How to choose a stool of makeup artist?

How to choose a stool of makeup artist?

Included for the work of the makeup of the equipment necessarily there is a special chair. This is a chair or bar stool, which is often folding and with headrest. There are other types of the stool of the makeup artist, which we will analyze in this article, as well as the rules for choosing such specialized furniture.


Universal solutions can be suitable for equipping the cabinet, and specialized furniture models. The makeup artists are recommended to work with such furniture, which will be the most convenient to use, taking into account their workplace, and will also help rationalize the workflow.

The most common type of stool for makeup artist is High back chair that has armrests. The area of ​​the base and seating of such a bar stool is less than the standard chairs for hairdressers. Due to the high landing, the model face is at the level of the eye of the makeup artist, so the master works with a smooth back and less tired.

Enjoy in great demand Folding models, Since many makeup masters work not only in the office, but also on the road.

For such chairs, the strength of the design is especially important. Usually their seat is not soft so that the product is as easy as possible, so the make-up artists are purchased to them suitable in size pillows.

The basis of such a collapsible chair is made of aluminum alloy, and the back and the seat are traditionally made from durable fabric, for example, nylon. There are also wooden models from birch, alder and other durable wood. The main advantages of such seats are the naturalness of the material and a pleasant texture.

The weight of such chairs is less than 5 kg, so they are easily transported to the place of work, and only a few minutes take to the assembly of such furniture.

For masters working exclusively in beauty salons (that is, without trips to offices and the house) fit the models of chairs, Barber use, Pedicure Masters and Other Specialists. Such universal furniture is represented by many variations, for example:

  • Hydraulic chairs of a square shape with a chrome-plated round base equipped with a footboard and armrests+
  • Round chair with pneumatic height adjustment with five-beam base+
  • Pneumatic square chair with headrest and metal armrests.


Mobile chairs are produced by many furniture companies in Russia and abroad. Such products are offered brands RU Comfort, Euromed, Image Inventory, Makeup Cases, Master-Tisch, Madison, “Beauty Salon”.

In their assortment, there are usually other equipment, such as makeup tables, backlit mirrors, ring lamps and so on.

Recommendations for choosing

Choosing a folding chair that will be used on the road, first of all Pay attention to its weight, After all, such an item will have to be transported independently. If the model is a heavy enough, then a fragile woman (and in most cases there is a makeup artist, it will be not easy to take it at the specified address.

The second important nuance when choosing a stool of the makeup artist – this is its strength.

The designs of such chairs are usually thought out to the smallest details and are being done durable, because they must withstand permanent loads. Pay attention to the layout and quality of fittings. For an independent check, spread the chair in the store, and then collect it. Repeat such actions a few times and make sure that the elements of the chair do not work together, do not squeeze and do not creak.

Besides, Look at the fabric, which is used for making a stool for makeup. It is usually durable technical tissue, as cotton and other simple materials are faster than wear, fade, deform.

The fabric of the chair must certainly be washed, and if it is colored – that evenly painted.

Thinking about the future, it is also worth asked whether any spare parts are sold separately, whether the company can offer to replace damaged or extensive elements with time. A good chair should serve at least 5-7 years, and a guarantee for such a product is usually 1-3 years, Therefore, the presence of spare parts is a fairly relevant question for any Makeup Wizard.

See a detailed overview of the stool of the makeup room further in the video.

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