All about the profession engineer-surprise

All about the profession engineer-surprise

People with an analytical mindset and interest in technology are oriented towards various engineering professions. To date, in the labor market, as well as among employers, such highly qualified specialists are used by special demands as engineers – estimates. Today in our material we will analyze the peculiarities of this profession, and also talk about the duties of a specialist.


Exercise engineer carries out his professional activities Strictly in accordance with a special document called Prof. In addition, the features and distinctive features of this profession are written in detail in a single qualifying and tariff directory (ECTC) and the all-Russian classifier of professions of workers, employees and tariff divisions (OKPDTR).

This specialist has A wide range of knowledge in several areas of human life, Namely – in the construction and economic spheres. The leading specialists of the companies are familiar with the concept of “pricing”, they can organize trade auction, and also make up and analyze the relevant technical and financial documentation.

Accordingly, it can be concluded that people who occupy a similar position must comply with increased requirements.


All the responsibilities that are attributed to the exercise engineer as an integral part of its working activity, are written in detail in a special document – job description. Consider them in more detail:

  • is engaged in the preparation of all necessary documents that relate to construction work+
  • Develops methods and ways to improve the work of work+
  • Controls the correctness of filling and compliance with all the necessary primary documentation requirements+
  • Conducts economic and financial calculations+
  • analyzes contracts and contracts+
  • Is training a set of documents to participate in various tenders and competitions+
  • Checks the correctness of the implementation of economic calculations+
  • justifies the estimates of construction and installation work+
  • On an ongoing basis, cooperates with employees of the company from other departments and units+
  • Monitoring market+
  • leads archive+
  • Participates in business negotiations with customers and suppliers.

Thus, The job description is a document that needs to be familiar with before you formally accept the offer. In addition, the list of duties may vary depending on the specific company. It is important for you to evaluate all the requirements as well as your abilities.

Only in case of full compliance, you can effectively perform your work.

Knowledge and skills

Most employers highlight clear requirements regarding knowledge engineer skills and skills. Let’s talk more about what a specialist should know and be able to know

  • know all regulatory acts, laws and regulations, as well as professandards, decrees and t. D., concerning labor engineer-estrus+
  • be able to work properly with design documentation+
  • Be able to form estimates+
  • Know the principles and methods of tenders and competitions+
  • Know the rules of security+
  • Understand the principles of price formation at all stages of construction work+
  • be able to make up and use primary financial documentation+
  • Know the optimal ways of reporting and their verification+
  • be able to work on a computer and use specific programs+
  • know and be able to apply international experience in practice+
  • know the economic foundations of construction activities and t. D.

If during the work you need any additional skills or knowledge, then The employer will definitely indicate the relevant information in the description of the vacancy or clarify on a personal interview. In addition, you should be prepared for the fact that the employer can put forward demands not only to professional, but also to the personal characteristics of the applicant.

So, such qualities are often needed: responsibility and discipline, attentiveness and punctuality, stress resistance and ability to make decisions, communicability and skill to work in a team.


In order to take the post of engineer-estrus, you need to go through the appropriate training. However, this often arises certain difficulties. The fact is that today the highest and secondary vocational schools do not teach these specialists, respectively, you will have to get not only basic education, but also go back to retraining.

So, if we talk about the first basic education, then Employers choose those applicants who have a diploma from a technical university or a scene. For example, the areas of training “Industrial and Civil Engineering” or “City Construction and Economy” are popular. Holders of such a diploma must undergo study on any economic or financial direction, for example, “pricing and estimated rationing in construction”.

Besides, It is important to know the entire regulatory framework that concerns the work of an intertar engineer. To do this, you can go through training, visit the conference or master class. Thus, very high demands on educational levels and intellectual abilities are put forward to engineers-mercenaries. At the same time, many employers check not only the formal availability of diplomas, but also actual knowledge. To do this, you can be offered standardized tests or personal interviews and interviews.

However, even after you have passed all the stages and got the desired post, your learning process does not end. The leaders of large companies are mandatory and on a regular basis, send engineers – estimates for advanced training courses. Only constantly forcing and learning, the specialist may remain in demand and relevant professional in the labor market.

Place of work

Specialist in design and estimate work is always in demand in the labor market. Most often, exerticator engineers work in the specialized departments of construction organizations, as well as at maintenance points (PTO). The survey engineer can be both a staff member of the company and work on a contractual basis (T. E. provide a certain amount of services on request), organize our own companies and firms.

One way or another, it is important to note that the salary of this specialist is very high – financial remuneration for labor fully justifies increased requirements. It is in connection with this profession very popular among young people. Besides, Specialists of the industry celebrate that the position of the Entrichk engineer is very interesting to work.

Even though, in nature, the profession is technical, in the course of their professional duties, a specialist constantly uses creative and creative opportunities.

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