High-paying professions for men

High-paying professions for men

Every man dreams of such a job on which they do not have to plow a lot, but you can get a big salary. In his youth, many joke on this topic, but when it comes to employment – the expression begin to perceive seriously. In our society, all the benefits of civilization are money, so even adolescents who have not yet decided on the specialty at all, are more interested in modern promising professions.

The question of choosing craft always stands in front of men at the time of release from school, but in a huge number of areas it is difficult to find a successful option. To facilitate searches, we have prepared an article for you, in which we consider the highest paid professions for representatives of strong sex.

Professions with high salary in the world

In the past, the highest paid job for men was connected mainly with difficult physical efforts, military service, or other specialties that were unable to representatives of fragile gender. But in the modern progressive world everything has changed – now, to become a successful person, there is no need to carry gravity or barrel in the field. Technical and industrial progress facilitated labor to humanity, but at the same time a lot of new classes appeared that require serious mental work.

Nowadays, the most prestigious professions do not require physical labor – it may be a lawsuit of a lawyer, an analyst of finance, a programmer or information technology specialist. From this we can conclude that highly paid positions for men require the ability to work with a large number of information. Therefore, in order to successfully build a career in an information era, it will be reasonable to familiarize yourself with the most prestigious work. We have prepared a small list of popular specialties popular worldwide specialties that provide a professional wage professionally.

  • Advocate. Work for cold-blooded, reasonable personalities with a strong character. In the profession there are narrow specialties, such as maritime or international law, which are now in demand due to the existence of large international enterprises.
  • Specialist in the IT-Sphere. The name of the profession is only a general term, followed by a huge number of diverse directions, such as a programmer, sysadmin, web designer or site tester. Each lesson allows to work for a foreign enterprise, without leaving the borders of the native state.
  • Marketing Specialist. Good advertising will always be in demand – both in industrial and trade activities. Modern technologies allow you to distribute both physical advertising and electronic. Knowledge of consumption psychology, Internet skills and permanent market control will allow the marketer to become successful in any country – even in Russia, at least in Belarus, at least in the US.
  • Architect. Such specialty choose creative personalities with technical type of thinking. Professional architect earns a lot, except for the design of houses, he can engage in landscape design, improving the state of public places in the city, as well as the protection and repair of historical monuments. A good specialist in creating architectural projects is always in demand in progressive countries.

The most profitable specialties in Russia

Despite the fact that the world is committed to the equality of two floors, still men’s professions are usually higher paid. Workers male are able to take posts paid many times higher than women’s professions. But not all specialties are prestigious, and make a mistake in the choice of a suitable profession quite easily. Therefore, imagine the top of the most highly paid professions for men in Russia.

Drilling engineer

Undoubtedly, oil and gas production is incredibly profitable business, so the choice of profession in the oil and gas industry will never be erroneous. Among all directions of work in this area, the specialty “Drilling Engineer” occupies a special place – it depends on it the entire process of the production of useful resources. The task of representatives of this craft is the compilation of a detailed plan for the extraction of raw materials and monitoring safety of firm staff.

The work on this post is quite difficult, because it lies not only in the design of the plan in the walls of the office, and also work on special vents with unpredictable weather conditions.

Heavy work is highly appreciated, so drilling engineers worthy salary, as well as a large social package provided by the project management.


Legal education is not for everyone under power, it requires the ability to look for information and correctly use it. Young graduates will not be able to immediately start to pinch a state, because the skills and skills come only with time. For successful work, a lawyer needs to be constantly self-improvement, attend courses on advanced training and diligently. An important role in the career is played by the choice of specialization, as well as narrowly directed training – in the future it will help a specialist to solve complex legal objectives.

If the young specialist will be judged, methodically and qualitatively perform his work, not forgetting to continue to learn, his wages will increase by an unimaginable rapid pace. Professional lawyers can be accompanied by several enterprises at once, cooperate with a large number of investors, as well as participate in major merger operations.


Profession creative, interesting and progressive – often for her acquisition, do not even need a special specialized education, it is enough to complete a few simple courses. For promising career, the photographer must choose a narrow specialization and not go beyond its framework, otherwise the path from a small modest salary to decent earnings will take a lot of years.

The advantage of representatives of this profession is that they can be independent entrepreneurs – they do not need an enterprise for employment, find customers in this area very simple. In addition, photographers can earn in photos as a hobby, downloading their images to the site or online store.

Good professionals get pretty highly paid orders, for this you need to be able to properly build a photo composition, and also not forget about advertising.

Doctor anesthesiologist resuscitation

The specialty is very responsible and not easy, involves working with human life – the most valuable thing that can exist. Therefore, the preparation of professionals takes a lot of time – medical education lasts 6 years, and after receipt of the diploma, it is necessary to further pass specialization, and only then you can start a full work. After the employment of the medical sector employees, it is necessary to regularly attend special professional congresses, courses, and every 5 years it is necessary to undergo a training procedure for advanced training.

People who received a doctor’s anesthesiologist, most often spend most of their lives in the works – because of the most responsibility, they are around the clock at the place of work, extinguishing at home only 10-12 days a month, but for such merits professionals get a rather wage and decent insurance. Nevertheless, many doctors believe that the work of medical workers in Russia does not appreciate.

In Germany, resuscitative workers work only 10 shifts for 12 hours within a month, and earn much more than Russian specialists. Therefore, many promising doctors learn foreign languages ​​and leaving to work abroad.

Engineer designer

The design of the engineer-designer consists in modeling future parts, components and spare parts of structures. Responsibility in this post is very high, because if the slightest error is allowed somewhere – all subsequent production will be made by defective products. In addition, on the shoulders of the engineer lies responsibility for compliance with safety and quality safety equipment and quality.

The occupation is characterized by interesting content – every new project allows you to show fantasy, introduces interesting people and requires new ideas. Representatives of this specialty often travel around the country with workers’ assignments, and also go on business trips to improve the qualifications and exchange of experience. This case requires constant attention, willingness to solve problems and incredible endurance. With proper fulfillment of their duties, professionals receive a decent salary, which gives sufficient motivation to occupy a vacancy for a long time.


Employment to the position of the military does not always mean that you must forget about simple civilian life away from the bustle. Many employees hold posts in small cities, fulfill their duties and get a decent salary. In addition, there is always the possibility of improving the qualifications, and raise the payment level of the post.

The duties of military personnel may be associated with a large number of different classes, for example, with maintaining the operation of communication networks: wired, satellite, optical, computer and radio. And also the duties of representatives of this profession include constant readiness – the need for an employee may arise at any time.

Therefore, the servicemen are quite difficult to travel, because even a short-term departure outside the designated territory, you must inform the authorities in advance.


People who carry peaceful peace and peace to the world are highly appreciated in society, so the profession is often very high paid. But it is impossible to call the post of psychotherapist, because the solution of spiritual problems of a person is a hard work. The specialty requires profile training with a narrow direction, because only so a graduate will be able to correctly assess and solve complex life situations.

In the first few years after graduating from the university, a specialist, with more probability, will not be able to earn a lot of money on his skills. But with constant work with people, the experience of a psychotherapist will grow rapidly, and then the specialty becomes one of the highest paid.

Where better to come?

After graduation graduates, graduates often doubt the choice of future classes, and it happens that parents are solved for them. It’s not quite right, because the whole future life of a young man depends on the choice. To choose a suitable university, a former schoolboy needs to carefully analyze its plans, interests and opportunities. To do, of course, you need to be an educational institution, whose specialties are interested in applicant. In order not to make a mistake in choosing a university, take a few simple studies:

  • Complete a special care guideline test, for example, a clima system+
  • Analyze your hobbies, the hobby can be the work of life if you find the right approach to it+
  • Find out, introvert you or extrovert, it also depends on the choice of a future profession.

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