Barber: Profession Description, Responsibilities and Requirements

Barber: Profession Description, Responsibilities and Requirements

Today a lot of new professions appear. They can be attributed to Barber. At the same time, specialists of this level are in great demand. They earn well, but are not at all hairdressers in the literal sense of the word.

The material of this article will tell about who Barber than he is different from the hairdresser, which skills have and why not sign up for a specialist is not so easy.

Who is that?

The name of the profession received from the word “Barba”, meaning “beard”. First experts called “Barber”, although they were engaged not only by the beard of customers. Barber is considered an expert in male style. He is engaged exclusively by men, creating a modern and stylish image to each of its clients.

He specializes in haircuts, shave, beard and burynbard care. The need for masters of this level is dictated by the trends of recent time. These specialists are needed by brutal men who follow their image. They understand customers from a half-word, know how to make an image spectacular and original.

Than Barber differs from hairdresser?

Barber is not a master of the hairdresser, such an opinion is wrong. Barbershop aims to work with a male audience, here customers are provided as comfortable conditions for staying. Masters-barberes are characterized by a sense of style. They follow themselves, understand the trends of each season and work with pleasure.

Barber academic sink. This means that he is versed in all classic and extraordinary haircuts. He knows how a man of a concrete type should look like, given his lifestyle, habits, tastes. He is a kind of artist who does not fall out of fashion.

Barber studies the features of the structure of the face and skull, and therefore can pick up the perfect image for any client.

This is not a typical brave, who cuts the beard and mustache, and not an ordinary hairdresser who can become a woman or a girl. Barber called Universal specialist who has a strong educational base. This is a creative nature, he knows how to keep the conversation, picks up the style, engaged in self-development (visits the courses and is being trained).

Barber can be called a real psychologist and inspirer. He sees the best image and can create it at a professional level. He not only gives the shape of strands, but also trains customer how to care for his hairstyle, mustache and beard. In addition, he inspires confidence in customers.

Pros and cons profession

This profession has a lot of advantages. Place where Barber works, reminds men’s club. Here you can get a lot of professional services, including not only haircuts, but also painting hair, massage shoulders and neck, creating eyebrows, manicure and even pedicure. Barbershops sell leaving products for hair, scalp and face skin.

Here you can talk, drink a cup of tea or coffee.

At the same time, the salary of specialists is an order of magnitude higher than ordinary hairdressers.

Profession is considered prestigious, she wants to master many men. Workplace atmospheric professionals, in the Arsenal Masters are high-quality professional tools.

Visitors to Barbershop are predominantly provided customers. Here you can make useful and interesting acquaintances, learn a lot of new things about the business sector. The established ties today decide a lot, they always need.

Among other advantages of the profession, the following can be noted:

  • Trust customers+
  • Permanent practice+
  • Learning from the best, high-class stylists+
  • Low competition and intense customer stream+
  • opportunity to open your business+
  • Lack of binding to one place+
  • Independent work schedule+
  • The possibility of self-development in the selected direction+
  • Provision for work, financial well-being+
  • constant client circle, increase their number.

    Along with the advantages of the profession of Barber there are several drawbacks. Creative Master’s view understand not all. Sometimes a specialist faces not understanding from the Company. Some people consider the profession of a unworthy man. Others do not understand the difference between the usual hairdresser and Barber, and therefore consider payment for the visit.

    Bad and the fact that the salary of beginners and experienced specialists is very different. Those who are just starting their careers get much less professional colleagues. At the same time, not every man can become Barber. Here you need such qualities as creative vision, feeling of taste and style that are far from all.

    The negative characteristics of the work include the fact that most of its working time master holds standing. This increases the load on the spine, leads to increased fatigibility of the body.

    If a man has medical contraindications, it is undesirable to engage in such work.

    Among other disadvantages it is worth noting that inadequate customers come across the specialist, but today it is everywhere.

    Requirements and duties

    Barber – a special specialist. He must have certain skills.

    The master of this level is constantly being improved by following the following:

    • picks up a style for anyone, even the most demanding client+
    • Stripping hair, models mustache and beard, shaves+
    • Perfection stacked strands, paints them+
    • selects customer leaving+
    • Supports a conversation+
    • Owns the art of stylistics.

    This Barber knows all hair removal methods under zero. His haircut transitions are characterized by flawlessness, regardless of whether the master works with scissors or trimmers.

    In addition, this specialist must own two types of shave: wet and royal.

    Both techniques are performed using a dangerous razor. The first technique is considered simplified. The second requires preliminary preparation, which is to break the skin through a hot towel, cleansing peeling.

    The client is then shaving to polishing effect, after which they are engaged in cooling and calming the skin.

    Barber duties include:

    • Hair haircut couple with professional stacking+
    • shaving razor under zero or camouflage+
    • Complex procedures aimed against hair loss+
    • Design of beard and mustache, treatment of the skin of the face and head with cosmetics+
    • Responsible approach to each Barbershop client.

    In other words, this specialist should be able to see the style of any man and incarnate him. Quality data is especially important, and therefore adolescents and even schoolchildren began to contact the bubers today. Each of them leaves the salon with a fashionable haircut, which is different from what is done in ordinary hairdressers.

    Recently, creative fashionable fashion. High-level specialists can see the perfect image of a woman, like no other that prove examples of photos from social networks. These are extraordinary haircuts with shaved temples and drawings, an unusual way of painting at different lengths.

    Master Barber knows how to surprise the client. He owns scissors and a razor perfectly, between the aggregation of strands masterfully turns the tools in his hands, does not cut down anything superfluous. Such a person is passionate about his work, it must be punctual and sociable, friendly and polite, stress-resistant, tidy and clean.

    Besides, Its important qualities should be a competent speech and the ability to position the client. During one visit, a man can completely transform. Barber should be able to make his image status, brutal, suitable by internal state.

    He must be able to give the hair the necessary impeccable view, beard, mustache and skin face – aesthetic appeal to such a specialist need a lot to know.


    Barber – Master with Special Education. Such a profession is obtained by passing the appropriate training. At the same time, the profile education can be obtained not only abroad, but in our country. You can leaken in the Special Academy, which today is under Barbersop. Barbering taught the best professionals of their business. At the same time, not only lectures are carried out during the course, but also to work in practice. Occupies training for about 3 months, after graduate student gets a bubber certificate. During the passage of study, the future specialist studies the nuances of the selection of haircuts, taking into account the shape of the head and type of hair.

    In addition, he receives knowledge on the technology of creating various male haircuts. It is taught by nuances of professional hair styling, creating samples, prints, corrections, as well as beard camouflage, introduce styling. The course includes the study of actual lines of male cosmetics, future stylists teach communication with customers and the basics of psychology.

    As for the most favorable place of training, the best option will be the big academy.

    In such a place, the best student is trying to provide a suitable place for employment. However, the courses alone will not be enough. Young Barbera will have to constantly train on his acquaintances, serving them for free at first.

    It is important to understand that the choice of the site of learning is of particular importance, since each institution has its own characteristics. For example, there are such schools of stylists who have a clearly pronounced structure. Wherein Depending on the type of courses, their cost may vary from 50,000 to 100,000 thousand and more.

    Some courses are designed for those who already own the basics of hairdressers. They can only last a few days during which the Barbering philosophy is studying. Lectures consider the rules for handling instruments, nuances of smooth transitions, their correct and impeccable execution. The advantage of such courses is the possibility of employment of the best students.

    Other courses provide individual classes with each, which allows to improve the quality of the future specialist. Often such courses allow independent choice of visiting time. If the student has no time, temporary stopping of full-time classes is possible. Other bubers get knowledge from self-taught with name and colossal experience.

    You can study not only from specialists and courses. Besides, Today it is possible and you need to watch the lessons of Barbering professionals. This will remove the change of trends, understand the mistakes, disassemble the nuances of the preparation of the perfect brutal style. As learning, you need to move from familiar and relatives to models.

    Find them easy: To do this, you can contact social networks or special groups. The first models create an image at low prices. However, with great practice, experience will come, in the way it will be possible to form a portfolio and accumulate the client base. Do not stand still: Barber is perfected constantly, he does not become a conservative.

    It is necessary to create different images, unacceptable monotony. To develop your own skills, you can experiment with images.

    To expand the horizons and understanding of trends, you can contact the ideas of famous colleagues, selecting the optimal option for a particular client, taking into account the peculiarities of his face and the shape of the skull.


    Specialist salary level depends on different factors, among which experience, fame, reputation, as well as. Regarding the latter is worth noting: the larger the city, the greater the chance of making a lot. However, it is not necessary to do without recommendations here, which means that communication needs. On average, the salary of the young specialist is approximately 50,000 rubles per month. However, this is not the limit: very quickly this amount increases to 70,000-90000 rubles. Professionals of their business receive about 200,000 rubles. At the same time, each client pays differently, which depends on the amount of work.

    As a rule, Masters Barbershop work at a percentage rate. Usually they get about 30-40% of the cost of the service provided. In addition, they earn on the sale of high-quality care cosmetics. From it they get up to 20% of the price of each sold. Specialist salary is prescribed in the price list, its level depends on the region. In a major city (for example, Moscow), the haircut arrives at about 1600-2000 rubles. It takes this work for about an hour along with preparation and cleaning. Thus, when loading in 8-10 clients, the wizard brings income to the salon a day from 12800 to 20,000 rubles. It will also get about 6000 rubles. For the month he will receive more than 130,000 rubles.

    Profit from the sale of cosmetics depends on the skill of the wizard correctly use the means and sell. On average, the percentage of the Master per month is 18000-20000 rubles. It is worth noting the fact that the barberes get premiums and tips. This amount depends on the experience of the master, his skills, sociability. Thus, professionals in megalopolis can earn quite decent amounts. In the regions, the salary will be less than about 40%. Over time, you can expand your business, take on the work of creative specialists.

    Having a certain experience, you can study young Barber. Curriculum will increase wages. For example, a couple of classes with one student can increase the income of the specialist for 10-12 thousand. rubles. As for prices for services separately, the average design of the beard and mustache costs 400 rubles and more. “Royal Shave” is more expensive (1200 rubles), shaving a dangerous blade – 800-900 rubles. Laying and washing hair costs the client about 800-900 rubles. Edging is above 500 rubles. If Barber is engaged in designing eyebrows, the client pays for this service about 700-900 rubles.

    How to start from scratch?

    Become a barberry, going by different ways. The longest is considered to be a college study, after which you will have to attend different Barbering courses. You can immediately go to the courses “Barber from Scratch”. However, one course is not enough, and without practice it will not be possible to enter the proper level of work. Will have to constantly practice your friends and acquaintances. Simultaneously with learning and practice, you need to follow new trends. It is necessary to learn to create stylish images, train the ability to emphasize the best features of each client. Admit students to independent work as learned in different ways. Somewhere it is possible on the third day of study.

    If the studying is particularly diligent, after a couple of weeks he can make a worthy competition to Barbering professionals.

    However, such preparation will require large financial investments. But these spending pay off quickly, because most modern men prefer to contact Barber, and not in hairdressers.

    You can start the way with access to a professional specialist. This will allow to understand his skill level. Over time, it will be possible to open its business, but for now it is necessary to look at the workplace of the specialist, the design of the cabin, the manner of behavior, the situation in general.

    It is important to create an image and for yourself, because customers will pay attention to Barber first.

    If there are no barbershop in the city, you can start practicing in the hairdresser. Today in such establishments there is a possibility not only employment, but also renting a workplace. As a rule, even the beginning of the Barbells very quickly appears their clients. You can work at home, equipping one of the rooms under a cozy mini salon. Over time, you can accumulate funds and rent a room in a good location.

    It is important to immediately purchase professional instruments, the quality of the work performed, the exception of the cut, as well as its own convenience during the work.

    Need a machine with nozzles, high-quality trimmer, scissors, comb, shawl, sprayer, collars and much more. It is necessary to acquire high-quality funds from well-known brands. It is important to create a cozy and having atmosphere indoors. If there is no opportunity to work at home, you can start with a beauty salon, doing a male audience. Over time, you can create a personal brand, for what you need to have an author’s style, learn to build trust relationships with the clientele.

    In the next video, you will learn what features you can define a good barbera.

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