All about the profession Engineer-technologist

All about the profession Engineer-technologist

Each production cycle consists of a complex of related technological processes that are divided into basic, as well as providing and developing. The key position in this chain is a technologist, which is the main link responsible for the development and implementation of a new product. This specialist plays a huge role in any company, Therefore, a person who has the necessary knowledge and skills will never remain without work and a worthy level of payment.

Let us dwell in more detail on the description of the project engineer and requirements for applicants for this position.


Translated from the Latin “engineer” means “the discoverer” – that is, a person responsible for the introduction of options for improving this or that sphere of life. In other words, this is a person who makes the invention. Engineer-technologist – an engineer who is responsible for the effective organization of the technological and production process. As part of this specialty, 3 main directions are distinguished:

  • Inventive and scientific and practical activities+
  • Design work+
  • Implementation of scientific and technological progress in production.

The main goal, which is placed in front of the employee in the position of a technologist and designer, is reduced to the implementation of the competent choice of rational production methods.

Like any other profession, the work of the technologist has its pros and cons. So, engineering technologies have such weighty positive characteristics:

  • Restability profession+
  • The possibility of choosing proposals in the labor market+
  • high level of salary in the presence of appropriate competencies+
  • possibility of career growth+
  • Weak competition.

At the same time, and their negative sides are available to them:

  • Increased responsibility+
  • High risk of injury during professional duties+
  • Contact with harmful production factors.

The status of a technologist assumes the existence of fundamental knowledge in all areas and directions of the production process, as well as related disciplines.

This person must be engaged in continuous self-development, it should be distinguished by initiative, active life position and the desire to continuously improve its skills, knowledge and competencies.


In accordance with the professor specified in the project, The official instruction of the employee at the position of engineer-technologist includes the following tasks.

  • Drawing up and implementing a set of measures aimed at Growing the competitiveness of goods manufactured, Reducing material expenses and labor costs at all stages of the production cycle.
  • Creation and implementation of highly efficient technological processes, Modern equipment, methods and solutions in terms of automation and mechanization.
  • Adjustment working regimes of production cycles.
  • Rationing of all processes In production.
  • Calculation of economic efficiency Production cycle.
  • Spending planning essential materials, fuel, as well as tools.
  • Drawing up equipment accommodation schemes in industrial workshops, Providing jobs, monitoring equipment load and planning the use of production capacity.
  • Determination of the sequence of maintenance, Development of the relevant product release route.
  • Formation of technical design on snap, fixtures, as well as tools.
  • Implementation of standards build structures used technologies, route cards, as well as other documents, one way or another related to the release of goods.
  • Making adjustments in technical documentation of production if necessary.
  • Participation in research and experienced Exquisites.
  • Coordination of documentation with adjacent divisions of the company.
  • Exercise Experimental studies on the introduction of advanced technologies.
  • Performing Functions by Registration of applications for patents and prototypes.
  • Development of a system of events aimed at Improving labor productivity, The introduction of advanced domestic and foreign experience in production.
  • Formation of a complex of work aimed at a more practical and efficient development of existing production capacity and improving the technologies used.
  • Active Participation B Compilation of management programs Production equipment.
  • Study The main reasons for the emergence of marriage and poor quality of the product. Operational development of measures to further eliminate and prevent.
  • The control Ability to fulfill the requirements of production and labor discipline and the correctness of the use of equipment.
  • Consideration of introduced rationalization proposals In order to improve the existing production technologies, making an expert assessment of the feasibility or inappropriateness of their implementation.

Knowledge and skills

The competent engineer technologist must be perfectly known:

  • Features of the technology of manufacturing the main product of the manufacturing enterprise+
  • The accurate composition of the used raw materials and finished product, structural features of products+
  • Main ways and design options for existing technical and technological processes+
  • Laws, decisions, orders, as well as some other regulatory and methodological documents regarding production processes+
  • Design and composition of equipment, requirements for its maintenance, basic mechanisms of their operation and permissible operating modes+
  • Technical and Technological Standard+
  • Basic standards for the quality of the used raw materials and manufactured goods+
  • Installed GOSTS, Standards and Norms+
  • Economic indicators of production technology+
  • Permissible marriage indicators, methods of its warnings and methods of elimination+
  • Principles of labor organization in production+
  • Basic means of working communication and features of the use of IT in the production sector+
  • Approved requirements for the design of technological and reporting documents+
  • The main postulates of the economy and ergonomics+
  • Knowledge of the TC RF+
  • Existing norms of TB and industrial sanitation, as well as the rules of fire protection and legislation in the field of labor protection+
  • Rules for business communication with subordinates, colleagues and partners+
  • Knowledge of computer programs.

Engineer-technologist is a highly qualified worker, he must clearly understand the intricacies of the production cycle.

This specialist is responsible for the quality of products, the continuity of technological processes and their speed.

That is why, in addition to deep technical knowledge, This employee must have good managerial skills, since it is from the organization of the effective work of the entire labor collective the most directly depends the effectiveness of all production in general.

The position of engineer-technologist involves not just a set of narrow-professional specialized skills and skills, but also a certain list of personal qualities. In submission of this employee, there are at least a dozen workers, therefore his ability to build communication and efficiently dispose of labor resources depends largely by the efficiency of production in general.

An important personal qualities for the candidate for the post of engineer technologist are considered:

  • Organizational abilities+
  • High level of self-discipline+
  • attention to details+
  • Scrupulousness when working with schemes and drawings+
  • Streetness+
  • Self-organizing+
  • perseverance, perseverance and purposefulness+
  • Analytical and abstract thinking+
  • High traumatic speed+
  • The desire for the relentless improvement of their skills and knowledge+
  • ability to memorize a large data array+
  • Balance and restraint+
  • Communicability+
  • Goodworking+
  • punctuality.

In general, this list may vary, it largely depends on the industry of the company in which the technologist will work. As a rule, each leader places its requirements for personal qualities of an employee.


Under the general concept, a technologist is hidden a number of specializations, they depend on the peculiarities of the production and technical focus of a company. Despite the existing varieties of this profession, in any case, in order to take the position of the senior technologist, the highest technical or secondary education on the technical profile should be obtained. Medium-Special education is usually received at the end of the 9th grades in the school, student in the School / Technical School 3-4 years. In order to become the holders of the “tower”, 11 school classes should be completed, and then 4 years will adhere to the undergraduate and for another 2 years in the Master.

The passing score at the specified areas may vary depending on the region of finding an educational institution, as well as its prestige level. Training can be free or carried out on a commercial basis, the cost in Russia is 20-110 thousand. rub. in year. For admission you need to pass such objects as Mathematics, physics and informatics.

Preference is given to graduates of day training programs, absentee education is allowed only if there are extensive experience in the selected specialty.

In our country there are about 110 universities and over 200 educational specializations that allow graduates of the educational institution to apply for the post of engineer-technologist.

average salary

The level of salary of the technologist largely depends on the particular enterprise, on which it works, as well as the region. If we take generalized indicators on the basis of data sent by the exchanges of labor, on average, by the Russian Federation, payment of engineer-technologist is:

  • Minimum wages – 25 thousand. rub.+
  • Average remuneration – 50 thousand. rub.+
  • The greatest level of payment is up to 450-550 thousand. rub.

This indicator is average, it may vary depending on the nature of the position.

So, average salary indicators for positions:

  • Main technologist – amount to 66-70 thousand. rub.+
  • Lead Engineer Technologist or the head of the technical and technological department receives about 55-60 thousand. rub.+
  • Oblast Engineer earns 40 thousand. rub.

If we talk about the average salary by regions of the Russian Federation, the picture with an average salary will look like this:

  • Moscow – 75 thousand. rub.+
  • Vladivostok – 60 thousand. rub.+
  • Ekaterinburg – 48-50 thousand. rub.+
  • Rostov-on-Don – 40 thousand. rub.+
  • Kazan – 40 thousand. rub.

Where to work?

The list of production areas that require compulsory presence in the state of the technologist, rather impressive. Depending on the selected specialization at the preparation stage, the employee with the necessary set of competencies and skills can be involved in the following industries.

  • Food – Confectionery and bakery industry, production of dairy and lactic acid products, meat processing enterprises, catering system.
  • Light – Fur, sewing, as well as textile production.
  • Chemical – Cosmetics workshops, cosmetics, as well as building materials, concrete and t. D.
  • Mechanical engineering and instrument making – electroplating shops, locomotive farms, CNC, the manufacture of welding equipment, plants of energy, oil and gas production and petrochemistry, as well as plants and factories in the process of maintenance service segment.
  • Metallurgy and metalworking – production of steel and alloys, heat treatment of ore, coke-gas factories, mining and processing companies.
  • Oil refinery – Production on the extraction and processing of oil, manufacturing of fuel and supplies, drilling solutions, the manufacture of petrochemical products, enterprises to provide oil and gas.
  • Information Technology.
  • Printing industry.


A person who has a higher profile technical education is prescribed to the position of engineer-technologist without specifying some difficulty experience, or a person with secondary special education, whose work experience at the position of technology-technologist is at least 3 years. Thus, a person without work experience can qualify for career growth in the following scheme.

  • Specialist III category – an employee who has a higher technical education, as well as a small experience gained during training, or having experience in engineering positions without any qualification.
  • Specialist II category – an employee who has a higher education, and in addition, experience in the position of engineer-technologist III category or snow technical positions for a period of at least 3 years.
  • Specialist I category – an engineer having a higher education, as well as the experience of the engineer-technologist II category at least 3 years.

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