All about the profession driver roller

All about the profession driver roller

If you want to get a work specialty, then you should pay attention to the profession of the driver roller. In our article we will talk about the peculiarities of the professional activities of such a specialist, as well as what is included in his job duties.


Specialty Machine system Skating is very complex and responsible. At the same time, the peculiarities of his work directly depend on what type of equipment it is controlled (there are specialists in the management of a vibratory bar, soil, self-propelled roller, and so on). During the operation, the machinist roller not only exploits large equipment, but also performs its full service (including repair if necessary).

Due to the fact that the work of such a specialist is a complex and integrated, to a person who occupies a given position, increased demands on theoretical and practical competencies. Like any other profession, the work of the machine driver is characterized by positive and negative features. Benefits include:

  • High level of demand: having received this profession, you will not be left without work+
  • The possibility of career growth with advanced training and additional education+
  • High wage that will ensure a high standard of living.

At the same time, the main disadvantages of the profession are the high level of stress and great responsibility.

Responsibilities of a specialist

In the course of his professional activity, the machinist roller performs the following functions:

  • Rebupping the rink to the site of construction work+
  • Installation and disassembly of additional work equipment and equipment+
  • Sealing materials+
  • Cleaning machinery+
  • fulfillment of the guidelines of technical tasks and much more.

It should be borne in mind that, depending on the specific place of work, as well as the wishes and requirements of the employer, this list can change. You must be able to quickly adapt to new circumstances.

Knowledge and skills

As mentioned above, The engineer roller is a specialist, the official instruction of which provides for the implementation of a large number of responsibilities. In order for these duties to be fulfilled at the highest level, the professional should own a large amount of theoretical knowledge as well as specialized practical skills.

The machinist roller should be able to:

  • exercise training roller to relocation+
  • Install the necessary additional equipment on the rink or dismantle it as unnecessary+
  • Interact with other employees, for example, with aircraft operators or high-drivers+
  • Driving a roller in a variety of conditions, for example, during the day or night+
  • independently determine the optimal high-speed mode, as well as the required number of passes in the implementation of the coating base seal+
  • Monitor the indicators of various devices, such as the seal degree pointer or temperature pointer+
  • carry out prophylactic inspection of technology+
  • If necessary, carry out repair, commissioning and other works.

The machinist roller should know:

  • Requirements for labor protection regarding the safe fire and environmental condition of the workplace+
  • Design and technical features of a rink, which he controls+
  • Rules of operation of technology+
  • Existing speed, temperature and vibration modes+
  • Rules for adjusting all rink systems+
  • Methods for cleaning equipment+
  • Terminology in Road Construction+
  • Fundamentals of first aid.

Listed knowledge and skills are basic, but insufficient. In order to be a highly qualified specialist who is in demand in the modern labor market, You should have additional skills, as well as constantly increase your theoretical level. Such a position in relation to his profession will allocate you against the background of other applicants in the process of employment, and will also contribute to quick promotion by career ladder.


In order to become a professional skating machine, It is necessary to pass appropriate training. For a post, a diploma on average vocational education or a certificate about the passage of specialized courses will be enough. At the same time, it is necessary to give preference to this direction of preparation as “tractor driver”.

It should be borne in mind that the learning process is quite complicated, since students study a large number of complex narrow-profile disciplines, For example, the principles of the structure of the mechanisms, the methods of their functioning, specifications. It can be concluded that this profession is suitable for young people who possess an analytical mindset and have a tendency to accurate sciences (mathematics, physics).

Besides, You need to pass driver’s courses and get a Category B, C or D certificate. At the same time, the category of your document will depend on how the techniques will be able to entrust the employer. After the educational process is completed, the machinist rolled in obligatory manifests the final attestation final exam that accepts the ISTECTOR inspector.

After successful testing, a professional certificate is issued. If you want to advance through the career stairs, then You can continue the process of advanced training, For example, attend specialized courses, lectures or seminars, get an adjacent profession.


The machinist roller can work both in state-owned enterprises and in commercial institutions. And in the second case, the employee can count on increased wages. Machiners are often involved in the housing and communal sphere and at construction enterprises.

It is also possible to high-paying work by the Watch method in various remote areas.

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