Choose a dressing table with a mirror and illumination

Choose a dressing table with a mirror and illumination

Very convenient in operation and useful is a quality dressing table with a mirror and illumination. Today, more and more people acquire similar furniture for their homes. Select the appropriate instance stands, repulscing from many factors and criteria. In today’s article, we will get closer with such exquisite furniture and find out how it must be properly selected.

Features, pros and cons

Modern dressing tables are presented in a huge assortment. Similar furniture design usually looks elegant and expensive. With the help of a properly selected model, you can revive the interior, make it more attractive and fashionable. The design of the dressing tables consists of several main parts, including:

  • Table top+
  • mirror+
  • Shelves+
  • Retractable drawers+
  • Different stands.

Of course, an optional table will consist of absolutely all listed elements. It all depends on the configuration of a particular model. There are options without shelves or without lockers.

The dressing table with a mirror looks much more effectary and brighter if the backlit is supplemented. With such equipment, furniture and use is more convenient and practical.

We will analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of such furniture structures. Let’s start with positive characteristics.

  • French representatives Much more convenient to apply makeup and worship near a good dressing table.
  • The presence of additional lighting is a big plus of such tables. Using the highlight of the fashionista can be painted at any time of the day, I do not miss anything from the view.
  • If the model has drawers and shelves, they can serve as a good storage. There you can accommodate cosmetics, and decorations, and many other items to choose users.
  • The mirror is a detail that promotes visual expansion of space. If in a small room to find a place for a suitable table with a large mirror, it will surely play a role and refresh the room.
  • Interiors in which make-up tables with backlit and a mirror look like more refined and attractive.
  • Assortment of modern toilet tables is huge – It is possible to choose a decent instance for the situation, aged in any style and color.

Special minuses such furniture has no. True, before buying it, it is worth thinking many times, whether it will really need you. It often happens that fashionista, who bought a dressing table with a mirror and backlit, simply do not use them, because of which it is idle, covered with dust.

In addition, for the table will have to allocate free space in the room. If the area of ​​the room is too small, perhaps the furniture under consideration will only interfere.


Manufacturers holding their positions in the modern market, release toilet tables with backlight and a mirror in different modifications. Get acquainted with relevant options.

  • Classic model. The simplest tremois. This is a table with 4 legs on wheels, a tabletop with a mirror attached to it. The latter can be complemented by lamps. You can find on sale Classic tables with drawers and shelves.

  • Trellier. This model always has a mirror, securely fixed in the middle. Extra mirror parts are attached on the sides of it.

  • Triam. This is a high mirror installed above the dressing table. The average height of such parts is usually from 75 to 80 cm.

  • Console. True Cosmetic Table Equipped with Folded Lid. In his design, too, there is a mirror. The model is very comfortable and practical. It can be folded by making a regular table. In such a design, the mirror can save from unnecessary pollution and dust clusters.

  • Suspended table. This is an instance, a countertop and a mirror of which is fixed directly on the free wall in the room. With such a furniture design, the interior acquires the original and stylish look. The suspension countertop can be equipped with a shelf or drawer – it all depends on the configuration of the product.

  • Composite model. This design consisting of several separate parts. Countertop, Mirror, Shelves – Each of the elements is separate. Part of the model with a mirror and lamps is fixed on the wall or installed on the worktop.

  • Angle model. Successful solution for a small room. Angular table can be put in a free corner, leaving the rest of the area free. The design can be fixed on the wall or simply assigned to it.

  • With Tumbay. Multifunctional make-up tables, complemented by a tab, are on sale. It is usually located on one of the side of the furniture. It may provide several boxes in which there will be a place for storing different things and items.

Toilet tables with a mirror and backlight are divided into materials from which are made.

  • Wooden. High-quality, durable, reliable and environmentally friendly models. Products made of array requires careful care in the form of processing by antiseptics so that the tree does not rot and dissolve.

  • Metal. The strongest, wear-resistant and durable, but are not suitable for all interior styles. They look harmoniously only in modern destinations.

  • Glass. Also suitable for modern interiors. They look elegant and stylish, but they have to follow their cleanliness especially carefully. There is a risk of split the design, even if it is made of high-strength hardened material.

  • Plastic. Not so popular as listed above. Budget material, it can be easily damaged, may look cheap. Suitable for techno-style.

  • LDSP, MDF. Most popular specimens. MDF relatively inexpensive material, may look attractive, but too long service life is not always different. LDSP looks easier, but it is cheaper. However, it has formaldehyde resins, harmful to humans. Safety Furniture from LDSP Class E-1 and E-0.


The stores sell toilet tables with a mirror and lamps that have a variety of dimensions. Consider what could be the parameters of such furniture.

  • Standard Countertops Height – 75 cm, But here it is necessary to repel from the growth of the user. The maximum is considered to be 80 cm parameter.
  • The minimum width of the table top of the models on the legs – 40-45 cm, and the suspended instances – 30-35 cm (but there are even more compact options with a width of 25 cm).
  • Minimum mirror size – 45 cm.
  • Middle Length Little Table – 80 cm.
  • Table with a table can be in length 100 cm, and its depth will be 50 cm.
  • The width of large tables can be 50 cm and more, and length – no less than 1.2 m.

If on sale it was not possible to find the product of suitable dimensions, you can order the manufacture of a table according to your individual sizes.

Design and colors

We will understand in the features of the design and coloring of the makeup tables of different styles.

  • Classic. Classic models are usually made of wood, have light color. Can be decorated with a small amount of carved parts. Furniture should look expensive, solid and presentable.

  • High tech. Modern style in which there will be spectacular tables with metal, glass or chrome details. Carved scenery will not fit. More often in this style there are black, white, beige, gray, blue colors. Surfaces can be glossy or matte, monophonic.

  • Minimalism. Also a modern direction. For him, it is necessary to select the lowest tables of restrained design and the most simple forms, deprived of extra scenery and decorations. In minimalism, the same colors are relevant as in Hai-tech.

  • Loft. In this style, there will be harmoniously looked by coarse tables with metal parts and brutal wooden surfaces. Appropriate will be “industrial” shades – gray, brown, black.

Valid dark blue, dark green, black and in a small amount of beige surfaces.

Tips for choosing

Select a dressing table with a mirror and lighting must be based on such criteria.

  • Material. The design should be made of high-quality, eco-friendly and beautiful material that will serve many years and will not deliver the hassle.
  • Equipment. Decide in advance what kind of table you want to buy: with drawers, shelves, bedside table or without these components.
  • Dimensions. The table must be perfectly fit into the place allocated for it in the room. For example, the product with dimensions 900x500x1480 mm is unlikely to succeed normally place in a very small room. In order not to encounter such a problem, you need to remove all the necessary measurements before going to the store.
  • Build quality. The table should be assembled for conscience. The design should be stable, strong, deprived of defects and damage, backlash. Inspect the mirror. It should not be scratches, chips and other defects.
  • Brand. It is recommended to buy high quality branded furniture. Only such products can live a long time, without losing an attractive appearance.

Beautiful examples

  • White table with glossy surfaces and a puff with a carriage tie can be put in a bright room. It will be fine if the shade of furniture will differ from the shade of the wall finish at least a couple of tones.

  • Snow-white classic style table will look gorgeous on the background of wooden walls and wooden floor (laminate fit). Near the table can be put in a small round pouf with woven white upholstery.

  • The black model of the table with white facades of drawers can be put in a room with walls, finished with pink or lilac shade. The interior will be very cute.

In the next video you will find an overview of the dressing table with a mirror and illumination.

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