Energy channels of man and work with them

Energy channels of man and work with them

Theme of human energy is interesting and exciting. There is a doctrine that tells about special channels. With competent effects, they can improve the general physical condition and even get rid of some diseases. To get a positive effect, you need to be able to competently affect them. In this article, consider the features of human energy channels and work with them.

What it is?

The energetic channels of the person are also called meridians. This accumulation of active points, which are located all over the body of a person. They are located on energy channels, each of which is responsible for a certain part of the body. Each channel is a separate niche, according to which the energy is distributed on the physical shell. Many experts studying this direction compare organs with light bulbs, and channels – with wires for which the current is necessary for work. Points act as switches. Through them channels can be activated by necessity.

Task Meridian – connect the physical shell of a person with an essential body.

For the first time they discovered Chinese doctors studying this topic in ancient times.

They believe that energy circulates by the body according to its own laws, without human participation. In some cases, the channels are poorly passable, which leads to health problems.

Asian medicine indicates the existence of 14 channels responsible for many parts of the body. According to the ancient Chinese teaching, energy begins to circulate in the lungs and after the body goes. As soon as it enters the body, the force passes 12 meridians. 12 Energies make a full circle on the body of a person per day. In each of the meridians, the power engineer holds 2 hours. All channels are pair, this suggests that they are the same in two sides of one body.

For what is needed?

Channels nourish the body with life force due to which the body can harmoniously develop and keep health. Stagnation of energy or blockage of channels worsens general condition. The meridians are affected when it is necessary to get rid of negative emotions, clean the body and improve. As a tool, use a massage of specific points.Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the circulation to calm energy flows. This practice is applied during inflammation. A certain channel is filled with heat Yan and it must be cooled to stop the movement of energy and inflammatory process. Energy Yan warms the body, while Yin is considered the opposite force and cools the body.

Important! Experts can affect one of the channels through points or immediately into several. The intensity will depend on which problem you need to cope.

Where are there?

Energy path in meridians occupies exactly 24 hours. Such a rhythm indicates that the body is in harmony and all organs function normally. This is the key to normal blood circulation and tissue development. There are the following types of energy:

  • Foundation – Q+
  • Male type – Yang+
  • Female Type – Yin.

And it is also divided depending on the positive properties on such species as:

  • Generic+
  • Protective+
  • giving.

Ancient Chinese doctors believe that the root cause of physical and biological disorders is stagnant in the energy vessels. In the body in men and women there are 150 main energy points. Their total number is 664 points that are used for acupuncture. Points can be divided into separate groups, each of which responds to a specific organ. The image shows the diagram of points and channels. This is a detailed map of the human body. They are dissipated throughout the body.

Important! To achieve a certain result when working with energy vessels, you need to know exactly their location and compliance with a specific organ. Only professionals possess such knowledge.

In some cases, you can help your own. A large number of practices and training materials were developed that help to get acquainted with energy channels.To achieve a positive result, you need to do not only the theory, but also practice.Regular exercises help to know your body and make the practice more efficient. Consider the following points that provide influence on various organs:

  • To influence the work of the lungs, stimulate points on large fingers+
  • To the heart is tied the point on the middle finger or Mizinz+
  • Mysinetty is also responsible for activating a large intestine zone+
  • In order to influence the temperature of the body, the specialists stimulate the zone on a nameless finger+
  • Big feet are responsible for buds, spleen and liver+
  • The second and fourth fingers are connected to the stomach and gallbladder+
  • The zone of the mother’s and heels is responsible for the bladder.

How to open and expand?

Opening points and meridian – complex technique, so it is impossible to perform it yourself without appropriate training. One of the ways of exposure – Massage of energy points. Work performed by index or thumb. If the balance is not broken, the process of thermoregulation will be held properly and coordinated. And also uses the awake of certain zones and tapping by points. The energy that the body has polarity. Yang – Positive and Yin – Negative. Channels filled with Yang are located on the outer surface of the limbs, and Yin – on the inner.

Important! Another simple and understandable way to safely affect channels – meditation. She helps to get rid of disturbing thoughts and focus on the desired result. This is a kind of pumping a person’s interaction function with the world around the energy.

Despite the fact that the location schemes were drawn up, with their help it is impossible to determine the exact finding of “switches”. In this case, you need to be as attentive and take into account the features of the structure of the body: depressions, muscles, tendons, etc. An experienced specialist will easily determine their exact location and can affect them to the body.

With an independent examination and disclosure of the channels, it is recommended to start with the most simple energy points. One of these is called the “Point of longevity”. It is on the outer part of the knee, in the depression, below the knee cup. Find it will not be labor. Experts believe that the daily massage of this part of the body will have a positive effect on the general condition. The necessary energy functions are activated, and all the power inside the body stabilizes. All this leads to improved health. All similar manipulations are recommended to perform in the morning, preferably until six in the morning.

There are the following contraindications, because of which the point impact should be abandoned:

  • high body temperature+
  • oncology+
  • Myocardial infarction.

Important! Specialists use special practices, such as grounding programs. They include a specific series of action.

Another important point on the human body – Feng Fu. She is responsible for the health and rejuvenation of the body. According to professionals, stimulation of this zone leads to improved blood circulation. As a result, the regeneration process is launched. This practice is widely used to establish the work of the cardiovascular system and get rid of chronic diseases.

This is the effective prevention of premature aging. Stimulation of just one point helps to preserve youth and attractive appearance. Detect her uncomfortable. It is on the border of the neck and head. In anatomy, this site is called “Big Hole Nature”.

To stimulate the point, the adherents of Eastern Medicine use the method of catering herbal cigarette. This option is not recommended to use at home. Otherwise there is a risk to harm yourself. Safe Exposure – An applied to an ice cube point. Such a simple action will strengthen the bloodstream. The procedure is better to perform early in the morning, before breakfast. Approximate exposure time – about a minute.

Despite the safety of this method, it also has the following contraindications:

  • Individual intolerance to cold stimulation+
  • discomfort during the procedure+
  • Worsening overall health.

In the process of impact on the body, it is necessary to be attentive to your own feelings, with the slightest ailment, the procedure should be stopped.

How to clean?

Cleaning energy channels is a special process whose task is to restore the astral human body. As well as cleansing is necessary to eliminate the negative accumulated in aura. Stress, fears, experiences, excitement, problems – all this is absorbed by the energy membrane of a person. Full development and health prevents “garbage” surrounding each of us. Specialists are confident, the cleaning process is needed by almost all people. A modern man lives in such a rhythm, in which stressful situations appear every day. Completely get rid of them with the help of an ordinary rest will not work.

There are many techniques of energy purification. This popular procedure attracts more and more attention. Many scammers in search of light accommodation offer paid cleaning of energy channels. In order not to spend money in vain, you need to approach carefully to the choice of a specialist.

Professional duties – to accurately determine the diagnosis, detect internal locks, clamps and only then, start work. And also need to make an individual cleaning program for each person. During sessions, you need to listen to the reaction of the body. Negative signals say that cleaning is performed incorrectly.

Experienced specialists can affect the human body remotely. Some people are more comfortable to work in such a format. This allows you to reveal and focus on the desired result. For a session may require a new photo. If a real professional is taken for business, the efficiency of the remote cleaning process will also be high, as with personal contact with the body.

The most common and secure cleaning method that can be used independently – meditation. Stay at rest is useful for both physical and essential shell. Meditate is needed in a calm and quiet place. It is advisable to remain one throughout the session. Warm season is recommended to clean outdoor cleaning. The most common posture for meditation – lotus posture. In this position you can sit for a long time without the feeling of discomfort.

How often work with meridians?

Meridian cleaning is recommended not only if there are symptoms (headache, poor health, disease, discomfort, etc.). Preventive procedures will help maintain the body and spirit in shape. The number of healing sessions each specialist appoints individually. It depends on the state of human health, its way of life, expected results and other factors. When exposed to specific energy flows, the course includes several stages: program drawing up, stimulation of necessary points, break, re-stimulation. The exposure time on the point is gradually increased.

About human energy channels See in the video below.

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