All about the profession Machinist bulldozer

All about the profession Machinist bulldozer

The labor functions of the bulldozer driver at the enterprise are reflected in his job description, however, that it is necessary to draw up, in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation it is not said anywhere. Nevertheless, the judicial experience, as well as the practice of Radrud, explicitly indicates that the design of such a document can protect both the employee and the employer. Let us stay more about what this specialty represents, what knowledge, skills, competencies and personal characteristics should be posted to become a bulldozer driver.


Specialist at the position of the engine-bulldozer is in demand at the production of railways, highways, earthy dams, underground tranches for engineering networks, as well as water channels. This specialist controls the cargo machine on the basis of the caterpillar or wheeled tractor having a special dump knife.

Even before the start of the work, this specialist studies the plan of the future structures in terms of schemes and drawings for the purpose of acquaintance with the peculiarities of the soil development. In the course of construction work, this employee performs cutting the layers of the Earth, moves and smoothes the dumping ground, and also performs the planning of the working area, the backing of trenches. In winter, can engage in the haloction of snow. The driver of the bulldozer also works with mixed type devices: fried ground soil, appliances for rollers of trees, brush cutting and gravel for cleaning the sawmill.

Among the related professions, you can designate such specialties as a tractor driver, an excavator driver, a driver of a copra, a scraper driver, as well as the driver of any trucks.


In accordance with the ETKS, the driver of the bulldozer in its workplace must perform the following terms of responsibilities:

  • Transportation of various materials (fuel, mountain mass, as well as snow, land and raw materials)+
  • Performance of planning type in warehouses, dumps and careers+
  • Ringing rock and soil, excavation+
  • Cleaning and subsequent profiling+
  • Performing overwork+
  • Moving railway tracks+
  • pulling the molds+
  • Aligning sharp slopes, soles of slaughter, as well as ledges+
  • Loading and unloading and cargo transportation+
  • Cleansing the territory from overall garbage and snow+
  • loosening of the surface of the earth layer+
  • Performing stacking work.

As part of the maintenance of a trusted bulldozer, the driver must be carried out:

  • His regular inspection+
  • Refueling fuel and lubricants+
  • Lubrication details+
  • Creating a statement on preventive repair of its vehicle+
  • Cleaning entrusted workplace and related inventory+
  • Maintaining all the concomitant technical documentation.

Requirements for specialist

In order to fulfill the discouraged duties, the applicant for the post of driver-bulldozer must know:

  • Technical parameters and operational characteristics of the serviced vehicle, motor, control mechanisms and all kinds of devices to facilitate work+
  • Types of mining, the order of operation of the bulldozer when conducting them+
  • Ruling of the FMS flow rate on units with a powerful engine+
  • Characteristics of rocks that are found in work in entrusted territory+
  • Technical possibilities of development of rocks, as well as allowed angles of lift and shutting vehicles+
  • Causes of the vehicle breakdowns and the features of their elimination+
  • Regulations for transporting goods of various categories with different depth of development+
  • The procedure for creating a statement for inspection and repair of the vehicle+
  • Types of lubricant, power and type of engine cooling+
  • The main rules of fire and technical safety at the enterprise, labor protection rules, sanitary standards+
  • Basic criteria that assess the quality of the work performed by the bulldozer+
  • Principle of operation of production alarm.

In order to qualify for a vacancy of a bulldozer driver, good health is required, increased endurance and physical strength. A candidate for this position should have a high severity of view and hearing, good speed of sensorotor reactions, and in addition, developed linear, volumetric and planar eyemeter. This specialist should be able to redistribute his attention and quickly switch it, it requires good visual memory and predisposition to the performance of technical works.

We draw attention to the fact that there are medical contraindications that may interfere with the candidate to occupy the desired position. Thus, work on the bulldozer is not recommended to persons having the pathology of the cardiovascular system, as well as diseases of the organs of the vision, as a decrease in the severity, the narrowing of the fields, the binocularity shift, a violation of color permistry.

Can not drive a bulldozer man with a reduced hearing function, the problems of the vestibular apparatus, diseases of the bone-muscular system.

The contraindication to the post of driver of the bulldozer is considered bronchial asthma and other chronic diseases of the respiratory system.


To control the bulldozer, as well as a loader and tractor, people who have a tractor driver certificate, in which several categories are denoted by several categories. In order to control the bulldozer, it is necessary to obtain categories C, D or E. The final choice directly depends only on what technique will work. For bulldozers need one of the following categories:

  • Category S – involves managing the special equipment on a wheel with an engine power from 25.7 to 110.3 kW+
  • Category D – Represents self-propelled wheeled machines with a motor capacity Over 110.3 kW+
  • Category E – Crawler technique with engine power parameters of more than 25.7 kW.

Implementation of safe control of the bulldozer is impossible without work experience and appropriate skills. All knowledge that was acquired in the course of study is subject to mandatory confirmation to a special commission, and the exam is surrendered not only at the driving school, but also in Gostechnadzor. Many people passing training are not limited to one-sole categories and get everything at once – this allows them to increase their chances of searching for work.

If you are planning to get right and work as a bulldozer, first of all you need to find a suitable educational institution, provide a package of permits, fill out the application and go through the course. As a rule, studies include theoretical and practical classes – about 160 hours are given on them. During the training program, the future driver studies the following items:

  • Construction features of special equipment+
  • The mechanism of operation of basic equipment and nodes installed in the bulldozer+
  • security standards in the workplace.

Since the work of a bulldozer is directly related to the safety of the driver itself and the people around him, the large block of the program is devoted to the study of the rules for the provision of first aid. During practical classes, the candidate receives the control skill of the overall vehicle. As a rule, these classes are held at construction sites or specially equipped areas.


The salary of the bulldozer driver in various regions of our country can noticeably differ, therefore, there is no uncommon such situation when drivers leave for earnings in other cities. In accordance with the 64 articles of the current Labor Code of our country, the employer has no reason to refuse employment to a person without constant or temporary registration. Nevertheless, this is found in life quite often – only at the same time the employer tries to officially substantiate the refusal by any other reasons.

Realities of our time are such that get a job by a bulldozer driver without registration and learning chances much less than a qualified specialist. Significantly simplifying the job search will help temporary registration, but without a documented category and professional experience of work from 3 years, it is not worth counting on a decent wage. The driver of the bulldozer should not just get the rights of a certain category, it is important that he constantly improving his knowledge and skills.

So, the presence of a driver’s certificate with the appropriate experience on the tracked and wheeled technique repeatedly increases the chances of finding highly paid work.

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