All about the profession is a provisional technologist

All about the profession is a provisional technologist

Who is a technologist, and who is a provision – know more or less all people. But any specialization is a lot of secrets that must be taken into account. It’s time to find out All about the profession of pharmacist technologist, to understand what he does, what skills should have, and how the workplace of this specialist is arranged.


It is not difficult to understand that Work with a provisional technologist refers to pharmaceutical and medical industry. Requirements for such specialists are approved by the order of the Ministry of Health. They can work both in pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmacies that are licensed on self-making drugs. The right to occupy post is confirmed by a certificate of a certain sample. Provisor-technologist – This is a real wagon, which has a much wider range of knowledge and skills than the usual provision.

Since pharmaceutical production makes inevitable contact with various substances (among which there are toxic, bad smelling, painting, evaporating), very An important requirement is the absence of allergic reactions. In industrial pharmacies, several provisions of technologists can work at once. Usually, in this case, they have a narrower specialization. Sometimes one specialist entrusts the control of other employees.

Working manipulations of the provincial technologist reflects in special Journals. They must comply with standard operating procedures fixed for each pharmacy. Such experts regularly pass Medoshotry. Every year they need to receive certificates about psychiatric and narcological examination.

You will also have to receive a sanitary book of the established sample.


The federal professor of the provisos-technologist prescribes these professionals to study:

  • Organization of drug treatment+
  • Providing ordinary citizens and various organizations safe, fully acting drugs, other goods+
  • receiving control of medicines and other pharmacy products+
  • correct storage of entrusted property+
  • Informing ordinary citizens, staff of medical institutions about the properties of goods sold+
  • Manufacturing medicines+
  • Pharmaceutical examination of recipes and other pharmacy documents+
  • Assessment of the characteristics of drugs+
  • verification of the appropriateness and safety of drug use+
  • Registration of recipes and vacation drugs in the prescribed order.

A number of other duties are also prescribed a number of other duties. So, it must control the correspondence of drug name recipes or requirements. It depends on the accounting of compliance of drugs with sexual agents of patients. The technologist is responsible for the safety of packaging, compliance with the expirational time, for the accuracy of the labeling. It is engaged in pre-sale preparation and calculation of the entire installed range.

It is also worth mentioning:

  • Investigation of demand and actual need+
  • Processing applications from organizations+
  • Ordered vacation of goods in a pharmacy medical organizations.

Knowledge and skills

Peculosor technologist:

  • knows the regulations and applies them+
  • knows how to take the taxivation of recipes and requirements+
  • Ready to keep the right record of all property+
  • Owns the rules for drawing up pharmacy documents+
  • able to analyze the results achieved+
  • knows how to determine the errors that have appeared, eliminate them and cope with the causes+
  • know how to make clear work plans+
  • effectively distributes his own time+
  • Owns computer systems used in pharmacies, other information technologies+
  • owns a relevant assortment of drugs, their pharmacological classification+
  • Knowing the features of the use of various groups of medicines and the most undercut drugs, contraindications, side effects, active substances, analogs and antagonists+
  • applies in its work the norm of labor protection+
  • Owns fire safety skills, rules of action with a critical situation+
  • knows the basic requirements of pharmacological marketing.


TECHNOLOGE-TECHNOLOGOV CREASED NOT ONLY GUARD, BUT NON-STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. Example is Medical University “Reabiis” (Samara). Of course, the corresponding specialization is in Moscow State University, and in the First Medical University named after Sechenov. Not bad option Also – admission to Rhine named Pirogov.

Outside the capital deserve attention:

  • Two+
  • Urgmu+
  • Volga Federal University+
  • Samara Medical University+
  • Tyumen and Novosibirsk Medical Universities+
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical University of St. Petersburg+
  • Omgma.


A provisional technologist usually works or in a defective room (at a large enterprise), or In the material room (if he is a pharmacy employee). In the rooms allocate sectors for destination. In one sector, they store the main components, they are mixed in the other, in the third wash and clean the dishes. Separate zone are discharged to accommodate the desired equipment.

Be sure to be in the room:

  • Tables with advanced boxes+
  • Cabinets with swivel sections+
  • Chairs of lifting-turning type with a variable height of the back+
  • Failed safe+
  • Pharmacological refrigerator for unstable medicines+
  • Office equipment+
  • Tools of pharmacological mechanization+
  • List of prices+
  • Certificates for medicines (their solubility, extreme doses, compatibility)+
  • Other editions necessary for the work and informational materials+
  • Communication systems with other employees.

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