All about the profession driver

All about the profession driver

Driver – This is an employee who is engaged in the management of all kinds of transport. Today in our article we will talk about the peculiarities of the profession, the advantages and minuses of the working activity of such a specialist.

Description of the profession

First of all, it should be noted that Operation to the engine will only suit representatives of the strong half of humanity. Due to the fact that the person who occupies this position fulfills the complex and responsible work, it is prohibited at the legislative level to involve women. Generally speaking, the driver is by definition A wide profile specialist, Since during the fulfillment of their professional duties, he must simultaneously exercise a number of scattered tasks.

It should also take into account the fact that the driver can control the most different transport (for example, locomotives with cars, motorwandms, other machines).

Pros and cons

In the past few years, the most popular began to use Workers professions. That is why an increasing number of young people turns their attention to the specialty of the driver. However, before making a final decision regarding its further career, it is important to assess all the existing advantages and disadvantages of the profession. The advantages of the driver work include the following characteristics.

  1. High payment of labor. If you turn to statistical data, we can conclude that the average wage level of the driver is quite high. This is explained by the complexity of the profession itself. Thus, in the event that you acquire an appropriate vocational education, you can provide a high standard of living for yourself and your family.
  2. Availability of social package. Machinists are people who are officially employed. Accordingly, they can count on a full-fledged social package, as well as on all sorts of privileges and benefits.
  3. Relevance in the labor market. If you analyze open vacancies of employment centers across the country, we can conclude that the machinists are pretty popular specialists. Having received professional training in this specialty, you can be sure of tomorrow.
  4. Early retirement. Due to the fact that the work of the driver is associated with a large responsibility, high risks and hazardous working conditions, the employer allows its employees to retire quite early.

Among the disadvantages of the driver, the following parameters can be distinguished.

  • High level of stress. High responsibility with which the work of the driver is connected, requires a stress resistance officer and high emotional stability.
  • Permanent business trips. The professional activity of the driver is associated with permanent disposals and business trips, in connection with which he spends a fairly small amount of time with his family and can miss various family celebrations.
  • Weekend work and holidays. Due to the abnormal working schedule and the replaceable nature of professional activities, the driver can be caused to work on a weekend or festive day.
  • Dangerous conditions of labor. The performance of the daily operating functions of the driver is associated with the effect on the human body of a large number of negative factors: electric fields, vibrations, accelerations and braking. All of these factors can have a detrimental effect on health, can be causes of many chronic diseases and ailments.

Only after a thorough assessment and analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of the profession, you can take an objective and weighted solution, which you will not regret in the future.


Depending on the nature of the driver, the professional may have one (or more) specialties. Consider the main of them:

  • Specialist of technological pumps+
  • Machinist mobile power plant+
  • Driver trainer+
  • Master of Railway-Building Machines+
  • Head of the logging station+
  • Passage+
  • Tourban equipment specialist+
  • Trevet machine+
  • Driver-driver underground self-propelled PSM+
  • Master manipulator+
  • Machinist of road installations+
  • Maker cutter+
  • Motorist Motovoz+
  • Specialist overhead+
  • Machinist of power unit+
  • Driver escalator+
  • Master of drilling oil and gas+
  • Specialist of washing aggregate+
  • Master of Avtovyshki+
  • Machinist of washing and gas turbine devices+
  • Specialist Enrichment and Briquetting+
  • Drobyl Dresina driver+
  • Master dump truck+
  • Specialist of fuel supplies+
  • PCS, ATP, PTE and T. D.

Thus, you can choose one or another specialization depending on your individual preferences.


During his work, the driver is obliged to perform a huge amount of tasks. In this case, all functions are regulated by such official documents as job description, professandard and ETKS. At the same time, depending on the discharge of a specialist and a particular place of work, the volume of what a specialist should know may vary. The standard functions of a specialist include:

  • Implementation of the management of various trains (and both cargo and passenger)+
  • Management of industrial and maneuver locomotives+
  • Control over the stability of all components of the trains+
  • Check the technical condition of the mechanisms+
  • Control over passenger and cargo safety+
  • Compliance with train tracking+
  • Monitoring of traffic lights and mn. Dr.

It should be borne in mind that for poor quality execution of your duties or for the refusal to execute the driver may be responsible (up to criminal). Thus, before appropriate to accept an employment proposal, you need to make sure that you are able to perform all the tasks that the employer prescribes you.


The work of a specialist can only be done by the person who received Appropriate education.

What exams need to pass?

In order to enroll on the driver, You need to pass the appropriate exams after the 9th grade (it may be such objects as history and mathematics). In addition, some educational institutions may require entrance examinations from applicants. Anyway, but after choosing a particular educational institution you need to visit the admission committee and learn all the details.

Where to study?

If you want to become a machinist, then you need to go through the appropriate training In secondary professional institution (for example, in college or technical school). You can enter the technical school after the 9th grade. It is recommended to choose Direction of training “Technical exploitation of rolling stock of railways”. It is recommended to give preference to prestigious educational institutions from the capital or major cities.

After graduation, you will have to pass a certification exam in order to become a qualified employee and be able to work on the appropriate position. It should be borne in mind that after receiving 3 years of education in an average professional institution should not be discontinued.

In order to remain a relevant and demanded employee in the labor market, it is recommended to constantly improve their qualifications by visiting various trainings and master classes.


Machinist is a specialist who gets pretty high salary. So, the average in Russia is about 40,000 rubles. It should be borne in mind that the level of material remuneration for labor depends on a number of characteristics:

  • region of accommodation (in major cities and capital, machinists get much more than in the province)+
  • Experience and level of education (these characteristics are directly proportional to the level of wages)+
  • Specific place of work (usually in private companies, employees get more than in state-owned enterprises) and t. D.

Thus, the machinist is a rather interesting and demanded profession in the modern labor market. However, before you decide to associate your fate with it, appreciate all possible risks, pros and cons.

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