All about the profession of mechanic for the production of motor vehicles on line

All about the profession of mechanic for the production of motor vehicles on line

In the past few years among graduates and students of high school schools, work professions have acquired popularity. This is due to many reasons, for example, by a short period of learning and high salary. In today’s article we will talk in detail about the peculiarities of the profession of mechanics for the production of motor vehicles on line.

Who is that?

Initially, it must be said that Mechanic for the production of vehicles on line is a position that requires a container of a large number of knowledge, skills and skills. The work of a specialist is directly related to road transport, respectively, it is desirable for the availability of interest in this area. From the mechanics depends the state of service serviced by him. To do this, the specialist must carry out regular technical inspections, to make timely replacement of faulty and defective parts.

It is important that in the exercise of these functions a specialist used the advanced experience of Russia and foreign countries.

As a rule, a mechanic for the release of vehicles on a line operating in the enterprise is included in the general structure of the company. He submits to the superior management: chief engineer, chief mechanics and fleet director.

Consider several key features profession.

  • The need for professional knowledge and skills. To be relevant in the labor market and in demand among employers by a specialist, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate education. In connection with the nature of the work, the mechanic for the production of vehicles on the line should be theoretically littered, and also possess the large range of practical skills.
  • Possibility of career growth. Specialists with a high level of knowledge can qualify for the best posts. So, starting from the post of ordinary mechanics to produce vehicles on line, you can take the position of head of the enterprise. At the same time, you should not forget about the possibility of opening your own automotive workshop.
  • High profit payment. Usually the salary of technical profile specialists is significantly higher than the average country. This characteristic of the profession attracts a large number of young people in the described sphere.

Responsibilities and requirements

Its functional duties of the mechanic for the release of vehicles on the line on the basis of generally accepted official documents. Specialist’s activities regulate job description and professandard. With such documents, it is necessary to carefully read even before it is officially employed for the position. This is due to the fact that for non-fulfillment or incorrect fulfillment of their duties, the mechanic may be subject to responsibility.

Consider the main responsibilities of a professional:

  • Implementation of the technical inspection of transport (and this event should occur regularly, and for these purposes it is necessary to make a clear schedule or plan)+
  • Carrying out repair work, replace faulty and defective parts+
  • Detection of causes and consequences+
  • Use of modern methods+
  • Control and monitoring of vehicles+
  • Documentation preparation (reports, technical passports and other)+
  • Maintaining account documents (for example, leaf of instrument accounting)+
  • Drawing up applications for the purchase of parts necessary for the implementation of the correct work+
  • Compliance with safety regulations+
  • Following the inner schedule+
  • Guidelines for subordinate employees.

It should be borne in mind that the above list of responsibilities is not closed. It can be complemented and adjusted depending on the requirements and wishes of the employer, as well as on the specifics of the enterprise. Accordingly, in the process of employment, you must be prepared to adapt to the conditions of the external environment.

In addition, the employer can nominate the requirements for theoretical training of specialists. Mandatory knowledge of the mechanics for the production of vehicles on line can be attributed:

  • knowledge of labor legislation+
  • Knowledge of all legislative and regulatory acts that regulate the work of a specialist+
  • Understanding organizational aspects of work+
  • the ability to read and interpret various technical documentation (for example, instructions for the exploit of machines and equipment) and T. D.

Based on this information, it can be concluded that Mechanic for the release of motor vehicles on line is a specialist who needs a lot to know and be able to.

At the same time, a specialist, the more popular and relevant it will be in the labor market, has the larger qualifications.

Personal qualities

In addition to professional skills and skills, personal qualities play a huge role for a specialist. Often the requirements for personal characteristics The employer writes in detail in the announcement of the vacancy, respectively, it is necessary to read as much as much as possible before applying for the position.

The most important personal qualities of the mechanic for the production of vehicles on line can be attributed:

  • Streetness+
  • Purpose work+
  • attentiveness+
  • Analytical mind+
  • Template for technical thinking+
  • No harmful habits+
  • Love for technology+
  • responsibility+
  • Punctuality and T. D.

Only if you combine professional and personal characteristics in yourself, you can achieve success in the professional field. Remember that the employer hires not only a highly qualified specialist, but also a person who will fit into the already established team.


In order to qualify for the post of mechanics for the release of vehicles on line, it is necessary to pass appropriate training. At the same time, your professional study can pass both on average special and higher educational institution. In most cases, the second option is preferable, as it will allow you to quickly advance through the career ladder.

Advantages of higher education:

  • High-quality and long-term preparation+
  • The curriculum includes both practical and theoretical knowledge+
  • Diploma from the Higher Educational Institution gives an opportunity to a specialist to quickly advance through the career ladder, as well as apply for senior positions and. D.

On the other hand, training in an average special institution (for example, in a technical school or college) has the following advantages:

  • Long-term learning+
  • low cost+
  • practice orientation and t. D.

Thus, It is very important to decide in advance with what school you will do. Remember that On the secondary special, one can come after grade 9, and in the university – after 11. In addition, it should be said that In some cases, and for some employers there will be a course of retraining. Before entering the selected educational institution, it is recommended to visit the Admission Commission. Thanks to this, you can find out which exams will need to pass for admission, as well as inspect the educational institution itself, to get acquainted with the teachers.

In the process of obtaining knowledge It is necessary to take attention, responsibility and seriousness. So, always strive to receive the highest points, as some employers, when taking a job as applicants, ask to demonstrate not only the diploma himself, but also an extract with estimates. It is also important to be prepared for the fact that in the process of obtaining education you will have to master a large number of complex technical disciplines. Seriously need to approach practitioners and internships. First, in these events, you can purchase the skills you need. Secondly, if you can determine yourself from a good side, you can further get a job on the enterprise where the practice passed.

The duration of learning can be from 3 to 6 years (in some cases, this period may be increased). After graduation, you need to undergo certification and donate qualifying exams. Only after that you can be considered a professional mechanic for the production of motor vehicles on line.

However, even then it is worth continuing to pay attention to your education: visit thematic conferences, seminars, lectures, and t. D.


In addition to responsibilities, the job descriptions and professional standard contains provisions that relate to the specialist responsibility. So, as a general rule, the mechanic for the production of vehicles on the line is responsible in such cases:

  • Financial damage (in this case, material losses can be committed in relation to both the enterprise itself, on which the mechanic works and in relation to colleagues, customers, etc. D.)+
  • Providing unreliable information to the authorities (and this may concern both its personal data and information regarding technical or repair work)+
  • Failure to comply with internal graphics, plan and work schedule+
  • Failure to comply with the deadlines+
  • Failure to fulfill orders of higher management+
  • non-compliance with safety standards (labor, fire and t. D.).

Depending on how serious misconduct is, the responsibility may vary by intensity: from disciplinary to criminal.

Place of work

Mechanics for the production of motor vehicles on the line can work both in private workshops and in public fleets. In general, this specialist is An integral employee of almost any motor transport enterprise.

It should be borne in mind, the earnings will depend on the place of work. So, the most material remuneration for their work will receive those specialists who work in private workshops in large cities. But mechanics who work at state-owned enterprises located in the provinces receive a small wage.

In the next video, you are waiting for an interview with the control mechanic (controller of OJSC “Transport”), in which he talks about labor weekdays.

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