All about the profession finishing

All about the profession finishing

Probably there is no such person who at least once in his life did not resort to the services of repair masters. That is why the relevance of this profession in Russia is consistently increasing. Of course, with the arrangement of the residential premises, you can always try to save and make repairs with your own hands or invite self-taught, promising to fulfill the entire front of work for the scale price. However, as practice shows, such decisions are rarely successful, and the quality of the work performed is quite low.

In our review we will focus more in more detail on the description of the profession of the finishing, its functional duties, as well as talk about the skills that this worker should have.


The finishing is a master who performs the design of the premises of a variety of engineering structures, giving them aesthetic and perfect view. This master must have strong knowledge of all existing technologies and ways to finish the premises.

If we consider the specialization of the master of facing work from a historical position, then we can say that This profession has appeared relatively recently. However, this does not mean that in previous times, people did not add their homes. Of course, and a few centuries ago, every homeowner sought to bring comfort and style to his home, but ordinary people have increasingly fulfilled these works on their own. And if you look at the architectural monuments, palaces and estates since the old epochs, we can conclude that Velmazby and noble people, beyond any doubt, used the services of professionals when performing finishing their homes.

Nowadays, high-quality decoration of apartments and houses is available not only to wealthy homeowners, but also a person with an average. Despite this, many to this day are trying to save their funds and fulfill work on their own.

In most cases, the absence of the necessary skills and skills is sooner or later leads to the fact that they still have to hire professional finishing and trust them again repair or fulfilling particularly complex works.

Like any other profession, finishing activities have their advantages and disadvantages. Repair masters today widely demanded in the market of general construction services, Therefore, people who mastered this specialty can easily provide themselves with regular orders. This is especially true in the conditions of an increased unemployment in the country. Even inexperienceful novice finishes, who have some skills and responsibly make their work, will never sit without employment.

Among the advantages should be noted Decent level of payment, Although the final price of the service directly depends on factors such as the volume and complexity of work produced, as well as on their own value policy of the specialist. In addition, the level of payment of the wizard for repair differs significantly depending on the regions. So, in Moscow, the average salary of this specialist is about 60-100 thousand. rubles per month. A large bonus for non-resident masters is the solution of housing problems: the majority of major firms for the time of fulfillment of all obligations provide their employees a residential premises, thereby contributing to saving for rent. Finishers working individually will probably have I like the possibility of planning your work schedule yourself and establish rates on their services.

The possibility of working on itself is one of the reasons why many make a decision to become a finishing. Indeed, the wagon master does not necessarily work on some kind of company, because it may well look for his customers independently. This is especially convenient if the work is perceived not as a permanent, but acts as a part-time job in the high employment time.

For example, a finger can take orders on a day off and have a good additional earnings.

It is important that the ability to fulfill the finishing of the premises will be useful to every person in everyday life, because at any time it can make repairs in his apartment or help with this loved ones. To become a professional decorator, optionally to receive higher education. It is enough to learn in the profile college or even pass special courses. Although many experienced masters have no special education at all, but they receive all their knowledge and skills for many years of practice.

Despite such an impressive list of profession advantages, Many premises masts are often faced with factors that most negatively affect the general perception of this profession. Thus, the activities of the repair masters are related to work in polluted premises, Therefore, the work of the finishing is accompanied by constant dust in the workplace. It is not only unpleasant, but also can harm health. That is why such a job is contraindicated to people who have problems with the respiratory system or are prone to allergies.

Among the minuses can be noted and Increased physical load. Masters most often do their job standing either in a bent position. In addition, they are constantly carrying and lifting gravity, which can also entail health problems. The work of the finish is usually, Wears seasonal nature. This means that in winter, orders will be less, respectively, the level of income will also decrease.


To date, the finishing profession is divided into several narrower specializations, while the experienced master must be owned at least part of them.

So, the narrow-profile refers to the following areas of work in construction:

  • Plasterers: Watching any surfaces in homes+
  • Puckuckle: prepares plastered horizontal and vertical surfaces (ceilings and walls) for further decoration+
  • Prayer: takes on decorative painting and sticking wallpaper, as well as the application of any other decor on the walls+
  • Plasterboard: Capably literally in front of transforming the room, change its layout and design by installing plasterboard partitions+
  • Tiler: This person is indispensable when repairing kitchens and bathrooms, as it has the skills of tiled facing.

To the finishers can also include a carpenter, installer, a builder, a specialist in the finishing of facades, a decorator of art products and an arrangement of the bribe. Wizards for finishing works can have a wide range of responsibilities. It depends a lot here on whether the office works in a construction company or is part of a small brigade, where it acts as a pro.

If the repairman is “at the helm” of the entire finishing process, he doesn’t just work together with all other specialists, but also carries out control over the activities of other employees. In addition, it is he who is responsible for the consumption of materials.

In accordance with the ECTC, the execution of the following work is included in the official instruction of the universal finishing:

  • dismantling and installation of windows, as well as doors, gender, tiles and other elements+
  • Replacing electrical wiring+
  • Performance of sanitary work+
  • Survection of the surface, alignment and priming+
  • Painting either shook wallpaper carried out on surfaces of different types+
  • soundproofing.

When implementing any type of work, the finish must accurately comply with all the requirements of the customer for the project.

Draw attention to the fact that this list is not complete and exhaustive, since different firms can make additional requirements for their employees.

Knowledge and skills

Good finishing must equally perform qualitatively painting, facing and plastering, as well as Put skills Treatments of wooden surfaces, laying of linoleum and carpet coatings. Even this specialist requires at least the initial skills of the electrician and plumbing. In any of these areas there are a large number of all sorts of subtleties and nuances that the departmental master is obliged to consider when performing the inner cladding.

In addition to high quality work, this specialist must perfectly own special building instruments. Thus, it can be said that the finishing company as a whole is a certain universal master, which, during the execution of work on the decoration of residential premises, should use all his skills and be able to apply the skills from a wide range of areas.

The applicant to the position of the finishing should have a good health and being physically developed. This person also requires acute vision and accurate color perception. Another fingerman must Have information about all the materials with which he will face during the fulfillment of his employment duties, as well as to know the requirements for them, namely:

  • Operating Rules+
  • Technology of preparation of work surfaces, solutions and mixtures+
  • Selection of the right ring and shade+
  • laying standards and many other points


To get the profession of the finishing, quite It is enough to complete the construction college, the technical school or in practice learn to perform a complex of basic works. At the same time, the finishers have to tirelessly monitor the main trends in the construction market, as well as new trends in the design of the premises. Construction segment is constantly updated with new finishing materials. To implement high-quality works, a specialist must be perfectly known by their technical and operational properties and main characteristics.

BUT Some masters, ending the technical school or construction college, begin professional activities as a worker and in parallel enter universities, where receive one of the engineering or architectural specialties.

After receiving a diploma, such employees have the right to qualify for good promotion through the career ladder and farewell to “dirty” work.

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