Desired Position in Summary

Desired Position in Summary

Desired Position in Summary – Point capable of crossing the most brilliant career expectations. Personnel hiring specialists noted that even an elementary study of other people’s mistakes before drawing up their own application can significantly increase the chances of success. Solving what to do if you do not know what vacancy is better to claim, it is worth considering examples posted by other applicants.

Even if the list of posts implies the presence of different options or combining professions, The main criterion for the employer is the confidence of the future employee in its forces in a specific profession.

How to specify the desired vacancy?

From the work of the dream sometimes can separate only the submission of the resume. It is important that the desired position corresponds to professional skills of a specialist. The Iron Rule works here: each vacancy accounts for only 1 resume. Trying to demonstrate the breadth of your knowledge, you can be overboard the labor market. In addition, there are other mistakes that the applicant is better to avoid.

Planning for the first time to write a resume, It is worth first to explore the available samples, sort out the rules for its compilation. The main recommendation here is only one: put the name of the post you need instead of the title. That is, you need to start not with the inscription “Summary” at the top of the document, but from the designation of the position to which the applicant decided to apply. According to experts on recruitment, options “I do not know what to choose” show the immaturity of the person of a person who wants to get a job.

Presentation of their skills in front of the employer – the second step to receiving a vacant position. When viewing resumes, recruiters are primarily looking for professionals interested in a certain position. Accordingly, when selecting personnel, those who claim to various positions are immediately eliminated. After making a list of your expectations to the capital part of the resume, you can not wait at all.

You can avoid errors, if it is responsible to approach the self-sustaining. To correctly fill in the first part of the resume, it stands from the very beginning to operate according to a specific scheme.

  • Accurately determine your qualifications, professional skills. This will make it clear how high may be waiting. The presence of specialized education for which there is no experience may be as important as practical work in the specialty with the study of the necessary skills in place.
  • Determine the range of jobs for vacancies. For each option is drawn up its resume. It is better if the priority options will be no more than 2-3. In many job search services, recruiters can view a list of all user applications. It is not necessary to spawn your interests from the post of Director General to search for vacancies Courier or office manager.
  • Prepare Summary. After the title of the vacancy, you should specify practical skills in the selected field, work experience, our competitive advantages. Do not overload resume details, it is better to pay maximum attention to the fullness, correct data. Tell about yourself in more detail about yourself at the interview.

Observing the rules, you can noticeably increase your chances of success at the initial selection stage. It is important only to prevent critical errors in a summary that will immediately lead to a refusal to cooperate with the applicant.

Errors writing section

Put little in the resume the beautiful name of the post, it is also important to correctly formulate its name, determine the profile of the vacancy, correctly imagine. It is worth considering the most common errors in more detail.

Empty graph

The coarsest error is the submission of the resume at all without specifying the desired post. In a large company, dozens of vacancies can be opened in various profiles. Employees of the personnel department will not be customized available posts under a specific applicant. The lack of information about what position is interested in a specialist – the first sign of a non-professional attitude to work.

Copy of workbook

It seems that the easiest option will be the rewriting of data on the employment record. The wording in it is noticeably different from the commonly consulting, the discharges and specializations that narrow the search range are indicated here. It is better to abandon the stationery and translate the dry language of recruiters to a more familiar plane.

Correctly forming the name of the vacancy, you can noticeably expand the list of companies that will be ready to offer the job as a applicant.

Confusion in definitions

When specifying the title of the vacancy in the resume It is necessary not to confuse it with the industry in which it will be necessary to work. For example, “administrative and economic activity” or “marketing”, “sales” – a vivid example of improper formulation. The substitution of concepts often concerns both the impersonal definitions: “An employee of the commercial hall”, “Head”, “Officer”. The name of the post in the summary should sound like this: “Marketer”, “Administrator”, “Seller-Cashier”.

Neoconated education

The main mistake of students when specifying the desired position in the summary – making information about unfinished education instead of the title of the vacancy. This is just the status that a person takes the company’s hierarchy. The benefit of such a graph in the summary will definitely do not bring, but you can specify a course and specialty in the section on education. In the presence of practical knowledge or real experience, it is possible to specify it, but with the addition of “travelers” or “intern”.


Applicants often believe that in the summary it is worth lifying absolutely all of their life path and a labor biography. The employer also wants just to receive an employment officer at his disposal corresponding to the vacancy. Specify several skills simultaneously only if they are adjacent. For example, “Seller”, “Cashier”, “Sales Representative”. The list of non-interconnected posts may scare the potential employer.

Lack of specifics

I should not depreciate yourself from the very beginning. I mention about the consent to take on any job, the potential employee himself prevents her. A person without ambition and a specific position in the summary can count exclusively on low-paid proposals or one-time parting. Seriously consider his candidacy of the company will not.

Overwheed wide coverage

Even correctly specifying the position, do not forget about specific. Note “Manager” does not reveal the real skills of specialists. Supplement “Sales”, “Personnel”, “Customer Service” – this is the first step to success. The programmer should decorate the string in the summary with the languages ​​with which it works.


If the desired specialty is not designated immediately, the resume can pass by the attention of a specialist responsible for recruitment. For example, by specifying three specialties at once in different spheres of responsibility, you can conquer a reputation of a person who has not able to stay any position for a long time. Much more impressively appeal to the applicant, breaking in wholesale and retail sales.

Choose the correct wording is simply necessary. This will benefit the benefits of competitors already at the selection stage. It is especially important that these data be made in the “header” – header. Next you can expand to tell about your own experience.

Such a summary will look much more informative and more attractive than the template version, even completed by all the rules.

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