All about the profession driver PPD

All about the profession driver PPD

What is the essence of the work of the conductor, the milling driver or courier understands most people. But there are much more “mysterious” areas of activity that are very important. It becomes quite clear if you know All about the profession of driver PPD.


Conversation about who is such a machinist PPD, it is appropriate to start with decryption of this unattended reduction. It means Steam Mobile Deparaffinization Operator. It is worth noting that this is not about the paraffin, which is used for the production of candles. Special installation cleans oil and petroleum products from the so-called normal paraffin hydrocarbons.

The fact is that such components are freezing at a relatively low temperature, and do not allow the same fuel during the winter months + because it can be said that the driver of the PPA protects the calm of millions of drivers.


As with any other professions, it is most convenient to characterize duties, pushing out from ETKS. This specialist:

  • Prepares its mobile installation to work on the object+
  • Engaged in the dewaxing of oil wells and puffed lines themselves (in other words, fishing oil pipelines)+
  • Deparafinization of oil treatment plants, warms water water+
  • Pins the lines for which steam will be served or hot oil+
  • Sets and dismantle the necessary equipment+
  • Watches boilers and other heating devices+
  • Controls indicators that give the measuring systems+
  • conducts the necessary technical documentation.

For more complete characteristics of such work It is necessary to take into account and the requirements of the professandard. There are those Additional duties as:

  • External inspection PPD in order to evaluate its performance+
  • Bind of aggregates with oil and oil and gas wells, with other necessary components+
  • Output of installation for normal operating mode+
  • Auxiliary work on flushing and steam cleaning of pipes, technological machines and tanks+
  • Small operational repair that does not require dismantling or disassembling mechanisms+
  • keeping logging logs+
  • Chemical water purification.


With this, everything is simple:

  • Specialists 3 categories work under the direct constant leadership of more experienced employees+
  • independently serving self-propelled dewaxing installation with a working pressure up to 10 MPa inclusive should have 5 discharge+
  • To work with installations, where the pressure exceeds 10 MPa, only the machinists can be attracted 6 categories.


Not necessarily to enter technical schools or colleges to get the profession of a steam mobile dewaxing machine. You can go through the necessary preparation, for example, In the multidiscipline center “Phoenix”. There are waiting for all adult citizens of the Russian Federation who do not have health problems. Training is conducted both in full-time and remote mode. The center also suggests the service of advanced training of working machines.

The same itself Professional training lead in ANO “UMC DPO”. This organization immediately focuses on choosing a specific qualification level. Students can choose preparations for 3, 5 or 6 discharge. It is worth noting that over 40% of academic times is given under purely practical classes. Another profession can be obtained in:

  • SRO “StroyBusinessConsult”+
  • Training Center “Academy” (operating in more than 20 cities of Russia)+
  • Training center “Academician Plus” (valid in Tyumen and Volgograd)+
  • Center for Additional Education “Elda” (Samara).


PPT driver works not only On oil and oil and gas fields. In the extraction of natural gas Also without it. Especially since purifying paraffin accounts for not only the raw materials extracted from the depths, but also technological equipment, and product pipelines. Because sometimes you need to ride for considerable distances to perform the task clearly and on time. This work presents serious risks for people.

Dangers can be associated with:

  • Preheated by high pressure steam+
  • noise+
  • Vibration+
  • High humidity+
  • Pneumatic systems containing compressed air+
  • Temperature differences+
  • High probability injury.

Installation can approach to the mouth of wells a maximum of 25 m. At the same time, the distance to other equipment should not be less than 10 m. Strictly prohibited stopping and parking PPD under electric lines – not only power, but also used for lighting. All steam hardware and steam hoses before starting work are carefully checked, their joints are also checked.

If the equipment located at height is heated, stand under it or under hoses, pipelines are prohibited.

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