All about the profession of train electromechanics

All about the profession of train electromechanics

Railways are arteries that play an important role in the economic and social development of any country. Movement of goods and passengers on them must be comfortable and safe. Therefore, in railway transport there are many specialties, without which these conditions cannot be observed, and one of them is a train electromechanics.


The main feature of the Profession “Train Electromechanics” (PEM) can be called the traveling nature of the work. I.e Before choosing this specialty, a person should understand that it will almost always be on the road. The level of knowledge and professional skills of this employee must be such that in the path of the passenger train to the specialist can monitor the work of the equipment of the car, very quickly determine faults and eliminate them in case of appearance. The working capacity of equipment in cars and comfort of passengers depends on the qualification of the PEMA. It is also necessary to know that the level of knowledge and skills is checked at least once every two years by a special commission.

To the post of train electromechanics can only be appointed after a person will work for at least a year in the repair units and confirms its level of knowledge on the attestation commission. Work is not easy, but interesting and perfectly suitable people who do not like monotonous labor in one place.

Many railway companies offer a watch work method, free uniform and many additional bonuses.


In any profession there is a list of duties that need to be performed at their workplace. Official instructions for train electromechanics are developed on the basis of a single tariff-qualifying reference book of works and professions of workers (ETKS), issue 56 from 2019. In the document under this name there is a section “Railway transport”, which contains all professions of this industry and the requirements for them. Official duties of the PEMA should not conflict with the laws of the state and the Labor Code, they must take into account the norms on labor safety and various internal documents of the organization.

The list of duties of the electromechanics of trains is very wide, we give the main.

  • Maintenance of equipment and safety of passengers during the location on the road.
  • Before sending the train to the PEM path, check the condition of the equipment for which he answers.
  • During the movement, he must monitor the testimony of the instruments, and if suddenly there are failures in the work of the equipment, detect and directly eliminate defects.
  • In the event that it is impossible to eliminate a malfunction on the road on the road, then upon arrival at the final destination, apply for repairs and follow its quality and volume.
  • Instruct all members of the train brigade according to the rules of operation of the equipment and the measures that will need to be taken in the event of its failure, and the general safety rules.
  • Fill and maintain all documentation defined by the job description.

If necessary, train electromechanics can be attracted to overtime work in accordance with current legislation. Violation of obligations leads to the involvement of a specialist to liability – administrative, disciplinary and material, and sometimes criminal, if the violation is very serious.

May be brought to justice for:

  • Violation of work discipline+
  • negligent fulfillment of their duties+
  • Using a service provision for personal purposes+
  • providing untruth information and if the PEM revealed flaws, but did not take any measures to eliminate them.

The main parameter according to which the work of the train electromechanics is given is the quality, completeness and timeliness of the tasks that are described in the instructions.


Only specialists who have been trained are appointed to this position. To work by train electromechanics, you do not need to end the college (college), you can get skills on separate courses or in vocational schools. The form of learning can be both full-time, and correspondence, you can get a specialty and remotely.

To work in ordinary cars, you need 5 discharge, if there is electric heating and air conditioning in them, 6. For wagons in which the latest achievements of equipment are used, a specialist below 7 discharge will not even consider. Therefore, after passing the basic training, on the basis of which the diploma of the established sample is issued, it is necessary to constantly undergo advanced training courses in order to meet the high standards of the profession.

How much gets?

Salary strongly depends on the qualifications of a specialist and a region of work. On average, it starts from 50 thousand. rubles. Accordingly, the higher the discharge, the salary above, and there are surcharges for special working conditions.

If you have a vocational education, sufficient work experience and you like to travel, then this work is perfect for you.

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