All about the profession Drilling driver

All about the profession Drilling driver

In the past few years, young people began to attract workers professions. Despite the fact that office positions are still leading in popularity, a large number of school graduates began to think about obtaining a working specialty. Today in our article we will talk about who such a drilling driver and what is his work.


Drilling driver – the employee, the responsibility of which includes the implementation of drilling processes. Most often, such activities are relevant when natural mineral deposits are found (for example, oil or gas) or even their intelligence. The driver is directly operating the drilling rig, and if necessary, repair and adjusting such complex equipment. Thus, it can be concluded that the work of a specialist is very complex and responsible. A person who occupies a similar position must have a large amount of specialized knowledge, skills and skills.

At the same time, it is worth noting the fact that, like any other profession, the position of a specialist responsible for managing the drilling rig is characterized not only by positive, but also negative features.

Before finally connect your life with this sphere, it is important to evaluate all the parameters.

The advantages of professional activity of the drilling rig machine can be attributed:

  • Prestige and status (in the territory of the Russian Federation, the work related to the extraction of oil and gas is considered respected)+
  • Real estate (a person with relevant qualifications will not be left without work, as today there are a large number of open vacancies)+
  • High wages (material remuneration for the work of the drilling rig driver provides a high standard of living)+
  • High probability of career growth and t. D.

However, in addition to the pros, in addition and cons. Among them, most often allocated:

  • The demand for specialists only in some regions of the country (accordingly, it will be necessary to move to work or operate the watched method that not for each person is acceptable)+
  • a high level of responsibility (even a small error of the employee can lead to serious negative consequences) and t. D.

How could you make sure the merits of the profession significantly outweigh the flaws. However, for some people, minuses are so significant that they refuse to work. One way or another, but it is important to carefully analyze all the details and nuances to take an objective and weighted decision, which you will not regret in the future.


The profession under consideration is entered into a single tariff qualification directory (or ETKS). Here in details are spelled out all its features and distinctive characteristics. So, according to this document, The specialist must implement their work activities in accordance with the official instruction in which all the responsibilities of the employee are described in detail:

  • Implementation of drilling work on a well-defined construction site+
  • Mining activity+
  • Selection and packaging necessary for a detailed study of samples (for example, soil or water samples)+
  • Transportation of essential elements+
  • Compliance with safety and t. D.

Thus, job description – This is the most important document. Each employer at the stage of interviews and interviews offers applicants to familiarize themselves with Him so that the applicant for a position can soberly assess their strength and understand whether it is compliance with the requirements. At the same time, the list of responsibilities given above is not closed. Each employer can complement and change it depending on the specifics of the specific enterprise. Accordingly, a high-class specialist should be able to quickly adapt and adapt.

It should be borne in mind that For the refusal to perform either for the poor performance of their official duties, the drilling rig may be responsible.

And since the profession is related to big risks and high levels of responsibility, then it can be not only for recovery or dismissal, but even about criminal prosecution.

Knowledge and skills

As mentioned above, the drilling system driver must perform a whole list of complex functions and tasks. To make it most correctly and efficiently, it must have specialized professional knowledge, skills and skills, among which you can allocate:

  • Knowledge of regulatory documents, laws and regulatory acts that regulate professional activities of a specialist+
  • knowledge of labor legislation+
  • Knowledge of sanitation and hygiene rules+
  • knowledge of the inner routine+
  • Knowledge of the device and technical features of the drilling rig where direct work is carried out+
  • Understanding the components of the drilling rigs and mast+
  • The ability to properly carry out the drilling procedure (with the selection and without cerne selection) in various environmental conditions+
  • Knowledge of the basics of cementing processes, silicate, tamponage, bituminization, well freezing+
  • The ability to carry out repair and commissioning work (regarding the equipment operated) and MN. Dr.

In addition, depending on the specifics of the specific enterprise, as well as the wishes of the employer Requirements for knowledge and skills may change. In any case, the specialist cannot be limited only to the basic list.

It is recommended to replenish your knowledge luggage on an ongoing basis, as well as master new skills in order to remain a relevant and demanded specialist in the labor market, as well as quickly advance through the career ladder.


In order to qualify for the post of drilling rig, you must pass appropriate training. Most often, employers take to work those candidates who have a diploma of secondary vocational education from college or technical school. At the same time, an important role is not only the presence of the diploma himself, but also the estimates in it. In some cases, employers can adopt specialists who have passed specialized courses.

Immediately it should be noted the fact that the learning process is quite complex and complex. So, the student will have to study:

  • Device and principles of drilling vehicles and concomitant equipment+
  • Rules and methods for implementing direct drilling procedures+
  • Geology+
  • Operating standards of drilling machines+
  • labor protection and mn. Dr.

In addition, in the process of obtaining education Special attention must be paid to internships and practices, which are an integral part of study. It is in the process of practical activity that students master the necessary skills that will be useful in further work, and also receive invaluable experience.

It is also worth noting that it should not be stopped on obtaining only basic education. Even after the employment It is recommended to regularly visit various specialized courses, seminars and lectures to stay up to date with the latest innovations in the industry. It is also important that, depending on the competence of a specialist, its discharge changes – the higher, the more complex and integrated duties and tasks enter the job description, respectively, the higher the material remuneration for the work of a specialist. So, the driver of the 3rd category during the performance of its operating functions uses in the drilling of installation of the 1st category, applies motobra and portable hand-held sets. At the same time, an employee with the highest – 6th – qualifications, controls the correctness of its duties by other employees and occupies a senior position.

Place of work

After studying the study, a young specialist can qualify for an assistant driver of a drilling rig. The fact is that at this stage a person has not yet has a proper amount of theoretical knowledge and skills to fully and qualifying the necessary work. After some time (depending on the trainee and the activity of the specialist), he can go to the post of driver and gradually (over time and with advanced training) increase its discharge.

As for the branches of human activity, most often such specialists are involved in such areas as:

  • Oil and gas+
  • Gold mining+
  • Geological industry+
  • Engineering and Exquisition and T. D.

Wherein Experts can work both in public institutions and in private organizations. Both options possess both advantages and disadvantages. For example, in the private sector, much higher than the material remuneration for work, but the state organizations offer a full social package.

Depending on your professional ambitions and desires, you can stay all my life for the office of the drilling rig, only increasing its discharge, or move through the career ladder. So, often such experts achieve the level of engineering and technical worker of the younger. At the same time, in obtaining higher education, further growth is possible.

As for the direct conditions of labor, then regardless of the specific place of work they are quite difficult. An increased level of noise can be distinguished, the presence of vibration, operation at height, emotional overload and T. D.

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