Forgetfulness: concept, causes, treatment

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Forgetfulness: concept, causes, treatment

Forgetful people always cause irritation. It is believed that only those special age suffer for forgetfulness. However, young people who have a lot of worse than the older generation are more common in modern society. Why is this happening? Perhaps such an effect give daily problems. In any case, this issue must be considered the most thorough way.


Everyone knows the situation when you yourself or any of the loved ones constantly loses the remote control from the TV, glasses and T.D. Many people carefully, and some even consider a similar absentness with a sign of the disease.

It is necessary to recognize that the scattering is the cause of permanent forgetfulness. It is customary to divide on genuine and imaginary. The first one arises in humans due to any disease. The second appears due to excessive concentration in a certain case. This feature is purchased by a person over the years.

Loss of attention and memory can manifest in different ways.

  • Disconnection from anything important. The attention of a person wanders and cannot stop at one facility. This condition is called Prostration. It occurs due to lack of sleep, stress.
  • Long focusing man on something. For example, a driver, a leading car for several hours, flows into a stupor and forgets about other things.
  • If the individual is strongly concerned about some question, then he may also not notice anything around him and forget to perform elementary things.
  • There is scattered or forgetfulness and rolling children who are forced to do lessons. And at the same time I want to jump and run.
  • When a person deliberately tries to avoid any unpleasant places or questions, he also becomes quite scattered.
  • In old age, there are often cases of forgetfulness due to, that the concentration of attention becomes not active enough, and its switching to other items can slow down a bit.

Frequent forgetfulness is a common phenomenon. In deep old age, it manifests itself in the following moments.

  • Elderly hard to perform any work Due to the fact that they lose the ability to memorize important things.
  • Often, people in the senior generation may have some dips in memory. Because of this, they are poorly focused on the ground.
  • Age forgetfulness leads to difficulty speech And to the absence of logical perception of reality.

It must be said that Dementia is very different from conventional age forgets because of the violation of two brain departments at once. What you can not say about simple child forgetfulness. Being in immature age, individuals prone to light forgetting. For example, feed the fish, perform homework. When there is further growing, Too concerned about something like a person can leave the onel, do not take a wallet and t. D.

When such cases occur often, they cause concern about their health. And is these concerns serious? Let’s try to figure it out.

Brain work is so extensive that you don’t even imagine what kind of complex activity.

Our individual processor needs to check everything, analyze, sort. Every minute of consciousness comes with a huge amount of information that should be remembered, to highlight the necessary, and the rest is removed as unnecessary.

Human memory can range from time to time, like computer. Especially often, such a phenomenon is found in those people who are engaged in colossal mental labor. If you do not give a brain from time to time to rest, then the elementary forgetfulness will come.

      Remember that our memory is divided into Long-term, Operative and Short-term. Unnecessary information that enters short-term memory is quickly deleted. That is why many of us suffer from forgetfulness. On this occasion you should not panic. maybe, Forgotten information was not so important Compared to the one that represents interest (for example, learning a large number of educational material). therefore Your intelligence just dropped it, Leaving more serious information in memory.

      It is enough to focus on a certain case, and less important events go to the background. Many different worries do not give the opportunity to focus on everyone at once with the same force. You will definitely miss something and forget. Therefore, such forgetfulness can not be considered pathology.

      This process is calledSimple disproption of attention.

      Main reasons

      If the forgetfulness appeared at a young age, then its reason can be simple absentness due to the high mobility of the individual. VeryIt is difficult to focus on one object,When you need to perform a learning process, play. Therefore, the memory failures occur. In this case, uninteresting things are forgotten. Bright events fill the attention of the individual, so well remembered.

      Psychologists argue that forgetfulness can talk about the sign of high intelligence. When a person is focused on learning or studying a important question, he has the forgetfulness of elementary things.

      And how we already know, Memory automatically screens uninteresting information due to the fact that the individual does not show proper interest. For example, a student of grade 11 is engaged in preparing for the exam. Its purpose becomes the acquisition of knowledge at once in several subjects. ATTENTION Focus on this work, so it reacts poorly to other stimuli.

      Naturally, the information that the individual does not even try to remember, will not be able to postpone into memory. To memorize, a person needs to experience any emotions or to show elemental interest.

      Female forgetfulness often appears due to hormonal failures. In the period of Klimaks, it may come suddenly. This is associated with the aging of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to take these phenomena attentively and consult a doctor for advice.

      There are other reasons leading to forgetfulness. List them:

      • Incorrect meals: The exclusion from the diet of carbohydrates leads to the starvation of the brain, which affects its work+
      • Harmful habits: alcohol, smoking and other negative hobbies lead to a delay in the development of cognitive abilities+
      • Consistencies can also cause forgetfulness+
      • When the body lacks water, the brain begins to work worse+
      • Stressful situations and stress contribute to involuntary forgetfulness.

      In addition to corrected moments that lead to forgetfulness, there are those that fix it is difficult. These may be various tumor, atherosclerotic processes or intoxication.

        Alzheimer’s disease is also accompanied by frequent forgetfulness. Today it is relifically known that this disease provokes a decrease in the concentration of neurotransmitters (substances responsible for transporting information). They are formed using Amino acids. Therefore, for man Metabolism is very important, which is ensured by the right nutrition.


        If you often forget The most pressing information (street names, car numbers, minibuses or words that rarely use), Contact a specialist. Perhaps you are present Brain Blow Problems. As a result of this process Brain cells are not obtained in the desired amount of oxygen and useful substances. Hence the weak memory.

        To get rid of brain troubleshooting, Specialists prescribe drugs that eliminate these problems. As a result, memory is rapidly restored. It also helps to get out of the forgetfulness of drugs with omega-3 or glucose.

        With age, failures in transportation and energy processing occur. They lead to frequent problems with memorizing information. When this happens, experts prescribe drugs that improve memory.

        If a person is physically active, his brain is saturated with oxygen. So, it works well and without pills. The output here is one: people old need to move.

        In the case when this option is not possible for any reason, We need to take nootropics. This medicinal series Promotes stimulation activities, Increases learning ability. Nootropics are mandatory appoints a doctor.

        Self-medium fraught with negative consequences. Need to remember that Amino acids are important for brain. When old age comes, the body ceases to produce them on their own. Therefore, the brain and memory can be observed.

        There are folk remedies that contribute to an increase in brain performance. Various plant hoods stimulate the work of the whole organism, and therefore memory improves. These include lemongrass, ginseng and t. D.

        But if you don’t want to be treated, you can try and Other techniques.

        • Make a list of tasks that you have to do. To do this, get a notebook-diary and write down all items that you need to do during the current and subsequent days. So you teach yourself nothing out of sight.
        • There is another simple way. Some people apply a pen on the outside of the palm (near the index finger) is a pretty thicker point.Your hands are always in sight, and the label will become a reminder.
        • Weak memory is observed in those who do not fall out. So sleep at least 8 hours a day.
        • Do not abuse bad habits.
        • Perform training for attentiveness and watch your behavior. Set control over your “I” to not be distracted by the necessary cases.
        • Use reminders (installed on the phone). It helps it great if you need to do any action at a certain time. For example, drink a tablet.
        • Perform the intended tasks in order.
        • Rest and even try to meditate. Last method also helps to fight stress.

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