How to create a summary of the waiter?

How to create a summary of the waiter?

The waiter is a service worker. Contrary to general conviction that each willing person can become a waiter, the selection for this position is quite strict. At the same time, each employer, depending on the particular institution, can nominate different requirements for applicants. How to create a summary of the waiter? What to write in the accompanying letter? What blocks must be included in the documents for employment? Answers to these, as well as some other questions you will find in our new material.

Basic Rules

Summary of any waiter must comply with the photo. The thing is that the work of this specialist is directly related to its appearance, so the employer often prescribes this requirement in the description of the vacancy. In addition, the same general rules that apply to similar documents of other specialists apply to the summary of the waiter. Among them you can select the following:

  • Structure that will help read the document easier and faster+
  • No errors (for this you need to read the document several times before shipping)+
  • Unity of registration (this concerns font and alignment)+
  • Optimal length (no more than 2 pages).

In addition, before the rim of the resume It is important to read the job description once again. Some employers check applicants for attentiveness, so at the very end of the announcement may indicate any details. For example, these may be certain requirements for the use of non-ferrous subtitles or code words. It is also important to make sure that you send your resume on time (It is better to do it even a few days before the final date). So you prove your responsibility and discipline to the employer.

How to write correctly?

When submitting a resume for the post-cashier waiter, senior waiter or an ordinary employee, it is important to remember the simple but important rules for the preparation of this document. Consider key sections that must be logged in your resume.

Personal qualities

Since a significant part of its working time, the waiter is in communicating with clients, his personal qualities play the same important role as professional skills. First of all, the professional waiter must be polite and friendly. You must be able to create a pleasant atmosphere and a good mood at visitors who have come to establish. In addition, among personal qualities, you can specify the following:

  • stress tolerance – the employer will evaluate such a characteristic of the waiter, as often this employee has to work with a large number of orders+
  • good memory – You will need not only to remember the entire menu of cafes or restaurant, but also hold all orders of visitors in my head+
  • non-conflict, calm – This characteristic will be useful if the client remains dissatisfied with a dish or service.

Wherein should not try to give yourself an ideal person. Of course, its negative features are not prescribed in the resume. Be sincere and stay yourself. One way or another, your inner nature will definitely manifest itself in the process of work.

Official duties

Despite the fact that the main responsibility of the waiter is the service of tables and communication with clients, a set of job requirements may vary. For example, some public catering organizations require a waiter knowledge of the basics of the Barmen’s work – it is necessary so that the waiter himself can cook a drink (for example, in a situation of a large visitor influx).

In general, in this block, you must write a position to which you apply for, as well as the duties that are ready to perform. However, one should not include the actions that you do not own on a professional basis. Otherwise, you can get into a rather awkward situation.

Professional skills and achievements

In order for the waiter to work for work (and especially if you serve your resume in the luxury restaurant), it must have a certain set of key skills that will be useful in the implementation of professional activities. That is why in the column “Professional skills” should be prescribed such important skills for the waiter as:

  • Knowledge of the composition and technology of cooking dishes+
  • Ability to work with an automated R-keeper system+
  • Understanding the foundations of dietology+
  • Business ownership of serving+
  • Knowledge of the Rules of Dress Code+
  • salesmanship+
  • Knowledge of etiquette+
  • Owning foreign languages ​​and so on.

And also in this block often prescribed His professional achievements. For example, you can talk about what was recognized as an employee of the month at the previous job site either won the regional competition among service staff.

A big advantage among other applicants for this position will be a certificate or diploma for professional courses.

Hobbies and hobbies

No matter how professional is a waiter, he is not only an employee, but also by an ordinary person. That is why most employers will gladly read about your hobbies and hobbies. In this category you can write both traditional options: reading or sport and extreme (for example, skateboard riding) or unusual (cross-stitch) hobbies.

What to write without experience?

If you do not have experience, but you want to get to the post of the waiter, then this employer should be told directly. You should not mask – in the summary there must be a line “Without experience”. However, in order for an employee of the personnel department of a cafe or restaurant immediately, did not bother your candidacy, it is important to show some resourcefulness. For example, you can tell in the resume that you own all the key skills of waiters: you can retell the menu by heart (however, make sure that you speak well this information).

Besides, You can focus on your personal qualities: perhaps you know how to convince people and are a “soul of the company”. It is also important to say that you are ready and customized to learn.

If necessary, also note that they are ready to undergo the necessary internship course. Similar information will make sure the employer that you are tuned seriously.

Additional information about yourself

As an additional information about yourself, you can write about what is now studying at the university in the specialty “Restaurant Business”, so you want to study the case so to speak “from the inside”.

In addition, you can specify that you are ready to work in night shifts. This graph is suitable for any additional data that did not enter the main document.

How to make an accompanying letter?

It should be noted the fact that the accompanying letter is not a necessary document in employment to the post of waiter. The need for its provision must be separately indicated in the vacancy. If there is no such mark, then it is not worth writing it (this is only an excess paper work for the employer). In the same case, if the accompanying letter is required, it should be compiled according to certain principles and rules.

To begin with, it should be said that The accompanying letter is the opportunity to tell about yourself in more detail, reveal yourself as a professional and as a person. In the accompanying letter you can talk about your education, describe in detail previous places of work.

Important! Neither the accompanying letter nor a resume should contain information that does not directly refer to the post “Waiter”.

When writing Summary can only be used formal business style. In no case Cannot use spoken expressions or artistic instruments (for example, metaphors or epithets). Remember that this is a business official document. Despite the fact that the accompanying letter may contain details of your personal life, it is not necessary to get involved in excessive biographical details. remember, that The letter at its length can not exceed the resume.

It is important to write about your motivation to submit a resume on this vacancy. Indicate what you are interested in a specific position (for example, you like the kitchen or the concept of a particular restaurant). Especially important motivation is for those candidates for the post of waiter who do not have previous experience.


In order for your head to fulfill the plan for compiling a summary for the waiter, consider some good examples.

If you adhere to all rules and recommendations for the compilation of a summary and the accompanying letter, you will manage to write professional official documents that will make a good impression on the employer and allocate you from the total mass of applicants.

Read more about drawing up a summary from the video below.

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