All about the profession machine pumping machine

All about the profession machine pumping machine

Various production processes imply the movement of liquid substances sent by pipelines to the tank using pump installations. So that the pumping equipment function is uninterrupted, a specially trained worker is required to observe this process and, if necessary, be able to prevent emergency timely.


Machine pumping installations is a specialist whose profession is related to the functioning of various systems. In the process of its work, it needs to take into account data of control and measuring sensors and instruments to maintain in working condition Pumping equipment. Most industrial facilities are equipped with automated pumping installations, for their maintenance by machine Establish knowledge and skills with such systems. With an emergency situation, the driver must take measures in a timely manner, which are to stop supplying liquid substances. Either change their movement mode.

To fulfill their working duties, the driver of pumping installations Must understand the design features of pumping installations, To be able to detect malfunctions and, within the framework of its competence, eliminate them, and if it is impossible, then the specialist’s duties include an emergency message to the upstream guide on the presence of an emergency. Before proceeding with the work, the machine is required Instructing according to the rules of work on pumping installation and safety. Every year, the instruction is carried out again. If, when checking knowledge, the specialist will not meet the established requirements, it will be removed from work. He alone, he can work only after increasing the level of its competence.

Besides the briefing, the tolerance implies also Medical examination – the employee passes a medical examination before accepting to work and further, annually, on the schedule installed by the employer.

The inspections are carried out for medical contraindications to carry out work in the specialty “driver of pumping installations”, as the labor activity of this employee is associated with vibration, strong noise and heavy burden on the joints.


On the territory of Russia there is a single reference book, where tariffs are indicated, as well as standards of workers’ professions (ETKS), according to which for the specialty of the driver of pumping installations The degrees of their qualifications from 2 to 6 discharge are provided. On the basis of ETKS, which is updated every year, all enterprises and organizations, where employees are available in the staff, update and job descriptions, leading them in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

The performance of pumping stations is different, and how it is higher, the more serious requirements are presented to the qualifications of specialists;. Employee salary depends on the level of discharge. The lowest paid is qualification of 2 categories. Such a specialist is allowed to work on the installation, the total submission of which does not exceed 1000 cube. / m3 per hour, but if we are talking about gas or oil products, then the feed level is allowed to 100 cube. / m3.

Installations higher performance from 1000 and to 3000 cubic meters. / m3 serve machinists 3 categories. To work with the feed volume from 3000 to 10,000 cubes. / m3 will need qualifications 4 categories, And for feeding from 10,000 to 15000 cube. / m3 driver should have 5 discharge. Qualification 6 categories Permits work on installations with a feed over 15000 cubic. / m3 per hour.

In total, the pumping machinist must perform the following duties:

  • Performance in industrial areas, water intakes, construction sites, as well as in the field conditions for maintenance of pumping equipment with elimination of failures and disadvantages+
  • Control over the work of vacuum pumping installations, as well as their maintenance+
  • Implementation of commissioning and stopping system+
  • Control over the maintenance of specified pressure parameters in the pumping system+
  • Ensuring the operation of the system without interruptions throughout the length of the maintenance section of the pipeline+
  • Repair and maintenance of electrical installations, control over the load of electrical equipment+
  • Accounting and Creation of Pump Installation Reporting+
  • Participation in the current and overhaul of installation.

For independent execution of work, the specialist must have certain practical experience.

Knowledge and skills

Not only practical skills, but also theoretical knowledge of the pumping equipment specialist. Driver Must know the physico-chemical properties of the product, which is pumped through the system, as well as possess knowledge in the field of electrical work. In addition, to service the system, you need to understand the used machine oils, know the principle of operation of the pump, engine, device of the measuring equipment.

Since the duties of the driver enters Repair and commissioning of equipment, It must have skills to work with pumps of different designs, to know the schemes of any communications, limit loads that can withstand equipment, and also be able to quickly eliminate emergency breakdowns of technology. The operation of the driver on the pumping station requires Compliance with labor safety and fire protection measures. Know and be able to accept emergency measures when there is no dangerous situations. A competent and experienced specialist should have a certain warehouse of character: attention to detail, accuracy, high level of responsibility and discipline.


The worker of the pumping installation in his work should be guided by a local document called “Job description”, in which its responsibilities are clearly formulated. If these duties are not executed or work is carried out in improperly, as well as for violation of labor discipline, labor protection requirements and fire safety workers are personal responsibility in accordance with the norms of current labor legislation. When applying material damage or causing damage to the business reputation of the organization in which he carries out its career, The pumping machinist can be punished within the framework of the norms of labor, administrative, civil or criminal law.


To work with a specialty driver of pumping installations, it is necessary to have a secondary technical vocational education. You can get it in 2 ways.

  • After graduating from 9 or 11 classes Enroll in college or technician with a technical bias, where they are trained in the appropriate specialty. The term of study will be 2 years after graduation of 11 classes and 4 years after completing 9 school grades.
  • Having Basic technical secondary vocational education, You can get additional specialization in relevant courses accredited to educational institutions. The term of study in such training centers on average is 1 year. It is possible that this period will be less – depends on the scope of the course program and the study clocks.

Training can also be prepared specialists in order to improve the level of qualifications and increase the discharge. For machinists of pumping installations in the process of labor activity, the requirement to increase its qualifications with periodicity is presented 1 time in 5 years. The learning process may be full-time, in part or absentia, when electronic methods of the remote educational process are used. After completing the training course, the listener issues a certificate of receiving the profession of the driver of pumping systems and installations with appropriate discharge.

This document on the basis of the Law of the Russian Federation on Education No. 273 from 29.12.2012 G. (Art. 60 clause 11) gives the right to exercise professional activities.

Where it works?

A specialist serving technological pumps and compressors, as well as pumping stations, can be in demand in the following economic and industrial areas:

  • Agriculture+
  • Gas and oil industry+
  • Industrial water intake+
  • Construction sites+
  • Operation and maintenance of hot water installations, boilers, pipelines, heating systems, steam manifold, deaeter+
  • Enrichment and coal mining enterprises+
  • Production workshop shipping liquid finished products.

Specialist salary depends from the scale of production, skills of a specialist and the volume of pumping performance. Often pumping stations are located in adverse climatic areas, for example, in the extreme north. In this case, the employee receives the allowance for wages and certain benefits.

Minimum earnings rates range from 30 to 35,000 rubles. Mid-level qualifications specialists earn from 40 to 60,000 rubles. Maximum earnings from experienced specialists can reach from 60 to 100,000 rubles.

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