All about the profession driver conveyor

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All about the profession driver conveyor

Who is “just” the driver, know almost everything. But there are alternative versions of this work that are not related to rail transport. It’s time to learn everything about the profession of the pipeline driver – what it stands out, what duties imposes where to learn to such a position.


Starting the conversation about the profession of the driver of the conveyor, it is worth specifying – it works not only with the conveyor in the narrow sense of the word. This is a practically universal employee. You will also have to do:

  • Elevators+
  • Trolley overload+
  • Drive stations of conveyor systems+
  • Screech+
  • Native feeders.

Machinist of the conveyor – position, characteristic, rather, for mining, than for an industrial enterprise. Moreover, its role in mining is very large. The scope of this specialist is determined primarily by its discharge. The difference may also be associated with the type of conveyor systems.

It is also worth considering that sometimes such a professional still works in industry or other industries.


Find out what exactly the conveyor driver does, the easiest way is on ETKS. There is everything painted much more than in the same professandard. This employee will be busy:

  • Managing moving mechanisms+
  • work with screws, elevators, conveyors and their individual nodes+
  • Reversing and switching conveyor systems+
  • regulation of tape and tensioning its devices+
  • replacement of ribbons, rollers and other components as needed+
  • eliminate congestion in trays+
  • Restoring the performance of faulty techniques+
  • Cleaning conveyors and other related devices+
  • extension, carrying conveyors+
  • Control of the good condition of the conveyor equipment and mechanisms conjugate.

Even before the work, the driver of the conveyor is obliged to make sure that:

  • All necessary details are fixed+
  • Ribbon installed correct+
  • Details of the conveyor installations are not worn+
  • The speed of the tape corresponds to the needs of the production site+
  • Stretch drums, gearboxes, electric motors, oil pipelines work properly+
  • No leaks of lubricating oils+
  • Loading the conveyor line complies with the norm.


When teaching a conveyor driver Special attention is paid to the appointment and internal device of the devices, who have to be serviced, regulate and repair. Also necessary to learn all the nuances for determining permissible speeds and downloads. Additionally, attention to:

  • Sorting and calculation of transportable materials+
  • Production Equipment Location Schemes+
  • Causes, manifestations of faults and ways to eliminate them+
  • Conveyor speed control methods+
  • The order of maintenance of conveyor and conjugate equipment+
  • Varieties of conveyors+
  • types of abnormal situations and the correct reactions when they appear.

Higher education is not required for such a profession. It is enough even secondary special training. Moreover, there are a number of courses, where they may prepare an excellent driver of the conveyor in a short time. It is recommended to check whether the educational institution has state accreditation.

IMPORTANT: It is best to study in the regions where there is a developed mining industry.


    Of course, the cup of all Specialist works at a processing factory or on a mining and processing plant. On average, salary is 59,000 rubles in Russia. Scatter – from 41 to 204 thousand. There is no chance of employment in Moscow or almost no.

    No matter where the conveyor driver works specifically, its workplace must be equipped very carefully. It should store a shift reserve:

    • Materials+
    • spare parts+
    • Tools+
    • Lubricants+
    • Supplies+
    • Inventory for cleaning and improper property.

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