All about the work of the geodesist technician

All about the work of the geodesist technician

When choosing a future profession, it is very important to focus on your abilities and interests. So, if you are prone to technical disciplines and measuring instruments, then you should pay attention to the specialty geodesist technique. Let’s consider the features of this specialist in detail.

Features of the profession

Geodezist technician is a person engaged in various sistering, topographical, centering and design work, The ultimate goal of which is to draw up cards and the description of the nature relief characteristics, as well as the state of the construction site.

Geodesy in general has a rather long and interesting story of its occurrence and development. If you think theoretically, she began to develop in ancient times. Since the beginning of the XVII century, a wide variety of geodetic methods began to be invented: Trilateration, polygonometry, phototriangulation and other. In the days of Tsarist Russia, Peter I made a significant contribution to this science. Geodesy actively developed during the Soviet Union.

It must be said that geodesy is a field of human activity that is divided into two main categories: theory and practice. Geodezist technician is the professional who is engaged in the practical side.

In general, JE Geodesists are professionals to which high demands on theoretical and practical training are presented. Depending on the particular enterprise, specialists can work in different graphics and regime: may, for example, act as hired employees, to work on a shift method or carry out its activities under the contract.


To seek a job person to qualify for the post of geodesist technician, he must have appropriate qualifications. There are several levels of qualifications that can be assigned by a specialist.

So, The first category specialist is an employee who has an average vocational education for this specialty and has experience of at least 2 years as a geodesist technique of the second category. Similar requirements are allocated to a specialist of the second category. An employee who has not yet gained experience, but has a geodesic education, is considered a geodesist technician without a category. It turns out that the highest qualification has a specialist of the first category. Discharges in the qualifying group of these specialists are not assigned.

BUT To get an engineer-geodesist, you need to go through appropriate training in higher education institution.

In addition to the formal signs listed above (the availability of a diploma and record in the employment record), employers have been putting forward and real requirements for a specialist who wants to take a geodesist technique.

The obligatory competencies of the professional include:

  • Knowledge of regulatory documentation, laws and subtitle acts that regulate the professional activities of the geodesist+
  • Knowledge of internal documentation of the enterprise+
  • The ability to work with specialized equipment and understanding of its technical and constructive features+
  • Availability of skill of the implementation of specialized geodetic calculations+
  • knowledge of labor legislation+
  • Knowledge of safety regulations+
  • Ability to plan geodesic work.

    At the same time, in addition to the requirements for professional characteristics, requirements and personal character are put forward. They are usually prescribed in the description of the vacancy, so when searching for work you need to be as attentive as possible. It’s believed that The geodesist technician must have a number of positive qualities, including:

    • patience+
    • routine+
    • Endurance and physical fitness+
    • Stress resistance and emotional stability+
    • attention to detail+
    • responsibility+
    • Performance+
    • discipline+
    • The desire for self-development+
    • ability to motivate yourself.

    The most successful in the profession will be the person who combines the necessary professional and personal characteristics. But it is also recommended to dwell on the development of standard minimum competencies, and develop further.

    The larger number of skills, skills and knowledge you will have, the more profitable you will stand out against the background of all other candidates for the post.

    Job description

    His professional duties technician geodesist performs in strict accordance with the job description and professional standard. That’s why We need to read in advance and very carefully with these documents.

    Remember that with incorrect execution or refusal to fulfill its working duties, you may be responsible, including criminal.

    The standard responsibilities of the geodesist technique include:

    • Performing functions in vertical layout+
    • Development of plans of various sites through specialized engines of engineering and geodetic surveys+
    • Preparation of source data for further construction+
    • Engineering and Geodesic Design+
    • Checking technical equipment+
    • Implementation of the required calculations+
    • Conducting review and measuring work+
    • Study of cadastral systems+
    • Compliance with the deadlines and schedules of work.

    It should be borne in mind that although the job description and professional standard, in fact, are rather standardized documents, each employer can make amendments and additions to them. Therefore, you should be ready to quickly adapt to changing working conditions.


    If you apply for the post of geodesist technique, then you need to go through appropriate training. Depending on the enterprise to which you plan to employ, as well as from your ambitions, you can get an education in a higher or secondary professional educational institution. You must give your preference to such areas of training as “Applied Geodesy”, “Land Department and Cadastra”, “Geodesy and Remote Sounding”, “Cartography and Geoinformatics”.

    Before entering an educational institution, be sure to visit the Admission Commission and clarify which exams should be handed over to the USE, and there are also special requirements regarding entrance tests.

    In the learning process, be extremely attentive, executive and responsible, try to receive the highest possible grades from possible. The thing is that When making a specialist to the post, many employers require not only a diploma himself, but also an extract. Therefore, high scores will allow you to stand out among other applicants. Not only theoretical, but also practical preparation is important. Therefore, try to manifest themselves as much as possible in practical activities that are an integral part of obtaining education.

    Besides, It should be borne in mind that many employers require their employees to continuous advanced training. To do this, you can visit various educational events: seminars, lectures, master classes, advanced training courses.


    If we talk about the average salary and geodesist technicians in Russia, then they are at the level of 48,000 rubles. However, this size of material remuneration for the work of a specialist may vary depending on the range of factors:

    • region of accommodation (traditionally wages in the capital are higher than in small provincial cities)+
    • The level of education (specialists who have a diploma of higher education can count on a higher salary compared to those who graduated from college)+
    • Category (with an increase in professionalism and salary increases)+
    • Place of work (private sector employees usually receive more than those specialists who are involved in state-owned enterprises).

    Thus, it can be concluded that the profession of geodesist technique is highly paid, and therefore in demand and popular among young people. At the same time, with the development of professionalism in its own case, he can count on an increase in material remuneration for his work.

    In addition, there are a wide variety of career paths – from promotion inside the enterprise before opening your own business.

    More information about the profession of the geodesist, see the following video.

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