All about the profession Oilman

All about the profession Oilman

Oil can be rightfully called the most valuable mineral resources – on produced from her fuel still travels most cars, plastic is being made from the same raw material, which, as we know, there are already too many on the planet, but at the same time it is extremely difficult to do without it. Recently, many countries declare the goal to reduce the use of gasoline cars and reduce the production of plastic, especially since oil, according to forecasts of geologists, is enough for mankind only for several next decades. Nevertheless, oil-producing mining of this resource in the next years will bring felt income in the coming years, and a person working in this area will also not be left for Vaklad. For the human life of oil reserves, it means that the profession of an oilman is worth seriously considering how a way to secure a peaceful existence.


Most people choose work, pushing out from the level of wages, but it is necessary to figure out once and for all: if the profession is light, there will not pay a lot there will not pay. Running upwards, let’s say that domestic oil workers earn several times more of the Middle Russian, but the money does not fall on these people from the sky – just their profession on the shoulder is far from everyone, and “sugar” in it only a salary, which makes tolerate all the burdens and adversity.

In this case, it is wrong to say that the oilman is already a profession. Actually This is called absolutely all people who work in the oil industry, but it is not difficult to assume that the posts and responsibilities are completely different here. These are geologists who are engaged in searching and evaluating oil fields, and chemists, evaluating the quality of raw materials and cleaning it, and engineers with technicians and programmers responsible for the proper operation of the equipment. The most real oil workers in all senses of the words are drillings, which, on the configuration of their own skills, do nothing else and cannot. Oilman can even be considered a driver if he works all the time at the field.

In a word, an oilman in a broad sense is anyone, without which oil production will stall.

At first glance, the same driver would not be able to move to the category of oilmen, because he does nothing that would not have to do in any other enterprise. But in fact, high salary on any oil industry is due not only to high yield, but also the specificity of the remoteness from civilization. In most cases, oil today is mined away from developed megacities, and although Tatarstan and Bashkortostan are a little embarrassed from the general trend, today in the vicinity of large cities most of the oil has already been mined. Instead, new wells are drilling in the low-known regions of the North of our country, where there may not be a soul on hundreds of kilometers around. For workers, of course, certain conditions are created, but the work is possible there only by the Watch method, because there is just nowhere to carry a family, and it does not happen in the city after the change – there is no city.

But professional activity is often carried out in the crackling even on Russian standards of frost – that is why any employee of the oil sphere receives so much.


As we have already understood from the above, oil workers are a very tensile and superficial description of a group of people who are united as much as a profession as a non-industrial industry. For this reason, it is impossible to talk about any common duties for all – everyone does what they are prescribed by their specific profession and the terms of the employment contract.

By the way, The specifics of work in the oil industry is such that many wells give oil constantly, and to suspend production is simply impossible. In such conditions, the nebid at a workplace at least one employee, even if he has a reason, in all other situations considered respectful, unacceptable. This statement is particularly sharply applicable to those employees, whose duties include an emergency elimination of any problems and problems – if there are no round-the-clock duty of professionals at the facility, they are obliged at any time to be ready to quit everything and in the shortest possible time to arrive at the accident.

In view of this, when sending to the field to work for work, each employee, regardless of the profession, signs a contract with a detailed description of all the principles of its future work. All responsibilities are clearly spelled out, among which the readiness is often mentioned. Any late or lack in the workplace is strictly punishable because it threatens the functioning of the entire deposit.

Given all the above, the obligations of the oilman can be briefly described as follows: direct professional duties plus iron discipline and constant readiness for overtime work.

Personal qualities

Having got acquainted with all of the above, the reader probably already understood – in the oil-producing industry, romance is very conditional, but not every person can withstand the working conditions. The candidate must be perfectly owned by all the intricacies of its specialty, but at least for the work of the Watch method will not be enough.

The key requirement for any applicant is the community and ability to find a common language with the interlocutor. There will be no relatives, no friends, no entertainment – all personal contacts will occur only with other oil workers. The whole team should work simply as one team, so any conflict situations are extremely undesirable – they, again, threaten the timeliness and accuracy of all operations. Finding a common language with everyone around, you will not become a member of the fight, you will not substitute anyone and will not find yourself substituted.

Again, the fluidity of frames is very large, because the watches are complete at different times – therefore, new friends will have to start to start.

Another major criterion – stress resistance. The oil watch from staying in a strict mode colony is distinguished by somewhat high comfort, the voluntariness of stay, excellent payment and what they do not beat, but in all other parallels will inevitably ask for. There will have to live in conditions of harsh climate, constantly working and practically no personal time – even if it were, to spend it in fact not what. On entertainment can be forgotten, drunkenness, naturally, also battle, and all this is in the harsh climate. To quit until the end of the contract is usually impossible either this will lead to huge losses in the salary for someone who could not stand – it means that you need to have one hundred percent confidence that you can stand.

On discipline and responsibility, we generally said. Any breakdown and reluctance to strictly observe the schedule – these are potential huge losses for the employer, so the person, prone to be late, move the bosses or lean from work, is not categorically welcome here. It is not necessary to rely on the fact that the main thing is to get here: contracts make up nonsense, and for tricks with behavior there are sanctions, which once and forever will refuse the desire to fool or go to the north.

Activity and endurance – two more mandatory quality for an oilman, without which it will not be possible to do. If you are accustomed to the eight-hour working day in the office, where half the time, while the boss is engaged in its affairs, you can beat the bumps, then in the oil field you will be extended hard. Employers pay a fabulous salary not for staying here, but for a permanent job. No “workers’ rights” in terms of long rest are not interested – you are in such conditions when you still do nothing, except to sleep and work. The industry topics and profitable for the state and employed in it that all labor falls on the shoulders of a relatively small number of people for whom it is not necessary to upset the whole city with all the necessary infrastructure. Recruiters involved in a set of those who want to work for such work, understand that the wild regime will endure not every person, so they are looking for only the most enduring.

Attentiveness in everything, including extremely accurate execution of the assigned work – this is another aspect, mandatory for potential oilmen. LThe skooful of the oversight leading to the stopping of the extraction or pumping of oil is not just a loss of raw materials and huge losses, But also pollution of the environment or even the likelihood of creating a dangerous situation for colleagues.

Sleep on the move by oil workers is not allowed – it is necessary to constantly maintain the maximum concentration of attention, not to switch to your own wave, and always remember where you are and why.

Initiative and ability to think will be able to make more those who are engaged in the elimination of emergency situations on duty, but it is necessary to understand that since you are traveling to the north, the emergency situation may arise at any time and with anything. Readiness to productively solve problems without a team from above will not be left by the bosses without attention, while the unwillingness and confusion in the situation when it was necessary to act urgently, may be regarded as a criminal negligence, leaking astronomical loss.

It is also worth mentioning the features that are not entirely personal qualities, but the oil industry will also use. First, good health will definitely not hurt – without it, it is simply not to withstand the conditions of heavy labor and the harsh northern climate. Secondly, a preliminary understanding of the whole process of oil production or willingness to rapidly learn and delve into all processes – these are useful qualities that will enable career stairs and significantly increase their own incomes. Third, the ownership of foreign languages ​​for an experienced oilman will be a huge plus simply because oil is mined not only in Russia, but also abroad, where, as you know, the work of a qualified professional is always valued higher than we have.


The question of what kind of education should be obtained to become an oilman, it strongly depends on exactly how you see your profession in this industry. For example, To work there by the driver, it is not necessary to study at the university, but you can even leave school at one time after grade 9 – Main vocational training passes for you during the work in previous posts, especially if you were already a driver in the north.

Whether it’s a narrower specialization, which is directly related to the extraction of oil. Judging by the surveys of real oil workers, without education in the field, not to get – there they simply do not have such professions where only inheritance would be needed.

Secondary education or vocational school will not be enough: you need at least a secondary vocational education, and even better – higher, and sectoral.

Predictably most educational institutions engaged in the preparation of future oil workers are located either in the largest megalopolis of our country, or in those regions where oil production is well developed and there is direct demand for graduates. The most prestigious university of this area across Russia is the Russian State University of Oil and Gas, the branch of which is open in Orenburg. With his “crust” you are already unlikely to be easy to work, but you will be able to qualify for more interesting vacancies and rely on successful employment. Ufa State Oil Technical University If and is inferior in prestigiousness, it is not strong – in its walls you can become a researcher engaged in various sectoral issues and a qualified field employee.

This choice of universities does not end – pay attention to Tyumen Industrial and Tomsk Polytechnic Universities, Northern (Arctic) Federal and Ugra State. Tomsk has a joint program with the Scottish University, allowing to get a master’s diploma of an international sample. To become a managers in the oil industry, it is worth entering the Institute of Oil and Gas Business.

Many potential applicants are also interested in which items need to be handed over for admission to the oil industry.

Here too much depends on the specific specialty, and from the selected educational institution, and even from the year of receipt, so you need to specify this question, already answering all other questions.

Where to work?

It is possible to work in a broad sense of this word in a broad sense of this word and directly at the field, and the oil refining factory, and in the management office of the company. The first two options are available for applicants mainly in the regions of intensive oil production, while the offices of different levels can be both in industrial centers near deposits and in Moscow or other Russian million painters. If there are no oil refining enterprises in your region, but there are no offices either, either do not take it there, to get on the watch north is not so difficult – oil-producing companies work with recruits in all regions and actively advertise their vacancies.


Earnings of the oilman strongly depends on what his office is doing, what is his experience, under what conditions he has signed a contract. Even having a prestigious university diploma in her arms and having a particular oil specialty, at first it can be encountered that they offer payment at about 50 thousand rubles per month. For someone it is already not bad, but in fact even in Russia, oil workers earn more.

Much also depends on the specifics of the field and work on it. So, At the start, some oilmen “in the field” receive 3.5 thousand rubles a day, and you can make up to 12 thousand rubles to 12 thousand rubles every day – this is despite the fact that there is no weekend on the watch.

Another thing is that the contract often provides regular leave for “Greater Earth” lasting in two or three weeks – during this period no salary or vacation pays are paid, but it is easy to assume that funds still grabs.

Many where the so-called “polar” is also provided for the field work in the conditions of the northern climate. It is accrued after 180 days will be worked directly “in the field” in the north, and is a decade of percent addition to the salary. Earn a month over 100 thousand rubles – quite real.

A separate topic is an office work by oilman. It is more difficult to get to such a position, but you are in the city, among civilization, and pay from the start of 100-120 thousand rubles.

Like “in the fields”, the possibility of career growth and raising the salary exists, but the principles will be different here, depending on the features of the company.

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