Exercises for the brain and the development of adult memory

Exercises for the brain and the development of adult memory

Mature Personality It is necessary to maintain its cognitive abilities and memory in good shape. If you notice that it has become difficult for you to cope with intellectual tasks and memorize new information, then you should pay more time to gymnastics of the brain.

Why do training fit?

Studying at school or university, a person learns a huge number of previously unexplored material. This allows the brain to work intensively. Over the years, the flexibility of the mind weakens due to the habit of the subject to think the same type, so it is important for an adult person to regularly train memory.

The higher the activity of mental activity, the more enters the brain of blood saturated blood.

It is necessary to perform special exercises that stimulate mental processes.

Solving tasks with non-standard ways helps to make the brain perfectly, save the intellect and develop memory after 40 years. Any new classes contribute to the restructuring of thinking, allow you to maintain the brain functions in working condition.

Effective brain exercises

There is a productive charging that improves human mental activity. On the synchronization of two hemispheres of the brain directed finger gymnastics.

  • Prettyly shed hands, as if you wash very dirty palms thoroughly. Alternately pull the thumb with the tips of all the fingers of the same hand in the forward and reverse direction.
  • Hope the fingers of both brushes. The thumb of each hand should touch the little finger on another brush. Further, the thumbs are smoothly moving first on unnamed, then to the middle, then on the index fingers of the other hand. In the future, the actions are repeated in reverse order.
  • Left hand take the tip of the right ear, and right – for the lobe of the left ear. In such a state it is necessary to make at least 20 squats.

There are still useful exercises that evenly distribute the energy between both brain hemispheres.

  • Examine carefully for one and a half minutes list consisting of 20 words. During this period of time, break the word form on the pair and tie them with the help of associative rows. Then try to write on the sheet all the concepts in order. If you remember from 15 to 20 words, then your memory works great. Reproduction of 10-14 words indicates the average memory of memorization. When recovering less than 10 words, it is necessary to urgently begin work on improving brain activity.

    • Gymnastics for the brain “Colored Words” allows you to improve the concentration of attention. You need to quickly utter the color of the word, while it means one color, but has a completely different color. For example, the word “blue” is written in red, and “yellow” – green. It confuses. For this reason, it becomes necessary to focus. Both hemispheres are included in the work.

    Psychologists recommend every hemisphere to train alternately.

    For the right hemisphere

    The right side of the brain is responsible for emotions, imagination, deciphering various metaphors, recognition of persons, processing of non-verbal information, musical and artistic abilities, orientation in space. You can develop this hemisphere with some exercises.

    • One hand depicts a figure of three fingers, another hand shows a sign of approval. Then quickly unwind the brushes and slap in the palm. Show the figures with the other hands. Again it follows cotton in the palm of hand, and cooks with a sign of approval change in places. Repeat gymnastics several times.

    • Mirror drawing of the same figures at once with two hands very effectively. Initially, you should start with the images of squares, triangles, circles, loop. Over time, the task is complicated. Both hands are simultaneously drawing full-fledged pictures.

    For the left hemisphere

    Classes for the development of logical thinking are aimed at maintaining the work of the left hemisphere. This part of the brain performs the functions that are responsible for the language and speech of man, consistent processing of all incoming data into brain structures. Thanks to the left hemisphere, the subject can understand the words, analyze, produce mathematical actions. It is possible to train it with the help of solving mathematical problems, solving the plas and crosswords, various logical games, checkers and chess.

    Features of neuroker

    Regular execution of the same type of tasks leads to the fact that the subject becomes difficult to focus on new information. American neurobiologist Lawrence Katz has developed an interesting gymnastics for the mind, when performing 5 senses active.

    Such a charging allows you to synthesize new links between the neurons of the brain, keep the excellent memory for a long time.

    The essence of the neuroker is reduced to the fact that the usual actions are made in the original way. Unusual activities, fresh sensations contribute to the emergence of new nervous bonds developing intellectual abilities.

    It would be good rightful to start writing, brushing your teeth, happier or keep a spoon with your left hand and, on the contrary, left-handed right hand. Change the pace of habitual action. If you are used to doing everything quickly, slow down your actions, and, on the contrary, if you are a slow person, then accelerate the pace. It is proposed to go around the apartment blindly, determine the subject. Try to learn the nominal coins only with the touch of the fingers.

    When reading, sharpen attention on the headings and articles that did not interest you before. Try to answer non-standard on ordinary questions. Look at some transmission on TV without sound accompaniment and try to understand what the actors say about.

    Inhale various flavors, enjoy the smells of food, plants and spirits. Smart your smartphone or notebook. Do not be afraid to change your image sharply. Choose other routes for arrival in our habitable: outlets, sports club, beauty salon, car service, to work.

    Tasks for memory training

    Well improve the flexibility of the mind of various tasks. Quickly count from 100 to 1. And now make the countdown of Troika: 100, 97, 94, 91 .. Produce simple arithmetic actions in the mind: fold, read and multiply.

    Calculations load the working memory, thereby maintaining it in active condition.

    Improve mental processes can be able to invent the word for each letter of the alphabet. To this end, it is necessary to extract half-thousand words from memory. At such moments there is an activation of long-not involved ties between neurons.

    Invent different tasks daily. For example, put the task: “Today I pay attention to all the items of yellow color all day”. Similar installation aims to choose from and holding information. The selection function is trained. Pay attention to the numbers passing by you cars.

    The game of chess involves the brain into violent mental activity, as it is necessary to mentally calculate not only your moves, but also the moves of the enemy. Thunderstorming the interaction strategy with the opponent resembles a model of the daily existence of the personality.

    Listen carefully to your interlocutor. Try to remember the color of his clothes, eyes, hair and voice timbre. After parting with it, try to reproduce in the memory of the face, coloring of things. Recall the fragrance of perfume, which this person uses. Mentally reproduce the timbre of his voice

    Visualize items necessary for memorization. For example, during a hike to the store, every item of the necessary purchase is correlated with part of your body. Imagine a garland from sausages on your neck, on your head – standing jar with tomato paste, on the shoulder – a tube with mustard, in hand – giant bulb size.

    Tips for specialists

    To maintain the flexibility of the mind, it is necessary to pay due attention to physical stress, a full sleep, use of healthy food, walking in the fresh air.

    Make gymnastics for the neck so that its vessels are not shifted.

    Good blood supply is necessary for mental activity, otherwise the brain misses the desired power.

    Try not to be overworked. Healthy lifestyle contributes to the preservation of mental activity for many years.

    Light a new sport or game on a musical instrument. Teaching a complex lesson has a positive effect on cognitive abilities.

    During classes, change the situation: accept the unusual posture for you or turn on the music. Visit various courses. For example, a culinary lesson contributes to the stimulation of mental work and the development of smell, taste and vision.

    Draw a map after visiting a new place. By memory, depict your and neighboring area of ​​the city. Analyze every past day in the smallest details. Try to remember all the events of the day before. Mentally reproduce the heard phrases, seen gestures of people and other impressions.

    In the next video, the exercises for brain development are demonstrated.

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