How not to worry about interview?

How not to worry about interview?

Almost every person experiences excitement before the interview. Recruiters themselves can create stressful situations to look at the applicant’s response. From how much he can cope with his emotional state, the success of the interview often depends.

Causes of anxiety

Excitement is a psycho-emotional state of a person related to the estimated reaction to what is happening or future events generated by the fear of unknown, consequences and uncertainty as a result. So the body reacts to negative thoughts, trying to prepare for a negative result.

The reasons for excitement before the interview can be:

  • lack of experience and necessary skills+
  • Insecurity and own knowledge+
  • Fear of becoming ridiculous or get refusal+
  • availability of life difficulties, lack of money+
  • Bad preparedness, low awareness of the company and the proposed vacancy.

As a result, the applicant is experiencing the strongest stress, which manifests itself in increased anxiety, sweating, rapid breathing, nervous trembling, loss of concentration of attention, stiffness, voltage, or, on the contrary, in abnormal adequacy and increased activity. From the experiences of thought begins to be confused, it becomes incomplete, stuttering may appear, And the hands and knees will begin to tremble. At the peak of emotional tension, even nausea and vomiting may appear, and some of the blood goes.

Complete interview in this state is simply impossible. The stronger you are afraid to go to a business meeting, the brighter the symptoms appear.

Eichar can consciously carry the applicant to the nervous tension, this is the so-called stressful interview. If a person cannot cope with his emotional state, it definitely testifies to low stress resistance. This often becomes one of the reasons for refusal.

Moreover, such signs also indicate that the applicant is lying, although in fact it is not. Nervousness does not fully reveal, show their strengths, tell about previous experience.

Ways of fighting fear

After the invitation to the interview comes short-term joy, and then anxiety appears. Nervous before the meeting is normal, this is the natural reaction of the body with which absolutely everything is faced. But if the anxiety is strong, manifests itself at the physical level, deprives sleep, it is not worth it to let such a state. There are several ways to help yourself cope with stress.

Negative result

What will happen if they refuse? What the most unpleasant questions may ask on interview? What is the most afraid of the applicant? Need to mentally imagine all the most negative situations that may occur.

And what will happen later if this happens? You can represent anything. Come up with an absurd situation and mentally beat it. Suppose the interviewer scribbled, let go of a greasy joke, poured coffee, asked to undress or called the applicant with a worthless. What will be the applicant in this case? What will he feel?

Each new situation should be worse and worse than the previous one, do not be afraid of a complete absurdity, even if a similar never happens in life. A person must intimidate so much so that the absurdity of the fantasy caused laughter.

The essence of this method is that the applicant survive all his fears before they can experience them at the interview. Thus, it gets an emotional discharge and calms down. If necessary, the exercise must be repeated several times.

You can lose these situations in front of the mirror, turning to oneself. Or play roles with someone from loved ones.

Exam preparation

The interview is often felt as an exam, so it also needs to be prepared. For example, work out the answers to uncomfortable questions. Why quarreled from the previous job? What are your weak and strengths? How many loans you have and why do you take them? You only want to work because of money? We all know about you! Some questions can drive into a stupor. Recruiters often deliberately use psychological press.

In most cases The answers themselves are important, but the response to questions and statements. It is for them that the interviewer can appreciate the identity of the applicant. If you work out the answer to every tricky question in advance, a person will feel more confident, and therefore calmer.

We will not be able to search for information about the organization and the higher management of the company in which it is planned to work. What does how many years on the market, are there any achievements. Useful to find feedback from former workers.

Despite the rich experience in this field of activity or position, It is recommended to update your knowledge, especially pay attention to new laws, provisions and other regulatory documents. A test may be made to the questionnaire not only on logic and smelting, but also on professional knowledge. It will also add confidence.

Shake the body

If the excitement manifests itself on the physical level, it is worth going for him about it, and not ignore. There is a close connection between physical condition and psycho-emotional. Shake hands, it means you need to really shake. For example, imagine how water shakes and with it tension.

Darkened in the eyes – cover them and make breathing gymnastics or member. If the knees are trembling – to smoke the joints. Sweat palms – wipe them with wet napkins or rinse with warm water, and then make a warming massage.

Soothing means

If it is difficult to deal with anxiety, it is necessary to help the nervous system. There is nothing bad in the soothing means, while not to choose the most expensive and strong. Often enough lattore or root of Valeries. If the state of anxiety is protracted, especially with a long search for work, it is recommended to visit the neurologist.

The best sedative for the applicant, and at the same time and other drugs can only assign a doctor. The general condition can affect not only excitement, but also hormones, as well as general well-being.

The main thing is not to exceed the dosage. Soothing can give reverse effect. For example, it will be not quite intelligible, slow motion, can be a clone in sleep.

Distracting factor

It is difficult to cope with excitement when thoughts constantly return to the upcoming interview. Need to distract and stop winding yourself. Physical work helps best. For example, you can put order in the house, disassemble the trash or shelves, for which there is no time constantly. Cleaning will allow not only to restore psycho-emotional equilibrium, but in general will have a positive effect on psychological well-being.

Helps to distract and physical activity. You can go fitness, run in the park or just stroll. Well distracts communication with loved ones, sometimes enough to call and share your experiences.

Before the interview itself It is necessary to sleep well, and the day before the meeting, to exclude products from the diet, which can cause digestive discomfort. For example, legumes, cabbage, cheese, flour products. These products cause increased gas formation. Sharp spices and sauces can provoke heartburn, and onions and garlic – an unpleasant smell of mouth.

Careful need to be with fruit and dried fruits. Some can give a lifting effect, for example, apricots or prunes. And the nervous tension will only aggravate the situation. At the same time there should be a snack, even if the appetite disappears from the excitement. It will be unpleasant if the hungry stomach will come off during the interview. Enough cottage cheese or apple.

How to behave on a business meeting?

Appear on the interview better in advance. Hurry only spurs the excitement. An extra time will eliminate, search for information about the company in the phone, chat with employees.

With you, you can take drinking water and wet napkins in case drying in the throat or backstage palms. Phone must be disconnected. Some models have a silent regime very noisy and vibration will distract both the applicant and recruiter.

During communication with Eichar, you should be polite and welcoming, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself. Try to smile and broadcast positive, it will remove the tension and post to himself.

Sometimes the applicant arrange a stressful interview, For example, can make sure to wait and not one hour. Screams, scandal and angry exclamations – not the behavior that should be demonstrated, but also allowing the humiliating relationship is also not worth. It is important to show patience and even behavior, periodically remind of yourself, but without scandal and bright manifestation of discontent.

During communication, it is important to keep track of breathing and speech. Talk clearly and not hurry. If it is difficult to cope with the excitement, you need to take a pause and take a breath. Pose should be relaxed, but not worth “spread” in the chair. For calm, you can turn some object in your hands, for example, handle and notepad. At the same time they will come in handy if you need to write something.

Lucky if the interview will be held directly. He is better aware of the official duties and work of the entire department, he can ask all the questions. After the interview It is necessary to thank the recruiter for the valid time, as well as clarify the feedback method.

It is important to remember that Eicra and executives are the same people, they can also worry and allow mistakes. After all, they are also interested in finding a suitable employee.

Tips of the psychologist about how to properly prepare for the upcoming interview, look next.

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