All about the profession Cook

All about the profession Cook

The cook is an important and necessary profession, without which it is impossible to do in modern society. In addition, the work of these specialists is very interesting and creative, which is why many young people dream of becoming high-level chefs.

What are the features of the cook profession? What advantages and disadvantages can be allocated in the work of the chef? What specializations exist? What are the requirements need to be responsible to get the desired position? We will talk about this in more detail in our article.

History and profession description

Craft craft has pretty ancient roots. So, it is believed that it emerged earlier than pottery and blacksmithing. The origin of the profession is directly related to the practical activities and the daily life of an ancient person. For example, after primitive people have learned to use fire, they noticed that food cooked on fire is much more tastier with raw, and can also be kept longer.

However, not all was able to cook the cooking process: some of the representatives of primitive society have it turned out better than others. In this regard, there was a certain division of labor, and among the entire tribe, those people who prepared the best. If we talk about the first written mention of the profession of the cook, then you should pay attention to the document dated 2,000 by the year to our era. This document described people who, as their professional activity, was engaged in cooking food for Cretan troops.

To date, the job as a cook is a complex professional activity. A specialist in this industry solves a number of tasks and performs a greater set of functions. Throughout the history of mankind, the profession of the cook developed and modified. To date, those who own a large number of cooking techniques know the rules of combination of products and has a number of other professional knowledge, skills and skills, knows the high-quality chefs.

At the same time, it is quite difficult to achieve this level, therefore only a few dozen skillful cooks are known at the world level.

Pros and cons

In recent years, a large number of gears and movies appeared on television that popularize the cook profession. In this regard, many young people paid their attention to this activity. However, before you finally decide to associate your fate with a culinary career, it is very important to understand that such activities are characterized not only by positive features, but also has a number of significant flaws. Accordingly, it is necessary to evaluate all the pros and cons.

Consider more details of the work of the cook, which makes it so popular.

  • High level of demand. Regardless of the economic state of the country, the political situation, as well as the social function of the state, the profession of the cook will always be sought after. The fact is that these specialists provide the satisfaction of the basic needs of a person, namely: food needs.
  • Career options. Cook is a specialist who can choose any career in its culinary activity. So, some experts open their restaurants, others – write books and lead copyright shows. And if you wish, you can stay a hired employee and serve in a conventional restaurant or cafe.
  • Creative component. In order to become a successful cook, you need to have creative and creative thinking, do not be afraid to exercise your originality and perform experiments.
  • Independence from the region of residence. In our society it is considered that in order to succeed in a creative career, you need to live in a big city or the capital. In some cases, this statement is justified. At the same time, this principle does not work for cooks. Culinary experts are needed both in large cities and in provinces or even in villages. They optionally work in expensive luxury restaurants – cooks can work in school and hospital canteens, enterprises and so on. After we appreciated all the main advantages of the cook profession, we turn to the analysis of the shortcomings of such work.
  • Physical endurance. Cook’s working day can last long hours. Often, the mode and schedule does not correspond to the generally accepted 8-hour working day. Accordingly, the cook in the kitchen can work for 12 or even 14 hours. At the same time, working conditions in the kitchen are quite dangerous (evaporation, high temperatures and much more). At the same time, the cook has often to be responsible not only for your own work, but also for the activities of his subordinates (for example, assistants of the chef). To perform all these functions at a high professional level, you need to have quite large physical endurance, as well as hard health.
  • High level of stress. In their daily activities, the cooks are often found with the incompetence of subordinates, client discontent, as well as the overestimated requirements of the authorities. In this regard, it is very important to be a calm and stress-resistant person, be able to avoid conflicts and constructively solve any situation, while maintaining your professional reputation.
  • Low payment of labor. Cooks (especially novice specialists) get a rather modest reward for their work. High fees are available only to famous and highly qualified professionals.

It can be concluded that the job of the cook is associated with a lot of difficulties. In this regard, it is important at the initial stage to soberly and objectively appreciate its capabilities, as well as determine whether you can give up a culinary activity for all 100%.

Specialization and destinations

To date, there are several types of work and specialties in the professional community of cooks: for example, a cook can work on the distribution line, specialize in Japanese cuisine or work as a cook-winner.

Consider the most popular classification of cook professional activities.

  • Chef. This specialist is the main in the kitchen, respectively, all other employees must perform its instructions. The chef is not only engaged in direct cooking, but also generates a menu, studies the client base, controls the work of the rest of the kitchen and performs a number of additional features, without the implementation of which is impossible to fully work the kitchen.
  • Confectioner. This specialist is engaged in the production of confectionery products and should deeply know all the features of such culinary activities.
  • Technologist. This worker organizes and controls the cooking process, compliance with technician and methods. In addition, it calculates the amount of products required for order.

At the same time, there are other, more narrowly specialized specialists, such as cooks who specialize in national cuisine.


In order to make a cook, you need to meet the professional requirements of the employer, as well as have good personal qualities.


The chef must have such characteristics:

  • stress tolerance+
  • The ability to work in stressful situations+
  • Flexibility of thinking+
  • energy+
  • Skill improvise+
  • tact+
  • leadership qualities and others.

Remember that you are not only a professional of your business, but also a team member.


Among the necessary professional skills are distinguished:

  • olfactory sensitivity+
  • Knowledge of cooking technology+
  • Ability to combine products and much more.

Official duties

Cook officials are written in detail in the instructions that the employer will provide you with the device for the position. Depending on the specific job of your work tasks may vary, however, almost any job description contains such items:

  • Safety knowledge+
  • Order and obtain the necessary dishes for the food menu+
  • Compliance with the cooking methodology+
  • cooking food+
  • Using the required kitchen equipment+
  • Control over sanitation and hygienic conditions.


Depending on the particular employment site, the employer may require from applicants a different degree of education, for example, higher education and university diploma or secondary vocational education and document from technical school or college. One way or another, but in order to take the post of cook in the institution, you need to meet the mandatory professional standard, and therefore – to have appropriate training.

It should also be noted that More employers pay attention to the educational institution you graduated. That’s why When admission, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice.

And it is also important to learn in advance what items and disciplines must be passed (for example, chemistry, mathematics and other), then start preparation for the exams.

average salary

Chef salary depends on a large number of factors. For example, Experience, professional skills and skills, region of residence, organization class (for example, a cook will receive much more in the restaurant than in the dining room), employer opportunities.

At the same time, if we give average statistics in our country, which can be concluded that the minimum cooks receive 20,000 rubles. At the same time, the maximum figure is not voiced and not published, as the famous cooks, known all over the world, can receive a material remuneration exceeding 100,000 rubles.

Where to work?

The career path of the professional chef can develop the most different ways, since The culinary specialist can choose any jobs and organizations for their activities:

  • canteen In kindergarten, school, college, institute, university or in any other educational institution+
  • a restaurant – It can be a small family-owned enterprise, a network organization or an exclusive luxury restaurant+
  • office – Very often large companies are equipped in the office for their employees some kind of dining room or buffet+
  • Cafe+
  • Bakery or bakery – Especially relevant data of the place of work for confectioners+
  • Fast Food – Most often, burgers, shawarma and other similar dishes are prepared here+
  • Media Platform – Publication of educational videos, writing books+
  • institutions of special education – Very often, cooks teach in culinary colleges.

At the same time, it is not necessary to engage in only one of the proposed activities – at the request of the cook can combine any interesting job for him.

Perspectives of career growth

A young cook without experience and the necessary qualifications, which has just left the walls of the educational institution, can count on the post of assistant chef in a good prestigious restaurant or to the post of cook in a small café or school dining room. Wherein As it is gaining the necessary experience and practical skills, its position may increase.

So, a cook who managed to become a professional is quickly moving through a career ladder if it is a hired employee: for example, he can become a restaurant chef. At the same time, quite often talented cooks prefer business activities and open their own restaurants. And also the cooks can engage in media activities: for example, to remove the transfer for television or write culinary books with copyright recipes.

It can be concluded that Professional chef can be quite diverse and interesting. At the same time, each specialist needs to rely on their professional skills and personal desires.

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