All about the profession, driver of compressor installations

All about the profession, driver of compressor installations

Drivers and teachers of schools, faghers and divers, terrors and border guards – such works are more or less understandable to most people. But there are areas of activity much more difficult for understanding, far from everyday practice and simple comprehension. Therefore, it is necessary to find out, for example, all about the profession Machinist compressor installations – Then the choice of this specialization will be quite conscious.


Giving the overall characteristic of the machine compressor installations, should immediately indicate that manipulations with various types of technological compressors do not necessarily imply a fixed workplace. After all, many compressors – a mobile type, that is, installed on vehicles, not at a construction site or an industrial enterprise. Anyway, The specialist is responsible for the entire work cycle of technology. After all, the slightest failure is that the technological operation is not fulfilled, and the company suffered serious material and reputational losses.

This profession, like any other, there are positive and negative sides. In our country, there are many technological compressors. And because The probability of staying without work is relatively small. Perspectives of career growth are also sufficiently impressive.

But it is necessary to understand that the machinist of the compressor is always a risk. And the level of responsibility is high enough, and in case of an error, shifting the blame for someone else will not work.


Characterize the duties of this professional is the most correct on the project. He will:

  • maintain the main components of the technological chain+
  • Serve connection nodes and oil distribution systems+
  • monitor the correctness of water spending, antifreeze and other technological fluids+
  • run and stop the aggregates by order of management or as needed+
  • Perform simple adjustment work on the edge+
  • serve separate technological compressors+
  • Adjust working modes of aggregates in production+
  • promptly switch low-voltage electrical installations in the installed modes+
  • Seek and eliminate simple malfunctions in the hardware used+
  • Maintain repair form.

The most qualified machinists of the compressor installations:

  • serve compressor stations in general, control panels+
  • are engaged in general workshop systems for compressed substances+
  • derive technological systems to repair+
  • Foreign compressors, their drives and devices+
  • Work with auxiliary equipment in the workshop+
  • Coordinate the operation of lower-class machinists.

It is worth noting a number of prohibitions that are machinists of compressor installations must perform strictly. So, they are allowed to work only in dense clothing, which does not flour and completely fastened. In rooms with compressor installations there should be no extraneous equipment and devices.

During the operation of compressors, it is necessary to closely monitor their work and for all sounds. Noticing the leakage of oil or water, the specialist should not only remove them, but also immediately reveal the cause of the leakage, and then eliminate it.

Knowledge and skills on categories

4 discharge compressor installation machines – This is a seriously serious specialist. He must know how compressors and their drives are arranged, how the entire system is controlled in general, which freelancers may arise in. We have to study the basic instruments of control and systems for the protection of technological equipment, personnel. It will be necessary to know the characteristic signs of the abnormal development of events and the ways to eliminate them. If the drive of the pumping system operates on an electric current, there is nothing to make a person in the workshop that does not have an electrical safety group III.

Higher requirements are presented, natural, to the 5th category machinists. Those already need to know not only the general device of entrusted technology, but also the schemes of control automation, the rules for its use. It will be necessary to study the general device and the main principles of the control and measuring equipment, sensors included in the control system. After all, all this will have to be repaired and compile special documentation so that later attracted professionals can figure out the situation. If the systems are electrified, you will have to receive an IV group of electrical tolerance.

But the most stringent requirements are waiting for claiming 6th category in profession. Such machineters of compressor installations necessarily know:

  • How gas is transported (technology base)+
  • Pipeline placement schemes in the workshop and enterprise as a whole+
  • Rules for using automatic control systems+
  • Technical conditions and practical rules for all types of repair and adjustment of industrial devices+
  • Main approaches to repair drives, shut-off valves+
  • Technological subtleties of the Gas Lump and Saykling Process.

It is also worth mentioning about such skills:

  • Readiness to lubricate compressor and associated equipment+
  • Tracking quality safety safety systems+
  • Timely detection of signs of a critical situation+
  • Knowledge of operating pressure, temperatures and other parameters on each level of the technological chain+
  • ability to detect overheating on time and eliminate it+
  • Marks of lubricants, their features and nuances of application.


In order to become a machinist of compressor installations, it is necessary to obtain secondary special education according to the appropriate profile. Such training lead in various educational institutions in our country. But first of all you can recommend:

  • Technological College of Moscow+
  • 33rd Moscow Food College+
  • Polytechnic Kazan College+
  • Construction and Energy Volga College+
  • Omsk meat and dairy industries+
  • Machine-building College Krasnodar+
  • industrial technical school Volgograd.

The same profession is trained in individual higher education institutions. So, such preparation is conducted at the Faculty of Medium Education Research Technology University in Kazan. And B Department of Medium Vocational Education of the Baltic University named after Kant. And still there:

  • Marine Technology College at Vladivostok University named after Admiral Nevelsky+
  • Polytechnic College at the University of Peter I in St. Petersburg+
  • St. Petersburg Fish College (this time – representation of the Kaliningrad Technical University)+
  • Multidisciplinary College with Tyumu.

If these educational institutions seem not enough, then you can still consider:

  • Ufa College of Sectoral Technologies+
  • Technical school Energy and communications in Volgograd+
  • Petrochemical College named after Lushnikov (Kazan)+
  • Talalichina educational complex (Moscow)+
  • Economic and Technological College (Ekaterinburg)+
  • Vladivostok Fish College at the Far Eastern Technical Fishery University.


Since the machinist of compressor installations works with complex technological equipment of high length (including air mains), it has to constantly move. When certification of the working platform, take into account:

  • Biological threat level+
  • Number of pathogenic microorganisms+
  • Concentration of hazardous organic substances+
  • air saturation dust and aerosols+
  • noise level+
  • Intensity of exposure to ultrasound and infrasound+
  • Total and local vibration+
  • Electromagnetic fields+
  • radiation without ionizing effect+
  • Ionizing radiation+
  • Temperature, pressure and humidity+
  • Road speed indoors+
  • Level of thermal radiation+
  • Light.

Sectoral norms prescribe compressor installations to wear overalls. It is obligatory even in cases where the certification of the workplace did not reveal any deviations from the established requirements. Safety Provisions are prescribed to prevent anyone younger than 18 years old. To protect against potentially dangerous factors use:

  • Noise absorption tools+
  • Dielectric gloves+
  • Dielectric shoes+
  • Overalls or cotton costumes+
  • Combined Mittens.

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