilities include informing the driver about high-speed mode on a particular section of the path and an immediate message about exceeding or loss of speed by locomotive.

After the trip

Upon arrival at the station, where the locomotive brigade is shown either to the destination assistant driver It is obliged to pass the locomotive. He must make the necessary marks in the logbook and write out the remarks on the work of the equipment. Further, the specialist must remove the cab room, close the hatches, windows and the door.

In addition, the driver’s assistant is obliged to know the device of electric locomotive (diesel locomotive), to be able to repair its aggregates during a trip, and should also be familiar with safety and fire extinguishing.

The specialist must follow the prevention of the spontaneous movement of the composition at stops, to know the cost of electricity consumption and diesel fuel at different modes of movement, prevent their overpower and make proposals for saving resource data.

Personal qualities and necessary skills

Profession Assistant Machinist refers to complex technical specialties and requires a person of a whole set of personal qualities and special skills. So, the young man who wants to become an assistant driver must be disciplined and responsible, have a good reaction, attentiveness and caution, to be careful, hardy, stress-resistant, have good visual memory and have the ability to quickly switch attention. High coordination of movements, nice eyes, sharp eyesight and rumor, technician mind. In addition, the candidate must have a lightning response and excellent health.


Remove on the driver’s assistant In Dzazu, the Ministry of Railways – Technical School, School or College in the specialty “Technical exploitation of the rolling stock of railways” or “Assistant Machinist”. The profession does not imply study at the university, and therefore it is possible to enter this specialty as after grade 11 and after the 9th. Due to the high demand, the competition for this specialty is quite large. The applicants require good knowledge of such objects as informatics, physics and mathematics.

Many dusses carry out the target set by order of locomotive depot and other railway units. Therefore, despite the high contest, the real chances of entering the budget still exist. For this necessarySpecial appeal from the railway organization, in which the future graduate will be obliged to work out at the end of study. There are a strict medical examination that assess the shelf life of the health status of applicant to work on the railway.

In connection with these persons suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, tuberculosis, diseases of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, as well as poor vision or hearing, daltonism and nightclosure, should be included on other specialties.


Wages of assistants of machinists on Russian Railways varies depending on the region, experience and work specifics. Thus, specialists working on cargo-passenger traffic receive a little more than assistants of manure trains. Moreover, if the assistant has tolerance of diesel locomotive (electric lights), it can count on a premium in the amount of 10% to the tariff rate of the voltage. For work on holidays, the increase is 2.2%, for work on the night – 40%, for work in the conditions of the Far North – 30%. Also there are allowances for long service, which fluctuate from 5 to 30%.

Considerable share in the salary of a specialist falls on premiums. Thus, the assistant driver of passenger trains receives a 20% premium for the composition according to the schedule, and the employee performing a monthly plan on the performance of a locomotive on freight traffic can count by 15% to the salary. On average, the driver’s helpers with experience earn from 22,000 rubles (Kostroma region) to 55,000 rubles (Sverdlovsk region and Ekaterinburg). For comparison, in the United States, the salary of such a specialist translated into Russian rubles is 30-160 thousand, in Kazakhstan – 21-22 thousand, in Ukraine – 19-24 thousand and in Belarus – 16-26 thousand rubles.

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