All about the profession of the engine internal combustion engine

All about the profession of the engine internal combustion engine

Management of modern technician requires serious skills and skills. But this work is quite accessible to any intellectually developed person. The main thing is to know, for example, all about the profession of the engine of the engine of internal combustion, about the specifics of its activities, training and working prospects.


Immediately, it should be noted that the work by the engine engine is not always the work by the driver of the vehicle, the driver of the diesel locomotive or motorist on the vessel. Such specialists are serviced by a number of stationary internal combustion engines. They must thoroughly know:

  • that these motors represent+
  • What are their main functional features+
  • What are the allowable and unacceptable modes of motors+
  • which fuel can be used, what technical fluids and components are permissible to use+
  • how to repair similar engines+
  • What could be the limit load of this technique.

Describing positive and negative features of such a profession, it is worth indicating:

  • Comparatively high demand+
  • solid wage level+
  • Increased responsibility+
  • Mostitious character of most manipulations+
  • Explicit preference for men by most employers.


ETCS prescribes such a main circle of responsibilities:

  • Caring for the internal combustion engine of all categories (permissible total power of technology is determined for each discharge separately)+
  • Maintenance of mechanical installations and systems equipped with several motors+
  • Starting, stopping served engines+
  • their visual control, current and planning repair+
  • Refueling fuel tanks, use of lubricating oils and other technical fluids+
  • Adjusting the motors taking into account the characteristics of those devices that are connected with them (industrial devices or chassis of vehicles)+
  • Participation on average and overhaul of internal combustion engines+
  • analysis, check and adjusting motors (independently or in the process of revision).

The current professional standard makes additional clarifications in this picture. It is written there that the driver must maintain the performance and serviceability of the equipment entrusted to him. Even if for this you need to produce the works not listed in the ETKS. We also have to deal with the prevention of problems in entrusted engines. In the job description of the sample sample, such moments are indicated as:

  • The study and application of all regulatory documents relating to the work of such a specialist+
  • execution of manual orders+
  • Implementation of environmental measures+
  • Compliance with fire and sanitary safety, general safety standards+
  • Timely notification of enterprise officials about emergency situations and their consequences.

To fulfill duties, the driver and certain functional rights are also provided. So, he has the ability to do everything that it considers it necessary to maintain the health of the technique and to prevent emergency. He has the right to achieve all the necessary assistance from leadership and other employees. And also provided rights:

  • to create optimal organizational and technical conditions for work+
  • To familiarize yourself with all orders of management and with all projects, plans that are related to such a specialist and its work+
  • For all the necessary information for the work (in the form of official documents or direct clarification)+
  • For acquaintance with accurate instructions for each post and other documents that determine the circle of work performed, with the main criteria for their activities adopted in the organization.


The operator of the second category is obliged to thoroughly know how they are arranged by the engines, how to run them, stop, how and what to lubricate. We will have to study the fuel principles and cooling entrusted motors. And it will also be necessary to understand the grades of fuel, in the features of the reinforcement and fuel pipelines.

For the transition to the third category, additionally studies:

  • Device and operation of electric generators, auxiliary (optional) engine equipment+
  • Device and operation of pumps swing fuel+
  • Features of the work of kipia+
  • Requirements for documentary reflection of engine operation parameters.

Engine driver for assignment 4 categories Must know how motor installations of various types and categories are arranged and working. He needs to understand what the causes of probable deviations from the norm, their signs and the basic methods of solving problems. Another specialist will be able to unmistakably disassemble, collect the engine, spend it revision (or give explanations to the auditors).

To qualify for 5 discharge, It will also need to master the electromechanical and kinematic schemes of the engines themselves and the equipment conjugate.

The 6 category driver is freely oriented in the specifics of the work of the most powerful motors and their complexes, knows how to install and dismantle these devices.


The profession of the engine internal combustion engine can be obtained:

  • At the courses of the Histori Piple Training Center (Yaroslavl)+
  • In the center of training personnel training (Omsk)+
  • In ANO DPO “Criminal Management” (Tomsk)+
  • In the training center “STBS” (Moscow)+
  • In the CPR “Profi” (Yekaterinburg)+
  • In the multidiscipline center “Phoenix” (Chelyabinsk) and other similar preparatory institutions+
  • In profile colleges and technical schools in various regions of our country.

Where it works?

On average in Russia, the income of the engine internal combustion engine is 74,000 rubles. But in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, this figure is noticeably higher and reaches almost 100,000 rubles. Chances of employment are very high. Internal combustion engines are waiting in:

  • transport companies+
  • Taxi services+
  • cargo delivery firms+
  • fleets of enterprises and organizations+
  • Russian Railways+
  • airports+
  • River and Sea Ports+
  • Shipping Company+
  • Road repair and construction management+
  • various industrial and energy structures+
  • Most government departments+
  • on drilling platforms+
  • On various mines and mines, sawmills+
  • in construction companies.

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