All about the profession of urbanist ecologist

All about the profession of urbanist ecologist

In general understanding, environmentalists are specialists whose professional activity is aimed at analyzing the state of flora and fauna, as well as to search for ways to reduce the negative impact of human life on the environment. The urbanist ecologist is a narrower specialization requiring certain knowledge, skills and skills.


The description of the profession of the urbanist-ecologist looks like this: this is a narrow-skilled specialist whose activities are related to the design of new cities based on environmental biotechnology.

The specialty implies work in the field of construction, energy and control of environmental pollution. Profession has become popular around the world a few years ago. The so-called “green cities” are actively built and developed in many countries of Europe, Asia and the USA.

In Russia, the need for specialists of this level at the moment is not too high.

But if you take into account the high level of environmental pollution (especially in large cities), then in the urban ecologists will increase in the next few years.


The duties of the urbanist are not too different from those who are inherent in the usual ecologist. The professional duties of Urbanist Ecologist include the following:

  • Arrangement of space, taking into account the characteristics and aspects of people’s lives and cities+
  • identify the problems and needs of residents in the environment, the ability to solve them+
  • produce the right placement of such sites as pedestrian zones, parks, cycling paths+
  • minimize garbage sites and all that negatively affects the environment.

The main difference from ordinary designers and architects is that urbanists change the urban environment for the better city, which was previously created. At the same time, they always focus on the ecology.

The activities of the urbanist ecologist in the workplace can be divided into several stages.

  1. Audit. At this stage, a specialist is engaged in studying the problems of a particular city, polls local residents. Also, acquaintance with the design features of the territory.
  2. Total assessment and possible risks. This stage involves the processing of all received information. The forecast of possible conflicts is drawn up. From the part can be involved in specialists who know the city.
  3. Strategic matching. At this stage, the Urbanist, together with the team of other specialists, is the local residents developed by the project. Receiving a response from people. If necessary, some adjustments are made to the plan.
  4. Creating a roadmap. At this stage, the project is presented not only to citizens, but also to local authorities, as well as investors. There is a coordination of all nuances, including legal.
  5. PR stage. Now the project is attached to a broad publicity, to a greater extent for the media. This allows you to make it recognizable and attract more investors.

The duties of Ecologist-Urbanist include quite a lot of diverse tasks, so his working day is often non-normalized.


Urbanistry is a relatively new science that combines components from a variety of other disciplines. In Russia, there is no specific specialty. But if a person wants to become a Urbanist Ecologist, he will have to study the following items deeply:

  • sociology+
  • geography+
  • ecology+
  • Culturology.

    The closest are such specialties as “Architecture”, “Urban planning”, “Urban Territorial Development”. In Russia, there are many universities in which the appropriate education can be obtained. The most popular are:

    • Vyatga in Kirov+
    • Irning in Irkutsk+
    • DGTU in Rostov-on-Don+
    • Nguadi in Novosibirsk+
    • SPbgas in St. Petersburg+
    • NiU MGSU in Moscow.

    For receipt it will be necessary to take (the results of the USE) are the following items: Russian, mathematics, geography, social studies, drawing, and in some cases an academic drawing. Learn will have at least 5 years.

    Place of work

    If a person really wants to take place in this profession, then experts recommend starting a career in public institution. In this case, it is possible to understand the specifics in more detail, familiarize yourself with the principle of work of other related organizations, get the initial experience. But this is not a guarantee of success, so You can start a labor way and in a private company. An architectural bureau or urban planning university will fit well for the start.

    As experience gains, it will be possible to connect to more large-scale projects. A few years later, when all moments are studied, you can create your own business – open your own company, working in which you can create a good team and get high-paying orders.

    Since the profession ecologist-urbanist refers to the number of non-standard, then labor payment may be the most diverse. This indicator depends not only on the employee’s experience, but also on the status of the company in which it works. But if we talk about averages, the salary of the urbanist is approximately 50-60 thousand rubles per month.

    Ecologist-Urbanist – This profession fits tactful people who can defend their point of view. Need to possess stress resistance, communicability, systemic thinking, ability to listen and take someone else’s opinion.

    About the profession of urbanist-ecologist.

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