How to make a make-up mirror with your own hands?

How to make a make-up mirror with your own hands?

The dressing mirror today is the dream of many girls, because this subject of the interior not only gives the room with a highlight, but also allows you to perfectly cope with make-up makeup. If the models presented in the store, do not like the owner of the apartment, such a mirror is quite possible to make a personnel.

Selection of style and design

Make-up mirror, made with your own hands, can be of various sizes and shapes. For example, the design can be round or oval, square, rectangular or even octagonal. The construction in the floor, made without frame, uses popularity.

The classic examples of the mirror of the Grider are the geometric structures in the form of a square or a rectangle with a width of 50 cm.

Larger options are selected only in the case when it allows the free space of the room.

Oval mirrors fit perfectly into classic interiors, And mirrors in full growth allow not only complete makeup, but also to fully appreciate your outfit. As a rule, the second variety is performed in the frame of white, black or silver shades.

Since the drawings of the makeup mirrors, in principle, practically coincide, You can take the basis of one basic scheme, and then adapt it in accordance with your own preferences. Of course, the main requirement for the design of the mirror is its compliance with the overall interior concept.

Necessary materials

For the manufacture of the dressing mirror, a number of basic materials will be required. In essence, prepare will have to Boards and bulbs with cartridges, as well as Switch with wire and fork for the power supply. Of course, it is not necessary to do without tools used for processing materials, that is Drills with drills and grinding skins.

For decorative design, it will be necessary to prepare Paintwork materials, veil and glue. The mirror itself also should be attached to something.

Beautiful and reliable will be a design made of solid wood, but as a more economical option is to use the laminate or LDSP.

Most often to create furniture Used pine board, When buying which it is important to track the minimum number of bitch, especially in those places that interfere with drilling. Nevertheless, the pine board over time is covered by cracks, as a result of which the mirror is twisted, and therefore durable this material can not be called.

To create a high-quality element of the situation, it is better to use a more expensive furniture shield.

Light bulbs for the dressing mirror It is recommended to select only LED. Flask better to take matte, that her light is not sharp, but soft and scattering. The optimal glow temperature is 4000K, Although indicators equal to 4100K or 4200K are also considered acceptable. If you get just such a light bulb, it turns out to create a white neutral light, ideal for making makeup.

By the way, mounted light bulbs are enough on top and on sides. Lower range only increases the cost of equipment, and often interferes with the work of the makeup artist.

The optimal power of the air-made-made make-up mirror varies from 3 to 4 watts, although an indicator of 5 watts can also be involved. It is important that there may be a ripple. Cartridges should be selected in accordance with the light bulbs used.

There are options made of ceramics, silicone or a particularly resistant plastic that is not afraid of thermal exposure. It must be added that many professionals are recommended to acquire exactly LED options. Such lamps are capable of serving more than two years, not to be broken when falling and practically not to heat.

Recommendations for the manufacture

To make a beautiful makeup mirror with backlit, you need to step by step to follow the detailed instructions. Even before the start of installation work, it is better to determine the appearance of the design. For instance, in a minimalist bedroom, filled with clear geometric shapes, Better will look a square or rectangular mirror, And for the romantic boudoir in the style of Provence, the oval frame will be much more suitable.

Outdoor mirror that allows you to see yourself in full growth, it is recommended to place in spacious rooms with high ceilings decorated in one of the modern styles.

In addition, it would be nice to make a frame in this way, so that she “echoed” with decorative elements available in space.

Assembly of the carcass

The first stage of creating a dressing mirror is a frame assembly. To create a frame, you will need 4 pairwise equal bars – two short and two long. Determined with the dimensions, should be controlled to The inner perimeter was 1-1.5 cm more than the mirror itself.

Standard frame rates are considered to be parties equal to 30 and 75-80 centimeters. The width of the board in this case does not exceed 9-10 millimeters, and its thickness ranges from 18 to 20 millimeters. The mirror with parties 55 and 65 centimeters will be perfect inside such a frame.

Gathering a rectangle from individual dorsheets, they can be fixed with each other Simple glue for furniture. During this process, you need to ensure that the glue does not leave the divorces.

The use of the bracket in this case is not welcome. If there are ugly slots and seams on the design, they can be treated with moisture-resistant putty.

If necessary, additionally separate parts can be copped with a safe metal corner.

Preparation of holes for lamps

When the glue will dry, you can move to the creation of holes for light bulbs. As a rule, it is installed from 8 rounds and more. Two light bulbs must be in the upper corners, and the rest of being mounted at equal intervals.

Holes for cartridges E27 the easiest way to do with a feathery drill, The diameter of which ranges from 38 to 40 millimeters, And for E14, the diameter of 26 millimeters will be suitable.

So that the hole turned out neat, then drill better on both sides: wait for the appearance of the tip of the pen on one side, and then immediately turn the board immediately.

Ready holes are sandwiched with sandpaper. Before painting frame Be sure to wipe from dirt and dust.

Rama decoration

The easiest way to reorganize the frame by ordinary painting. Act better according to the instructions, holding the conditions specified by the manufacturer. It is there that can be read, how much time will need to dry up the layers, whether to apply the substance to the tassel or only a rag. It is necessary to mention that the procraner of the mirror frame should be carried out on both sides.

The element of the setting can be treated with an eyelet with paint or first covered with a veneer, and after check.

Appearing during work The pile should be cleaned by sandpaper, but only fine-grained, and after again cover the surface of varnish.

An equally successful solution is also considered to use an acrylic flaker in combination with a wood oil applied to two layers.

Installation of cartridges

Still when buying it is important to trace, so that the cartridges are not ordinary, but with a locking ring, For example, E27 or E14. Each element is disassembled by the components by unscrewing the fastening washer and the bottom, after which the end of the wire is started through the hole.

Experts recommend to give preference to a two-housing pattern with a cross section 2 * 0.75 mm2.

After removing the insulation, it is necessary fix the veins inside the cartridge using special contacts with the cogs. At the next stage, the cartridge can be collected back and insert.

Connecting to the network

In order for the make-up mirror successfully from the network, It is important to provide a parallel connection of individual light bulbs. After that, it is recommended to hide the chatting wires in a special cable channel, made of plastic and fixed on the back surface of the frame.

The plug must be placed at the very end of the cord, following the switch to be mounted between it and the first lamp.

Through it, only one phase core. By the way, it will be much easier to acquire initially Cord with built-in switch on cord.

Tips of professionals

In addition to the manufacture of the frame itself, an equally important point is its fastener on the table. Most often for this purpose Self-tapping screws supplemented with plastic washers. It is plastic that will not give the mirror to crack, but will provide the required fixation. Itself The reflective plate is most often inserted into transparent glue, intended for this purpose.

On the table, the finished frame can be fixed on the furniture corners circled on one side in the frame, and on the other – to the bottom surface of the table.

It is better to use from 2 to 4 fasteners. Basically, Such a mirror can even hang on the wall.

A number of useful tips on the operation of a mirror for a commercial can be obtained from specialists. For instance, don’t let him, Since electricity is connected to the design.

A good idea will place the displaying surface above the cosmetics, To immediately provide yourself with a place for its storage, as well as at a comfortable distance from the sitting person. by the way, LED light bulbs must be taken with fuses for maximum long-term operation.

If necessary, you can add them to the brightness control device.

Luminescent models should not take in any case, as they distort perception, and therefore may damage the main process – making makeup. Near the table, he will seem perfect, but in the daylight will lose its quality. Warm lamp shades will be more pleasant to the eye, But the cold will dry out all the flaws of the skin, and they can be disguised.

In general, the number of light bulbs may differ depending on the skeleton size, but Two of them must be mounted at eye level For more comfortable operation. It is necessary to add that the similar backlight can be organized on the closet.

About how to make the dressing mirror with your own hands, look in the video.

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