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Fill in Count & Skills & in Summary

In the process of making a summary, applicants often allow serious mistakes, “Work experience” and “Education” sections. The main thing is that the recruitment manager and the company manager pay special attention – these are “key skills”.

It is this part of the presentation document that makes it clear how competent is competent in the position and field of interest to them.

What it is?

When drawing up the section “Key skills” in the summary It is important to specify information about your knowledge and skills. Surface phrases in this case are inappropriate, Especially when a wonderful post applies to the governing industry. There are cases when the applicant points out information about personal qualities in this section. For example, a great sense of humor. Such a self-sustainment will suit those who want to become leading entertainment show, because these words easily fit into the “key skills” of showmen. But such characteristics are not suitable for lawyers or teachers.

The information presented in the Professional Knowledge section is an important component of any resume. The employer necessarily meets this section to understand what a potential employee is capable of, After all, it is here that the accumulated experience has been reflected since the previous works. For this reason, it is imperative to correctly fill in this section of the self-testing document.

Do not specify general phrases characterizing professional skills. First, it repels the employer. Secondly, throws a shadow on the applicant. Rector will surely think that the person who sent a summary did not leave the past works himself, and he was asked to leave due to the lack of elementary concepts about the company’s activities.

For people who do not know how to formulate phrases about their key skills, a small hint is offered. These phrases, in principle, can be called generalized. However, you should not use them all. It is better to specify truthful data on accumulated knowledge from the past place of work and dilute this list of characteristics suitable for the post interested:

  • Knowledge of the subtleties of interpersonal communication+
  • Ability to organize working hours+
  • Possessing abilities to analyze what is necessary to solve working issues+
  • Successful 7 years of experience in senior position.

When preparing a resume on a job, the applicant is trying to show himself in the best light. However, the key skills of a potential employee do not always correspond to a free vacancies. And for sure to get an invitation to an interview, you need to know one important nuance: Employer, exposing an announcement of the employee’s search, prescribes that the future subordinate should know. Just these requirements need to be slightly paraphrase and submit them in the section “Key skills”.

Basic rules for filling the graph

When drawing up a section “Key skills” it is necessary correctly, and most importantly, to effectively present information about your own professional knowledge.

  • Firstly, need to stick to a mortal approach. It is enough to indicate 7-8 major knowledge. Bruep with the number of professional characteristics will turn the section in a hard perceived text. A smaller set of key skills will cause an employer of doubt about the competence of the applicant.
  • Secondly, Professional knowledge presented in the summary must maximize the requirements of the vacancy. Do not write about the skills of the confectioner if the applicant wishes to become an advertising manager. When reading the section “Key skills”, a personnel department employee must immediately understand what a person claims to be resumes.
  • Thirdly, It is important to submit a section “key skills” in the presentable form. A description of each individual should be uncomplicated, drawn up in beautiful shape. It is advisable to use more digits and facts that are confirmed by recommendation letters from former employers. For example, “extensive sales experience” sounds ridiculous. From this phrase it is not clear what exactly the applicant was engaged in past work places. It is best to indicate “6 years held a leadership of a sales department consisting of 15 people”. It is already more clear here, in which area the applicant worked and what did.

Do not forget about the psychological approach to the compilation of the section of the summary “Key skills”.

A man in a self-test document must be indicated on its strong character and resistance of the Spirit. Girls should be hinting for stress resistance, perseverance and perseverance.

But The main thing is that these characteristics be veiled clear and understandable phrases, characterizing the applicant with a professional side. The employer will surely impress a special form of key skills. It is these characteristics that can play a decisive role in accepting a applicant for a free position.

What can be specified?

There are a number of professional and technical skills having a generalized form. They can be applied in almost any resume. One way or another, but these characteristics will be useful, especially when key skills are less than the required standard.

  • Knowledge of foreign language. This skill indicates translators. However, the ability to understand foreigners and communicate with them also suits lawyers or sales managers from international companies.
  • The ability to draw up budget. This feature may indicate supply or economists.
  • Inventory Skills. This feature can write to a resume Applicant to the position of the Supplication Manager or Office Manager.
  • Skill of the development of commercial offers for customers. This characteristic mainly relates to managers to attract customers and managers of sales departments.
  • Negotiating experience. The ability corresponding to the position of the head.
  • Experience direct sales. Most often, this phrase is consumed by applicants for the position of the seller-consultant and sales representative.
  • Skill belief. This professional feature is suitable for a person looking for themselves in sales.
  • Ability to work with primary data. This feature corresponds to copywriters, office managers or designers.

However, this list is not complete. There is a lot of skills corresponding to different vacancies:

  • Knowledge of programming language+
  • Experience of business communication in oral and written forms+
  • Knowledge of the rules for compiling customer bases+
  • the ability to quickly find the required information+
  • Reporting experience+
  • Experience to quickly search information on competitors.

Of course, for the courier such key skills are not suitable. Potential employees of the delivery department preferably indicate a summary of the ability to navigate the area, the ability to lay optimal routes, working with cash equipment and knowledge of etiquette. but There are specialty, where generalized skills are inappropriate. For example, electrician. He must have special knowledge corresponding to such a serious position. There are, of course, exceptions, but only in the case when the position of the electrician implies a wider range of works.

But In no case can not be confused by professional characteristics with personal qualities as far as they were good. This nuance is also important, because the potential leader, seeing even a small discrepancy in the sections, can discard the resume aside.

It is worth noting that key skills are divided into several groups.


When describing communicative skills, it is important to understand their differences from the skills. Skills – this is what man learned in the process of labor activity. Skill is the skills brought to perfection.

The following is invited to get acquainted with the skills and skills relating to the communicative group:

  • Ability to solve conflict disputes and questions in a short time+
  • Negotiating skills+
  • Skill to discuss with potential customers+
  • Experience of public-scale events+
  • The ability to listen carefully and convince the partner in her right.


These skills allow the employer to make sure the competence of a potential employee:

  • High complexity project management skills+
  • Ability to solve multiple tasks of different complexity+
  • Practical experience with large information+
  • Ability to think a few steps forward+
  • Workflow planning skill.

Another skill suitable in the organizing group – budgeting. This characteristic is extremely important for large companies working with many partners and having a large client base.


Skills from the leadership group comply with senior positions. And in this case, write everything that comes to mind is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to carefully weigh each phrase to give to understand the future chief about its professional features:

  • Knowledge of foreign languages+
  • Skill work with legal and legislative documentation+
  • Skill leadership people+
  • The ability to motivate subordinates.


In this group there are many professional characteristics resembling a generalized form:

  • PC knowledge at the advanced user level+
  • Knowledge of office and professional programs+
  • Owning office equipment+
  • Maintenance of business communication in printed form+
  • Knowledge of foreign languages+
  • knowledge of legislation+
  • Knowledge of guests, SNIPOV+
  • “Blind” printing text in several languages.


In addition to professional skills, There is a list of other knowledge that the employer also welcomes, Picking up a new employee to the staff of his company. Many confuse them with personal qualities, respectively, indicate in another section of the summary:

  • Attentiveness to any nuances+
  • Analytical mind+
  • Communicability+
  • punctuality+
  • Management skill.


Before proceeding with a summary, it is important to carefully read the requirements of the employer. Quite often, the company in finding a new employee indicates what skills should have a candidate for a free position. These professional characteristics need to enter only the section “Key skills”. For example, in the announcement, the requirement for the applicant “Knowledge of English”. A person who wants to take this position should be mentioned in a summary of the abilities for organizing a visa for leadership if it is actually so. Surely such a requirement for a potential employee has not been announced. Most likely, the company works with foreign partners, where not only spoken, but also a written way to communicate.

In no case can you steal ready-made text with other resumes. Recruiter Agency for the selection of personnel or staff manager will definitely detect deception. If it does not work out the required number of skills, you can dilute the actual knowledge of generalized skills. If necessary, they can be slightly adjusted. The main thing is that the information in the section “Key skills” corresponded to the post interested.

If the resume is transmitted to the recruiter to the recruitment agency, it is important to remember that Find a candidate for received from employers a request is made on the basis of keywords. It follows from this that the key skill list should consist of common phrases corresponding to the business etiquette. Important condition – the list of skills must comply with the desired position. Inappropriate to write accuracy, if the applicant is interested in vacancy of the head. But for the secretary, this characteristic quite corresponds to. For a more detailed consideration of this nuance, it is proposed to get acquainted with some posts requiring special knowledge.

Shop assistant

To date, a fairly popular position, but comes far from all. People with a quick-tempered and impulsive character do not even pass a trial period, independently refuse to work and go. Large success in the field of direct sales are achieved by Sanguines and phlegmatic.

Seller consultants need to have the ability to interest the client, be able to listen to the buyer’s objections, know how to solve conflict situations, be able to identify consumer needs and help in choosing a product.


Position is very complicated, but very interesting. Not everyone is able to express himself in this area of ​​activity. Yes, and just so becoming an economist is impossible. It is necessary to have higher education and have a tendency to analytical thinking.

Only professional skills must be present in the resume, Namely: possession of PCs, knowledge of computer programs, the ability to work with bank accounts, to keep appropriate reporting, plan and keep records of regular payments, and the same to conclude contracts with clients and service providers.


A difficult profession requiring an exceptionally professional skills from the applicant. For example, personnel management experience. In this case You must specify the number of people who were subordinate. Skill of successful creation of the sales department speaks of a high potential of a candidate for leading post.

You can also add the section “Key skills” phrases “Experience in the market research” and “Fulfillment of a sales plan”.


Accounted for resumes, extremely It is important to spend clear boundaries between professional skills and personal qualities of the applicant. Undoubtedly, they are interconnected, but still professional characteristics talk about knowledge and skills in work, and personal qualities demonstrate their work done. The following is invited to consider several interesting examples of summaries of applicants, as well as a sample with a mistake.

First of all it is necessary to get acquainted with a resume where the clear boundary is felt between professional skills and personal qualities. Desired Position – Accountant. The form is divisted by separate blocks, where it is paramount to education, then – about work experience. Below is the section “Professional Skills”. The applicant in this case clearly and clearly spoke about his knowledge in the accounting area. The section “Personal Qualities”, as it should be located at the very bottom. The only defects – sociability and punctuality are indicated in the personal characteristic, although these indicators are skills relating to an additional group.

The second version of the resume is painted as fully as possible, but the “Professional Skill” section turned out to be scarce and uninteresting.

Even if you transfer information from the section “About yourself”, to make a list of key skills from the laid 7-8 points will not be able to.

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