All about the profession Engineer-welder

All about the profession Engineer-welder

Knowing everything about the profession of the welder engineer, it will be possible to make the right choice very easy. After all, it will be completely clear that this is for the scope of activity and how it is to do. Equally important, however, know where to get professional training, what are the prospects for employment.


Engineer-welder is a largely unique profession. She is at the junction of theory and practice. Specialists need to know thoroughly both of these components in order to avoid serious mistakes. The welding engineer leads its work at the intersection of such disciplines as:

  • electronics+
  • Metallurgical industry+
  • Metal studies+
  • General Materials Science+
  • strength of materials+
  • Automation of industrial production+
  • Physics of solid.

An international welding engineer deserves separate attention. This work is even more complicated than the usual activity, which is engaged in the leading engineer for welding work in industry. World accreditation authority assigns international engineers to welding Specialization IWE. Usually such status can get students of higher educational institutions that have at least the level of bachelor. But all this is solved individually.

Attention is drawn not only for formal qualifications, but also on direct engineering experience. It is worth considering that welding engineers are extremely rarely taped by the device and electrodes. They personally do the most responsible or very many work requirements. In ordinary situations, the attention of the welding engineer focuses on such moments as:

  • General management welding+
  • Compliance with technological norms+
  • Performance of safety standards+
  • Development of new technological processes+
  • Implementing previously not practicing processing techniques.

The welder engineer for obvious reasons should very clearly imagine all the properties of metals and alloys. And he also needs to be equally clearly understood the basic rules for the implementation of welding. We will have to understand how to organize the workflow at the welders, how to equip their jobs.

Preferably at least in general terms represent the main organization of work and in other areas of production. Then the welder engineer will fully understand what he should expect from “Saillers”, to which they themselves have the right to count on.


The fact that specifically the welder engineer does in the enterprise is prescribed in his personal job description instruction. But in most cases there they write about the following:

  • Development of new methods and approaches in the work+
  • Preparation of production sites+
  • Tracking the implementation of the main technological standards+
  • Checking for safety safety (not only when welding in a narrow sense, but also when using other equipment on the site, in the workshop)+
  • Ensuring rational, leaning use of consumables and main equipment+
  • Search for any way to improve work, improve efficiency+
  • Daily management of the team of welders and other subordinate specialists+
  • Setup, debugging newly acquired or repaired equipment.

Important! In the official instructions, they always write, who specifically submits the welding engineer in the organization. There also indicate the requirements for education and experience.

The circle of necessary knowledge includes the following:

  • Regulations on the organization of labor+
  • Regulatory acts in the professional field+
  • Theory of strength+
  • Basic bases of electrical engineering+
  • Types of welding+
  • Types of practiced compounds and their designation in working documentation+
  • Quality control methods+
  • Types of welding marriage and ways to fight it+
  • Technical Regulations, State and Sectoral Standards+
  • Requirements of the Gosgortkhnadzor of the Russian Federation.


Vocational training for the welder engineer in our country are held on specialization “Mechanical Engineering”. In the list of codes of training specialties – 15.03.01. IMPORTANT: First of all, it is worth studying where this general specialization is specified. Most often, the wording is such – “Mechanical Engineering. Equipment and welding technology ».

Regardless of the educational institution and the name of the course, you will need to take exams on such subjects as:

  • mathematics+
  • physics+
  • Russian language+
  • computer science.

More precisely, native language and mathematics give everything, but the choice of physics or computer science on the introductory test is determined by the Administration of the Educational Institution. Full-time learning lasts 4 years. All other forms of education for such a specialty will require 5 years. In the Russian capital, the best engineers in the welding case are prepared in the MMTU named after Bauman, as well as in the Gubkin Oil University. But one can also come to the National Research University “MEI”.

Another similar direction of preparation is in such universities as:

  • SPbSU+
  • Magnitogorsk Technical University+
  • Volgograd GTU+
  • Federal North-East University+
  • Federal Far Eastern University+
  • State University Kurgan+
  • Izhevsk Technical University+
  • Nizhny Novgorod Technical University+
  • Yaroslavl Technical University.

Where to work?

Engineers in the field of welding production can be used by their forces Practically in any industry industry. Such specialists have the right to count on employment in construction companies or research organizations of the relevant industries. Work as an engineer-welder is possible in any region of Russia. In the presence of the necessary preparation, it will also be difficult to work and abroad. Accurately characterize the income of such a specialist is very difficult.

Salary, albeit higher than in working professions, but clearly depends on both the level of qualifications and a particular enterprise. It is expected that the highest income is waiting for those who improve their skills and expands the versatility of skills. On average, in Russia, the welder engineer can count on salary from 30 to 45 thousand rubles. In the metropolitan region, the bet hesitate from 80 to 120 thousand.

But, of course, only competent specialists with experience can count on the upper bar.

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