All about the profession Metro driver

All about the profession Metro driver

Residents of large cities can fully appreciate how their life depends on the metro driver. Every day you trust this unfamiliar person your routine of the day, the city route, the comfort of moving and many important plans. In our article we will tell you more about, What is included in the duties of the Metro driver, which requirements are imposed on a candidate for this position, and what responsibility this specialist.


Electric train driver is A person who ensures the management of an electric train locomotive and is responsible for the transportation of passengers on the ground and underground lines of the metro in megalopolis. It can be said that this is a train driver.

The first metropolitan appeared in 1863. in England. Initially, the trains in it moved with steam thrust, and starting from 1890 g. – already on electrical. In the Soviet Union, the first line of the subway was launched in 1935. in Moscow.

With the development of modern technologies to traditional types of ground and underground metro, such transport systems are also added as light metro, monorails, s-tog and some other.

The compositions are managed by professionals who undergo specialized training. In Russia, today, the subway operates only in several large cities – St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, as well as. Novgorod, Novosibirsk and Samara. In addition, in Volgograd there is metro.

A man who wants to be a metro driver, It should not only possess all technical skills and competences, he still must be psychologically ready to work underground in a closed space for a long time, so all applicants are mandatory preliminary testing. As a rule, the metro driver works shifting. For example, in Moscow there is a day, evening, as well as night shifts, while the night shift, in turn, is divided into several submenus: the beginning of work in the evening, then goes a small rest and morning part.

By the nature of its activities, the metro driver can be involved in solving such tasks as:

  • Moving passengers on a specific route sheet+
  • maneuver compositions at finishing stations+
  • Stay in reserve+
  • Substitution of missing colleagues.

It is very important that the driver transported passengers with the most accurate compliance with the movement schedule.

This specialist must Observe safety equipment, If necessary, be able to give first aid, And also timely react to different kinds of abnormal situations.


Labor duties of the Metro driver include the following functions:

  • Compliance with the established security rules, as well as approved driving instructions for electric transport+
  • Daily passage of a mandatory medical examination before the start of labor shift+
  • Organization of accommodation composition and its passing+
  • Checking the functionality of the brake system+
  • The implementation of passenger transportation activities in accordance with the established schedule of movement without admission to the cabin of unauthorized persons+
  • Application of rational and energy-saving driving modes of electric transport+
  • Timely response to any information coming by the Emergency System from Passengers+
  • Control of the technical condition of cars, as well as the driver’s cab+
  • Informing the Metro Manufacturer on any faults.


In accordance with the current Unified tariff qualification reference book, Only a healthy, physically strong man at the age of 18-40 years of age, which has reached the urgent service in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and has no lower than the average. Work on this position of female representatives law is not provided.

And today the metro driver is pretty Survived by profession. As a rule, a lot of vacancies always open to this position and new employees are being trained in uninterrupted mode. However, the requirements that are presented to applicants are the most stringent. Each candidate for the vacancy of the Metro driver must necessarily go through psychological testing to determine the peculiarities of his psychotype. As a result of such a study, the applicant detects the ability to concentrate attention, memorizing large amounts of information, as well as the ability to switch from one maneuver to another.

Huge importance for approval at the position of the electric train Physical condition of man. These employees must have good health and have no serious chronic diseases. They should physically be able to carry high loads due to work in the dark time of day. Not allowed to work as a person with the pathologies of the vestibular apparatus, since any movement of the electric train is accompanied by a pronounced vibration. The driver of the metro must have a good urgency of view and the perfect color in the level of 100%. This person must undergo an indispensable examination from Doctor-Nakloga, since a successful candidate for this position cannot have any harmful and harmful habits.

Before starting labor change, the driver must pass a medical examination – the employee measure the parameters of heartbeat and pressure, and also carry out alkotest and detect the presence or absence of non-measured substances in the blood.

If the driver is in a negative mood, in a state of strong excitement, stress or depression – this can be the basis for removing from shift. Only such tight control will allow to protect the life of passengers and prevent the disaster.


The electric train driver is fully responsible for the correct operation and the content of the composition entrusted to it in a humility condition, as well as the culture of passenger service and the safety of their movement. In addition, this person is responsible for the actions of his assistant.

The law establishes the responsibility of the driver and its assistant on the following grounds:

  • the correct content of the engineered of the electro-moving machine, as well as the inventory, the working tool and the sectional repair book from the moment of their acceptance before+
  • Ensuring the safety of transported passengers and trains+
  • Providing service culture+
  • Compliance with the technical operations of the Metropolitans established by special orders valid throughout the country+
  • Compliance with the instructions for moving various compositions and vehicles, labor protection instructions, fire safety standards+
  • Compliance with all rules that determine the operation of locomotive brigades+
  • Passage of a periodic medical examination, as well as pre-trip and posture and examination+
  • Informing the train dispatcher or the instructor driver on the occurrence of faults in the wagons, maintaining the normal functioning of the vehicle and its individual elements+
  • Ensuring mutual monitoring of observance of labor duties.

As well as Metro driver can be responsible In the event that its technical knowledge and practical skills on the exit from situations of malfunction of rolling stock are unsatisfactory. This specialist has no right to carry out unauthorized breaking and disabling the working devices, as well as security devices, cannot disable faulty safety devices without notifying the train dispatcher.


In order to work as a metro machinist, best Get a vocational education in the direction of “Locomotive Machine”. You can act in the DSUs both on the basis of the 9th and after the 11th grade – it determines only the duration of training. In addition, the metro driver will have to further learn directly at the enterprise. However, this will require less time and effort than to obtain knowledge from scratch, although this practice makes it presented to applicants rather strict requirements.

From the very first day of the program, they must be extremely disciplined and punctual, not allowing desets to classes even for one minute – any violation of this requirement immediately enters a personal matter. It is not recommended to ask for crafts for personal matters. In fact, from the first day of study, all the cases of students can only be associated with the metropolitan.

During the execution of their employment duties Machinist is not allowed Use a mobile phone, tablet and, in general, to be distracted from the execution of their job descriptions – respectively, and during classes these actions are also prohibited for future subway drivers.

In the first month of passage of training in the Ucha is a course by profession “Assistant Machinist of the Electric Train”. It ends with councils with subsequent weekly practice in the depot, after which the exams must be passed.

From the 2nd to the 5th month, training is conducted in the specialty “Machinist of an electric train”. During this time, students study the structure of rolling stock, get acquainted with the established norms and rules for the technical operation of the car, recognize possible causes of the breakdown and malfunctions of the car and the methods of eliminating them as soon as possible. Completed course by passing monthly practice in the depot. In fact, at this moment there is already a design and conclusion of an employment contract, as well as the size of the salary. But the work is performed under the curacy of the mentor who has admission to the training of metro machinists.

At the end of the internship, you must pass the exams:

  • Pneumatic equipment+
  • Mechanical equipment+
  • Electrical equipment+
  • Control train.

However, successful study and the delivery of final tests does not provide an instant increase in the service and employment of the “Metro” position. For applicants will have to work on the position of the assistant driver for another 3 months. During this period, in addition to performing their immediate obligations, the candidate for machinists will have to attend emergency games, training trips, as well as participate in meetings and other mass events.

After a 3-month period, all acts in instructors and mentors should be signed, as well as deputy injuries and pass internal exams. Only after their successful candidate may take a vacancy of an electric train driver without a category.

Where it works?

Representatives of this profession work in metro. As already mentioned, the scope of labor application is limited to several largest cities.

In our country, this is a sought-after profession, and its payment is quite high. It fully depends on a number of parameters.

  • Qualification Group of employee and experience in the specialty. So, the Metro machinists of the 1st category, which exceeds 10 years old, can receive a month to 100 thousand. rub. However, workers with such an impressive experience quite a little, because in the profession there are hard age qualifications.
  • The amount of remuneration affects Worked time. In accordance with the current standards per day, the Metro driver must work out 6 hours, and a week – 36. Unfortunately, due to the lack of competent specialists today, the duration of the day is often increasing to 8-hour daily generation. This significantly increases the level of wages, but also on the health of the employee affects the most negative way.
  • Work in the evening, as well as night time paid by 20% higher than in the day. The rate for the night shift exceeds the daily 40%, and the drivers of the electric train, the change of which is broken by several periods per day, get 30% more.

    There are differences between the salaries of the metro machinists in different cities of our country. In addition to the good salary, the heavy work of workers of this profession allows them to count on certain Social benefits.These include:

    • Free travel in the subway at any time and in any directions+
    • Annual, fully paid vacation in the amount of 42 days starting from the 3rd year of work in the depot, it increases to 44 days+
    • Any specialist has the right to count on the place in the recreation area of ​​the Depot Workers+
    • Employees of this service have free railway tickets for travel to the place of recreation, as well as back+
    • quarterly and annual premiums.

    In addition, the metro machinists have the right to learn in any universities related to the communication paths. And also workers in this specialty can count on free medical services in the subordinate institutions.

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