High-paying professions after grade 9

High-paying professions after grade 9

The choice of profession is the case sometimes quite complicated, requiring a conscious approach. However, many schoolchildren think about it after grade 9, wanting to enroll on this or that specialty that will subsequently bring big income. Below we consider the most popular and popular from professions that can be mastering after grade 9 of the secondary school.

Overview of technical orientation professions

Technical professions include both work specialties that can be obtained even without secondary school education and those that are called the professions of the average governing link. But for the latter, it is necessary to finish school education in specialized colleges or colleges. A feature of technical specialties is to work with various techniques, ranging from ordinary machines and tools, and ending with airplanes and cars.

Below can be familiar with high-paying professions after grade 9, suitable for most of its boys.

  • Builder. It is unlikely that this profession needs an explanation. In any case, it is always well in demand in the labor market, highly paid.
  • Driver. To get this profession, it is enough to enter a driving school, master the theory of management of the selected vehicle, get practical skills and driver’s license. But there are age limits. For professionals, it is at least 18 years old. Therefore, before this will have to try to get technical education in college related to cars or their repair and design. The presence of knowledge and skills in the field of maintenance is an additional advantage, which under certain conditions may contribute to the increase in wages.
  • Railway transport driver. The same in demand profession as the two already listed. Machiners – People controlling railway equipment to which steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, as well as electric locomotives in the subway. Having mastered this profession, you can work on railway cargo and passenger transportation, in the metro system and resource deposit places.
  • Military. This is a prestigious and still relevant for our time profession. In a military school, students receive overall secondary education with a military professional profile.

The purpose of such an educational institution is to prepare students for subsequent entry into higher education institution.

Creative specialty

Creative specialties include those activities during which a person sells his creative potential. The following are a few prestigious and well-paid creative professions paid in our time.

  • Designer. If you are the happy owner of a good imagination, art taste and sense of style, then we advise you to look at the profession: web designer, clothes designer, landscape designer. There are many directions, among which you can easily find what you will have to do with the creative person.
  • Stylist-makeup artist, hairdresser. At the moment, these professions are quite in demand, and for their development it is not even necessary to come to college. It is enough just to go through the training courses, learn to master the scissors, to be purchased with cosmetics and develop a client base.
  • Seamstress. For lovers of cutting lessons and sewing this profession will be by the way. Need to be patient, scrupulusity and sewing machine, and to get the skills to pass special courses or go to college.
  • Manicurist. It is also one of the professions that requires only training courses. Despite the huge number of manicure professionals, today find a really good master is a difficult task. With a large amount of satisfied customers, your work will definitely be valued and paid for.
  • Florist. For flowers lovers, this profession is just a find. The duties of florist include the composition of compositions from flowers, planting of plants in the store. In addition, florists are dealing the interior and other different things with the help of composed of compositions. Nowadays, such a field of activity is gradually starting to gain popularity.

Other options

If you still have not found a suitable profession, which would like to do, we recommend getting acquainted with a number of options. There are many different specialties that do not require mandatory training and institute or academy. Such, for example, are teachers, photographers, guides, lawyers with secondary special education, social workers, veterinarians, cooks, confectioners and many others.

It is worth paying attention to the specialty of economic orientation: manager, seller, cashier. In addition, the scope of medicine is relevant. Obtaining medical education in college opens access to such professions:

  • pharmacist+
  • cosmetologist+
  • Junior and medium healthy clinic and hospitals.

In addition, working in a medical facility, you can continue your training at the university, becoming after it graduated by a qualified specialist. In addition to secondary special educational institutions, various courses are also popular. Having finished them in the shortest possible time, you can get a good and highly paid profession. However, the choice of such courses is worth it carefully. Before paying any course, it is recommended to get acquainted with reviews about it.

How can I understand, before the schoolchild, who graduated from the 9th grades of the secondary school, open a large number of opportunities to obtain a particular profession. It remains only to choose exactly the specialty that comes best.

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