Baker: Description of the profession, responsibilities and necessary skills for work

Baker: Description of the profession, responsibilities and necessary skills for work

The idea of ​​the profession of baker in the minds of many people vague – “Does something with flour, it turns into bread and some other delicious dishes”. But work in the bakery is much more interesting and has a number of certain features. It is very important to understand what is included in the duties of the baker and what skills need for this work.

Description of the profession

The main work of the baker and is in fact connected with flour, with flour. More precisely, This specialist primarily bake bread, and everything else is in the second plan for him. It is worth understanding that the bakers work alone only in small bakeries. For any large production and breadcruberties, they constantly interact with other employees. Good professional confidently works with the most different varieties of flour and always knows how to apply them correctly.

At the restaurant kitchen, the work of the baker usually performs a cook. However, narrow specialization has its benefit – it allows you to deeper to study the area of ​​activity and achieve great success on it. It should be borne in mind that the bakers appeared later to the chefs and for a long time they had in the shadows. The reason is simple: only in the twentieth century there are quite a few people who are ready to buy baking, and not working on it on their own. The requirements for the bakery profession are quite complex, and she herself was broken by a number of specializations.

Despite the fact that the work is carried out in warm and dryness, strong heat and constant contact with flour harm health. In small bakeries, the microclimate is better than on large bakers, however, the microwave radiation acts there.

The baker must be hardy and physically strong, be sure to have a good taste and eye.

This profession is definitely not suitable for the following categories of citizens:

  • suffering from paragraphs of heart and nervous system+
  • People with weak vision+
  • Sugar diabetes patients, other hormone disorders+
  • Affected skin allergies+
  • suffering from problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Varieties of bakery

Baker-confectioner takes raw materials, and this is not only flour, but also various additives, preservative components. This specialist checks how high-quality raw materials arrived, ensures its storage and storage. But all this is only a “prelude” to the main job – that is, the production of test, other required additives and substances. When the dough is done, he still has to give the form, follow the lifting, bake and decorate. In the amount it turns out that the confectioner baker is the most universal of all his colleagues.

It is necessary to clarify that it is he who tracks the quality of semi-finished products and made products. Just this person depends, whether various detergents of bread and bread products will be missed. Baker Condryer At large enterprises, faces ready-made products with the help of machines, and in the canteens and restaurants it is packaged by hand.

Somewhat other is a craft Pekary Tandolder. This is a relatively simple everyday work, mostly characteristic of Asian cuisine. Tandolders work on the manufacture of bread, for the most part they do not have to prepare the dough – it is brought to the object in the form. All that is required from the artist is to fill out the counter with fresh bread, follow, how quickly it is disassembled, and as needed new parties.

Despite the monotony of work, for the usual people, it does not represent problems.

And here Baker-technologist – This is a higher level specialist. Such an employee is not so much alone something bakes, as follows that everything is baked correctly and according to the standard, and it is he who will have to control the freshness of everything that they release retailers or wholesale. Equally important is the role of a technologist in providing sanitary standards. It all depends on it, there will be buyers to feel safe or not. One easy poisoning is enough to lose several customers, and if the story will splash in the media, even a large bakery can quickly disperse.

Still technologist is engaged in the control of the planned margin. It can not be forgotten that bakery production is not a world of free artists, but an extended enterprise that should have clear economic indicators. From the markup directly depends on the profit, but also to do it is very big it is impossible – then the clientele will quickly choose more favorable points. Baker-technologist teaches new employees accepted in a specific work technologies.

And yes, it is he who will have to check whether someone does not allow mistakes, enter clear standards.

Ready production standards must be able to correctly apply. Technologists provide other personnel all the required materials and place them in the required locations. Baker-technologist is also certified by other employees. Certification has to be held monthly in the format of oral or written text, seeking the detection of weak points and missing knowledge. Once a week, the technical baker controls the development of employees.

The test baker is engaged in the preparation of the test from the feedstock strictly for the technology that other specialists have previously developed. This specialist is also ensuring that all equipment worked perfectly to supply flour, water happened smoothly. The dough is estimated not only by external perception, but also taste. The required quality is ensured using the dosage setting.

Related area of ​​activity – Operator of the Testor Machine.

Requirements and Professional Skills

Baker According to a typical job description – a representative of work personnel. Only people who have at least secondary vocational education in the relevant specialty can occupy this position. The number of strictly mandatory skills includes, of course, knowledge of the technology of release of certain culinary products. These include basic requirements for thermal and steam baking modes.

We still have to explore:

  • How to determine the readiness of the dough to baking+
  • How to evaluate the quality of finished products+
  • how to adjust the duration of baking+
  • Factors that determine the production of bread and accurate calculation of such factors+
  • Methods for determining the performance of furnaces+
  • other specific specific equipment+
  • Sectoral and state standards.

Baker Must know the basic rules and requirements for labor protection. He should be aware of safety regulations, basic sanitary standards and fire actions, familiarize themselves with the procedure for using personal protective equipment. No less important role is played Requirements for rational labor organization.

It is also necessary to know various types of marriage, methods for its prevention and elimination.


The basic duties of the baker are enshrined in the legislation, the Charter of the Organization, the Officer, the Internal Regulations. Also worker DOwned will perform current orders of directors and other managers.

Bakers, according to the job instructions, are engaged in the process of baking bread. In the same documents, it is prescribed how much the main types of products should be produced during the shift. Baking will have to be prepared in large furnaces with a planting on a shovel, in electrical cabinets and conveyor furnaces.

Additionally, the basic duties of the Pecary are:

  • Baking small-piece and dieta lumps, buns+
  • Scuffing billets from dough+
  • Recess of finished products+
  • Cleaning sheets+
  • Service cabinets of final proofing+
  • Ospark+
  • Lubrication Substitution+
  • Maintain a stable steam and thermal regime+
  • Adjusting the movement of furnace conveyors+
  • execution of orders of all managers+
  • Disinfection of equipment.

Job description

The baker must prepare for himself a workplace and maintain it in a good condition, pure condition. But besides duties, he has, importantly, and the rights. Bakers can act with initiatives to improve work, on punishment of those responsible for something other employees. They are given the right to demand from other structural divisions of the organization and their employees all the necessary information without which it is difficult to work. Bakers have the right to get acquainted with all orders, other acts of the organization that affect their work.

Moreover, there is the right to pre-meet with projects of administrative decisions. There is still the right to seek help in creating the necessary terms of full-fledged work. Other Pacari authority are the same as other employees, and are established uniformly by the Labor Code.

Baking workers answer:

  • For bad performance or complete non-fulfillment of their official duties+
  • For administrative, criminal and civil offenses (in accordance with the legislation)+
  • for applying material damage (compensation limits are negotiated by law).

Official instructions for electric bakers also indicate additional responsibilities:

  • Placing test blanks on sheets+
  • Non-cut manual blanks+
  • Rolling trolleys+
  • Listing sheets in working chamber+
  • Extract sheets from there.

In job descriptions may be negotiated Attracting employees to overtime work. The framework of such work should not violate the labor legislation of the Russian Federation. Sometimes concretized and misconduct, for which the baker is punished. This includes all attempts to use their office features and opportunities to gain benefits to the detriment of the organization.

Also prohibit the degree of management about the degree of readiness of the work and the real production of bread, about the real expenditures of raw materials and resources.


Learn to bake, planning to work on a conventional bakery or in an ordinary city bakery, you can and in the usual technical school or college. There are a number of suitable specializations:

  • “Baker-Master”+
  • “Bakery Product Manufacturer”+
  • “Baker on a comprehensive-mechanized line”.

But receipt of 3 or 4 discharge is not the limit. Go to work in an elite restaurant or make a serious career without higher education practically impossible. It is recommended to enter higher educational institutions where there are really good professionals. There are such universities in several cities:

  • Moscow (Food University and University of Technology and Management)+
  • Kemerovo (Technological University of Food Industry)+
  • Krasnodar (Food Institute of the Kuban Technical University)+
  • Saratov (Agricultural University).

Moscow residents can enroll in Economic and Technological College №22 or in the College of Service Systems No. 3. A good alternative to them is food college №33. In St. Petersburg, bakeries are preparing college of food technologies and college of business and technologies in St. Petersburg State University. In Kazan, college of small businesses and entrepreneurship is being conducted in Kazan, and in Saratov – Financial and Technological College at the State Agrarian University.

average salary

Baker’s work is quite complicated. At the same time, in various regions of Russia, this specialist receives approximately the same remuneration. Working on the normalized schedule, you can count on the income of about 30 thousand rubles per month. In the Russian capital, even unsolvedly downloaded employees receive 25-26 thousand rubles at 25-26 thousand rubles. In remote hard-to-reach places, bakeries pay approximately 20,000, these are the stakes in monogors and district centers. But in serious industries in the megalopolises, the income of the bakery employees can rise to 45-47 thousand rubles.


A novice specialist (Pekary’s student) can be a full-fledged aback fairly quickly. Having increasing his professionalism, you can gradually become a bakery head or even the owner of your own enterprise. The intermediate stage between the student and a full-fledged abacker is the post of assistant baker.

Through such steps, it is necessary to pass almost all people who are arranged to work without experience and do not have the “steep” education opening all the doors. Assistants are engaged in the same obligations as “official” bakers, but the status and level of payment they are clearly lower.

About how bakery teach you can find out below.

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