All about the profession Laboratory Ecologist

All about the profession Laboratory Ecologist

The environmental state is constantly changing under the influence of various technogenic and natural cataclysms. The pollution of the planet has become a global problem, which is why in our days a profession is in demand, one way or another related to product development, safe for nature. In order to understand how the product affects the environment, certain research must be carried out. This is engaged Laboratory Ecologist, Whose activity we will consider today.


All over the world, laboratories conducting different tests and determining the ecological suitability of products. In them ILaboratory-ecology laboratory technicians work using special equipment to assess environmental indicators of the object being studied.

What they do is extremely important, complex and responsible work, requiring special knowledge and skills.

What is the main feature of the profession of a laboratory technologist? That With the help of its research you can prevent a global catastrophe, in time after having ceased to produce one or another product, or review its composition and start using more eco-friendly components that do not harm people and not polluting the environment.


What specifically the laboratory technologist is engaged in? Consider his duties:

  • Performing laboratory tests and measurements using special equipment+
  • Collection of plant and animal samples, as well as soil for their subsequent study in the laboratory+
  • Determination of water pollution, air, soil+
  • Examination and forecasting the further influence of the production process on the world and people.

Knowledge and skills

Professional laboratory ancologist must have the following skills:

  • It is good to understand the laws, standards and regulations relating to the ecology+
  • know chemistry, physics, biology, understand the essence of the processes occurring in nature+
  • Know the procedure for conducting an environmental expertise+
  • Wake up environmental monitoring methods+
  • Be able to work on a computer, have modeling skills using special programs+
  • To arrange domestic and foreign developments regarding nature conservation+
  • Take care of document management as part of its competence+
  • talk at least in one foreign language.

Personal qualities:

  • Tacticity, flexible mind, civilian courage (it will be useful to challenge the unauthorized actions of persons clothened by the authorities, state structures)+
  • discipline+
  • skill work both in the team and alone+
  • Streck resistance+
  • conscientiousness, responsible attitude to work, passion+
  • accuracy+
  • ability to analyze and draw conclusions+
  • Love for the world, animal, plants+
  • the ability to make decisions independently and carry responsibility for them.

Specific requirements for a specialist:

  • skill thin color+
  • Good developed sense of smell+
  • Tangible sensitivity+
  • Developed Small Motoric Hands+
  • Great visual memory.


Today in Russia there are many educational institutions with the list of proposed specialties profession a laboratory technologist. You can go through learning as after 9 and after grade 11. To enroll on the ecologist’s laboratory, need to pass a competition of certificates. Select College, university. And adult people who wish to change professional activities can pass Prof Reader. The duration of training depends on the form (day, evening) and the existing formation (9 or 11 classes).

Before getting a diploma, students undergo practice and protect graduation qualifications.

Place of work

Laboratory ancologist can be:

  • Dosimetrist, performing work on measuring the level of pollution of surfaces and space with radioactive atoms using dosimetric devices+
  • Laboratory assistant analysis of gases and dust – carry out air analysis, measure the degree of dustiness in the premises+
  • Laboratory of spectral analysis working in laboratory conditions and performing a qualitative analysis of various samples+
  • Laboratory of chemical-bacteriological analysis – prepare tests for testing and analyzes, conduct tests of samples of raw materials and finished products in the laboratory+
  • Laboratory of Chemical Analysis – to obtain information on the chemical composition or chemical properties of studied substances+
  • a laboratory and microbiologist who implements the process of fermentation of antibiotics and other biosynthesis preparations in the laboratory+
  • Laboratory, polarograph, conducting tests of dry samples and solutions by polarography+
  • The selection of samples engaged in the collection and cutting of samples of minerals, metals, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, solutions, oil products, solid mineral fuel, building materials manually using samplers and special fixtures.

Laboratory Ecologist can work:

  • on construction and production facilities+
  • in environmental organizations+
  • in the medical industry+
  • in administrative management bodies+
  • in educational institutions+
  • In insurance companies+
  • in charitable foundations.

Talk about the salary of this specialist. Its size depends on a number of factors.

  • Region of work (in hazardous areas, for example infected with radiation, its indicators are significantly higher than average).
  • Specialization, work experience, experience.
  • Workload.
  • Who is an employer: State Structure or Commercial Organization. In the first case, the level of remuneration at first is lower, but more career growth opportunities.

    Well, now consider real numbers. Judging by the latest data, the laboratory ancologist receives in Russia:

    • 15000-20000 rubles per month at state enterprise+
    • 20000-50000 rubles per month in a private firm.

    Salary Overview Abroad ($ per month):

    • Belarus – 350+
    • Ukraine – 250+
    • UAE – 1000+
    • USA – from 5000+
    • Estonia – from 1000+
    • France – from 1000.

    Learn more about the profession Laboratory Ecologist See next video.

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