How to create a resume cleaner?

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How to create a resume cleaner?

The position of the cleaner never belonged to the category of prestigious, but enjoyed in great demand at all times. The applicant must have such professional and personal qualities as cleanness, decency, responsibility, friendly and accuracy. These and other points must be considered when drafting a cleaner.


Cleaner of office and residential premises – this is a person who spends dry and wet cleaning. When drawing up a summary of this position, you must adhere to the following structure.

  1. Analysis of the vacancy. Need to evaluate the estimated list of requirements. You can even make it on a separate sheet: what tasks will need to be performed on this place, what you need to have characteristics and skills, whether additional requirements will be. Having answered these questions, it will be possible to edit its resume.
  2. Personal data: Full name, year of birth, address, phone. Information about the applicant, as well as its contacts must be present in the summary.
  3. Evaluation of previous work experience. It is important here to remember everything that you have ever done in the previous places of work, and allocate only the most important thing.
  4. Specification of key skills. For example, you need to clearly designate that there was a wet cleaning of office or dwelling, including washing windows, furniture, carpets.
  5. It is necessary to tell the employer about why the applicant claims to the post of indoor cleaner. Do not write that it is impossible to find another job due to insufficient education (even if it really is so). It is better to answer creatively, for example, to write about hatred for microbes, and about the desire to win over them.

Complete the summary better about the appeal.

You need to write about your willingness to meet personally with the head and pass the interview. This fact will indicate that the applicant has nothing to hide and fear. He is ready to personally confirm the information that was indicated in the summary.


When drafting a summary, the applicant may allow many errors. Some of them may affect the decision of the head. To interest and achieve a positive response, you need to prevent the following errors.

  1. Grammatical and stylistic errors – An illiterate employee is unlikely to be interested in the head.
  2. Unbearable resume text – Before sending to the company, the text must be deducted and correcting the existing shortcomings.
  3. Drawing up a template resume On the example of the Internet.
  4. Confusionin dates beginning and end of work on a particular place.
  5. Excess information. Hobbies and facts from personal life is a taboo for a good resume. The only information that must be specified is a marital status and availability / absence of children.
  6. False in the following. Any information is easy to check, because most companies have a security service.

It should be avoided both too short and too long a summary.


Summary Cleaners can be made in different versions. Optimal is the following sample.

Full name: Petrova Irina Viktorovna

Date of Birth: 28.03.1988

Family status: Single

Children: No

Education / Qualification: Kineshem Economic Technical School 2008, Accountant

Career objective: Outdoor Cleaner

Work experience: 2009-2015 Packer LLC “Himtechprom”.

2015-2019 (to the present) Cleaner of industrial and office space IP Cherkasov A. BUT.

Cause of dismissal from the last job: change of place of residence

Personal qualities: Decency, honesty, accuracy, goodwill

Contact details: tel.: 8 (999) 999-99-99

Summary will read those people who have never seen a applicant (in most cases). That’s why You need to try to convey all your skills and skills, but at the same time try to avoid the frequent use of the pronoun “I”.

About how to make a resume correctly, see below in the video.

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