All about the profession Supply Engineer

All about the profession Supply Engineer

Each enterprise, regardless of the scope of activity, does not do without materials. Responsible for their supply and availability of supply engineer. What other duties from this specialist are his professional skills – tell me in this article.


Engineer of the logistics department (abbreviated OMTS) – A specialist who provides an enterprise with all the necessary resources for a timely workflow. It can be both small goods (for example, office) and overall (fuel, building materials), depending on the activity of the enterprise. At a small enterprise, this specialist is subordinate to the director, and in larger companies – the head of the OMTS.

Specialist in supply is an important position in the enterprise. It is from it that the necessary product will come and how exactly on time will come. Besides, Supply engineer is a materially responsible person. As it is he who performs procurement, and finance spends from the organization. Therefore, there is a fairly strict professandard to this position. In accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, any kind of labor requires tariffing, and for employees there is an ECTC (decoding – a single tariff-qualification reference book of works and professions). This directory contains sections: qualification characteristics, job rights and obligations. This specialty has 3 main qualifications: Supply Engineer, Engineer 2 Categories and Engineer 1.

To qualify engineer on logistical supply need to have higher vocational education, Requirements for work experience. Or you need to have Medium-Professional Education and Experience of 3 years in the posts of Technique 1. Also allowed the option of work in adjacent specialization from 5 years. To obtain qualifications of 2 degrees it is necessary: ​​Higher professional education and experience in OMTS engineer from 3 years. To obtain 1 qualifying category it is necessary: ​​Higher professional education and work experience with engineer 2 categories from 3 years and above.


According to the ECTC, the job description of the supply specialist includes the following duties.

  1. Permanent comparison of the price of the market in order to identify the optimal version of the product in quality and price.
  2. Drawing up a plan for procurement of material raw materials, including a spare, based on standards and reasonable calculations.
  3. Participation in the compilation of projects and plans for the issues of equipping the necessary materials of the enterprise. Also, a specialist prepares reasonable calculations to these projects.
  4. Coordination with suppliers of all data and characteristics to the goods ordered.
  5. Development and design of norms on material and technical resources, controlling the use of resource data.
  6. Packing with the necessary materials of each department of the enterprise or organization as a whole.
  7. Drawing up the necessary documentation (reports, acts, official documents) to work with suppliers.
  8. Extension or conclusion of a tender or contract with suppliers to the necessary material and technical resources.
  9. Implementation of the allocated funds for the purchase of necessary materials.
  10. Delivery of necessary resources and their verification in accordance with the contract.
  11. Participation in the audit of logistical equipment and accounting of excess products, with the subsequent plan to implement this product and adjust orders for a certain period.

As can be seen from the job instruction, the duties of the supplier are great and responsible. That is why there are also special requirements in terms of professional knowledge and skills.

Knowledge and skills

The job instruction also defines that a supply specialist should know. This list includes the following points.

  • Knowledge of regulatory and legal documentation directly by supply.
  • Knowledge in ordering to compile supply plans and reserves.
  • Knowledge and skills in drafting documentation (applications, acts, contracts with suppliers and letters with claims, if marriage)).
  • Knowledge in standards, characteristics and price category of resources.
  • Knowledge of labor legislation and labor protection and fire safety rules.
  • In some major imports engaged in imports, knowledge of the foreign language and the principles of customs clearance of the product are required.
  • In addition, the specialist must own the knowledge of computer programs, not only standard, but also special (documents of accounting and transport).

It is also worth noting that such a specialist is one of the first to contact with suppliers. That is why he should be able to negotiate, profitable for the enterprise, and maintain relationships with suppliers.

What is responsible for?

According to the job description, the supply engineer is responsible for the following points.

  1. Failure to fulfill their duties or short-term execution.
  2. Damage to the employer who is determined by the labor legislation of the country.
  3. Violation of the rights and rules in their activities that are defined in the job description.
  4. Failure to comply with the rules of fire safety, labor protection and safety regulations.

The logistical supply specialist is also responsible for Choosing a quality product and its delivery. In case of delay or poor quality of goods, the specialist is responsible for drawing up documentation, letters with claims. ON is responsible for the presence of the necessary goods, Spare parts and components in stock. As can be seen from this article, this profession is very complex and requires a lot of knowledge and time from the applicant.

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