All about the profession engineer-heat engineer

All about the profession engineer-heat engineer

Times when the only source of heating in the house was a furnace, a long time passed. Nowadays, a comfortable temperature for a person, the temperature in residential, office and industrial premises is ensured by the functioning of thermal stations and the coordinated work of specialists in the field of heat engineering led by an engineer. In our review, we will tell you in detail about this specialty, we will focus on the basic labor duties and requirements for candidates.


Heat engineer is indispensable when building buildings and structures of all types and destination. It is on this specialist who is responsible for ensuring the thermal and fuel supply of premises. From his competence, the comfort of stay in the building and safety of operated systems depends. Since the heat engineer provides the conditions necessary to maintain comfortable life, then the most serious requirements are presented to its professional qualities that automatically make this position inaccessible to many categories of people.

In some companies, it may additionally perform functions for the development of sewage systems, as well as air conditioning. Depending on where a heat supply specialist will be employed, It can engage in scientific and technological research and compilation of projects or directly by installation, commissioning, as well as operation and repair of engineering installations.

In most cases, the heat engineer engineer occupies a leading position and has a team from 2-3 to a dozen employees in his subordination – it depends on the size of the company in which it works.


In accordance with the ETKS establishing a specialty professandard, Official instructions engineer on heat engineering include the following work responsibilities:

  • Design of outdoor and internal sanitary systems+
  • Assembly, installation, maintenance and, if necessary, repair of existing thermal machines and thermal equipment+
  • Drawing up the technical task and plans for the repair of equipment, if necessary, the reconstruction of thermal systems in the enterprise+
  • The introduction of advanced technological solutions in terms of thermal equipment in production, as well as the calculation of their economic efficiency+
  • Maintaining equipment in good condition+
  • Control over the correct operation of thermal systems by employees of the enterprise+
  • Collection of data obtained from accounting devices, their systematization and analysis+
  • Implementation of research activities in the field of thermal power engineering and thermal processes.

Knowledge and skills

For heating engineer, the presence of the following knowledge and skills is fundamental:

  • skill work with software In order to design thermal systems and analyzing their effectiveness+
  • ability Develop a planning scheme of heating in the premises+
  • Ability to make up Functional schemes of equipment strapping+
  • Knowledge of existing standards in the field of safety of production processes+
  • knowledge of provisions, orders, as well as methodical recommendations controlling the heat and power sphere in production.

The work of the engineer engaged in heat energy, first of all, requires increased responsibility – all work, one way or another related to the introduction, commissioning and operation of thermal equipment, must be carried out exactly on time and in the highest quality. To fulfill your labor duties, Specialists should help such personal characteristics:

  • Pottleness+
  • active life position+
  • Performance and hard work+
  • Abilities for analytics+
  • Technical warehouse mind+
  • attention to details+
  • good memory.

In order to make the most effectively manage the team of heat engineers who obey the engineer, he must possess all the necessary qualities for the head, while it is important that he can work as part of the labor collective and independently. Physical endurance plays a fundamental role. The fact is that the maintenance of thermal systems, their installation requires a high effort from a heating engineer – for a weakened person it may be a significant problem.

Since the heat engineering equipment today is constantly improving, For engineers in this area, a fundamentally desire for constant self-education and professional self-education will become useful and interest in scientific achievements will become.

This specialist should know the advanced experience of Russian and foreign companies in the field of heat engineering and heat equipment. Only in this case he will be able to keep up with the times and at the same time remain a highly qualified specialist.


People with higher technical, top profile education on relevant qualifications related to energy and thermal equipment, the creation of engineering communications on construction and production facilities are taken to the position of the heat engineer. You can go through the necessary training in any technical universities of the country, as a rule, all of them have the Faculty of “Socenergy and Heat Engineering”. No less often than once every 5 years, heating engineer should undergo advanced training courses on which he is introduced to new technologies and current problems of production security in the introduction of thermal systems in buildings and structures.

Where to work?

Heat engineer is required on any industrial and construction sites, where it performs the tasks associated with the design, implementation, as well as the launch and operation of heat plants. In order for the specialist’s activities as efficient as possible, it gives him employees from a wide variety of areas – machinists, mechanics and electromontoes. The duties of the engineer include interaction with personnel and effective management of labor resources – this is important in cases where it comes to working with the main technological equipment.

The highest relevance specialty engineer-heat engineer has on such objects:

  • Private heat unit enterprises+
  • Drying and ventilation workshops in manufacturing firms+
  • Construction firms+
  • Municipal heat-power plants.

For highly qualified heat engineering specialists, working conditions are created, in accordance with which a separate workplace is provided. The amount of remuneration on average by country varies from 20 to 80 thousand rubles. The profession of heat engineer engineer has sufficiently good prospects due to the fact that every year in Russia is built or reconstructed a huge number of buildings, premises and structures. The work of heat engineering is pretty in demand in the modern labor market, most often a specialist with extensive experience and high qualification discharge has a high salary.

At the same time, the employee may consist in the state of the enterprise as a separate job unit, and can earn and independently engage in private orders.

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